Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Very Wet Snow

"An Extra Layer of Beige"--Tuesday, 11/22/16

Office workplace outfit photos that include coats and purses are fun but I sometimes wonder how it looks when the person gets to work and takes off those outer pieces.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm all in favor of people's stylish commute times, but work outfits that rely on the coat and/or purse to look interesting aren't very applicable to real life.  In this case, I'm sure Katie looked great once her coat (and neutral purse and hat) came off, but I decided to use her camel coat as inspiration for pairing my own green dress and black-with-gold-polka-dot tights (hard to see in the photo but yep, she's wearing this kind, too) with my long beige cardigan.

From styleontarget.com

...A long beige cardigan that I wore to work underneath a coat and kept on all day long for extra warmth/visual interest.

Green dress (Lands End), $5.40/wear
Beige dress length cardigan (thrifted, Kohls), $2.62/wear
Black polka dot tights
Black mary janes by Hush Puppies, $3.73/wear
Orange/green floral scarf (Target), $3.00/wear

Outfit total: $14.75/wear

Of course I could not resist an extra punch of color so I added this vibrant, not-stereotypically-fall-patterned scarf.  I also enjoyed changing things up a bit by putting in a hint of librarian chic with these (fantastically comfortable) mary janes (which I brought to work with me in my bag, since the forecast called for a snow boot commute).

Here's another Alice-in-Wonderland-giant-legs photo of my polka dot tights + mary janes.  Fun times!

Of course, another approach to staying warm on a cold, snowy day is to remain indoors, wear fur, get your body into a compact space with tootsies fully covered, and take a long nap.  It seems to be working for this bunny, anyway!

In other news...I think I know this guy.  Do you?

Speaking of The Onion, more on the fake news front.

The ice pellets did not materialize, so I went to work in the rain.  But around lunchtime, it started snowing, lots of heavy wet snow that melted on contact with the ground and created significant amounts of slush.  I had to brush the snow off my car after work, and Robert had to scrape his where the snow/rain mixture had frozen to it (he works about 30 minutes north of where we live/I work).

Now if we can only get through tomorrow, a four day weekend awaits!

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