Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Over the Hump

"And Blue All Over"--Wednesday, 11/30/16

Today's Reverse Inspiration features dark dress with a boyfriend cardigan and patterned scarf.  Very good!  (Also hair in a stylishly-messy up-do, which is not a reflection of my look at all.)


I went way monochromatic with dark blue/navy dress and cardigan.  I purchased this cardigan at Goodwill in April, thinking that its slouchy boyfriend length and style should work well with dresses...and then spring happened early (i.e., when the calendar said) and I didn't get to try it out until now.  But it was worth waiting for.  This dress was the other Work the Wardrobe Challenge MVP in the dress category with 3 wears (along with the black sleeveless dress)--a testament to its versatility.

*Dark blue boyfriend cardigan (thrifted, Laura Scott), $3.00/wear
Navy sleeveless knit dress (Target), $5.60/wear
Salmon-pink/blue/black floral scarf (Target), $1.71/wear
Navy tights
Navy ankle boots by Seychelles, $8.24/wear

Outfit total: $18.55/wear

It's nice to counteract all that blue with a salmon-pink floral scarf.  Pink + blue is the bomb.

This bun is trying to hide from us in the hay, but nothing can keep his awesomeness secret.

In other news...A very productive day at work, followed by a short Pokemon walk (highlight: Ditto #3), some laundry, a new cell phone decision (iPhone 7), a start on decorating the Christmas tree, and a long-ish cool shower.  Now to get to bed at a reasonable time!

How was your Wednesday?  I hope it wasn't a Thump Day.

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