Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bunday Pikachu

#Twinning--Sunday, 11/20/16

Sometimes you see an outfit where you have almost all the pieces to create it faithfully (I mean, come on, she is even wearing the Pride and Prejudice version of the Alice scarf I have from the same etsy shop) and you have to give it a shot.  Especially when it's one of the blogger's 4 favorite outfits from Fall 2015.


I just swapped out a pair of patterned ballet flats (for extra pattern mixing) for her heeled boots (and oops, wore the scarf the wrong way)--otherwise, totally twinning.  It's unusual for me in an outfit of the day to break out the cargo pants that I generally reserve for birding/hiking purposes, but I could not resist matching the inspiration photo in this way.

Olive hiking pants (thrifted)
Cream and grey striped T (Kohls), $1.70/wear
Blue denim jacket (Liz Claiborne/JCP), $3.59/wear
Alice scarf (NerdAlertCreations), $4.44/wear
Grey/rust/tan tribal flats (Payless), $1.33/wear

Outfit total: $11.06/wear

This lady mini rex exudes softness and class with her white fur gently spotted in grey.

The world's softest, most purely white fur pseudo-infinity-scarf: an accessory for all seasons.

In other news...This morning was colder than yesterday--25 F--but because we were not experiencing the up to 40 mph wild gusts, it actually felt quite pleasant to me (though Robert's hands were cold) on our Pokemon walk.  Once again, we stuck pretty closely to our apartment, making the round between the two Pokestops where the main road is and two Pokestops a few blocks away next to the river.  Somehow we managed to get over 2.8 miles in, and we caught another Pikachu, so I consider the outing a success.  There were a couple of other people playing Pokemon as well, which we discovered about 2 minutes after our catching the Pikachu when we heard a young Asian boy's voice from across the street say "Pikachu!" excitedly. 

We also had our first experience of a Pokemon staying in a gym to guard it for 21 hours.  In the cold yesterday, we built up the friendly gym at the dog park to level 10 and stationed a Vaporeon (1300 or so CP) there, and it's still there 28 hours later!  I guess it's too chilly a day for anyone from an opposing team to want to try to break down a level 10 gym (which is the top level).  It'll be interesting to see how long our Pokemon can hold out.


Tam said...

I'm jealous of your pikachus. I've seen a couple (in outline) on the range finder or whatever you call it, but none have materialized for me so far.

Sally said...

We have gotten so so lucky with that. Of course, we probably walked around for 45+ minutes trying to find the first one before giving up (and then running into it right outside our apartment) so we did put some effort in, but still, I do recognize that fortune smiled on us. I hope you get lucky with one soon!