Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lost Evening

"The Puffin Polka"--Monday, 11/7/16

As a long-time admirer of other people's cute animal print sweaters, I was a sucker for this sweater featuring kissing puffins...especially on a day when they had a 50% off sale on sweaters.  I mean, come on!  Right?

*Light grey puffin pullover sweater (Loft), $29.75/wear
Black polka dot skirt (Walmart), $2.15/wear
Black tights
Black mary janes by Clarks, $4.20/wear
Coral infinity scarf (Walmart), $0.83/wear

Outfit total: $36.93/wear

I kept things simple with a subtly polka-dotted skirt and a matching coral scarf so that the smooching bird action could take center stage where it belongs.  Sometimes on a Monday, you need a silly cute sweater to motivate your ass to go to work--maybe especially after a weekend that is longer than usual, if even only by one hour. 

Kissing puffins, kissing rabbits--it's all good.

In other news...I totally lost track of time last night and forgot to post.  It's not like I was so productive after work or anything either, though I did spend some time on weight training before bed.

Have you voted?  Make sure you do!

It seemed that yesterday others could use this puffin pick-me-up as well--my sweater was admired in the training session for our new IT ticket system.  People in my group (including me) are both techs and end users in the ticket system...but the ticket system will not support us seeing the tickets for both roles.  We can be set up either to see tickets that are assigned to us as techs OR tickets that we have submitted for resolution.  Apparently our IT staff do not have this problem because they have been set to see all tickets in the system.  The problem arises when people are set up with rights to see a subset of tickets in the tech service role (I can see all tickets that have been routed to my group or to my directly but not all tickets).  The IT person doing the training did not bring this up either--it feel to my manager to bring up the issue at the end of the training.  WTF, people.  The IT guy says they are trying to resolve this problem with the software people in India but in the meantime, we are kind of screwed.  My guess is that after a time of bashing their heads against the wall, our IT people will have no choice but to set my group up to have access to all tickets, just like the IT staff does.  Bottom line: my puffin sweater was not the silliest thing in that meeting.

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Anonymous said...

Dad and I got to the polling place 15 minutes before it opened. We were done voting and home by 7:20 am.

Love the puffin sweater!! And, the kissing bunnies!! Too adorable. Makes Monday much easier to tolerate for sure.