Sunday, September 24, 2017

I Prefer Natu

Woman with a Secret - Sophie Hannah

I have no memory of this book whatsoever, other than the fact that the cover on the Amazon page looks familiar.  This can't be a good sign.

The Darkest Secret - Alex Marwood

OK, let's consider a different secret instead.  Now this one I remember very well!  To celebrate his birthday, a wealthy man invites a gathering of friends (and their children) to his expensive vacation home for a few days of debauchery.  The kids are left alone in the house while the adults party at a restaurant (yep, always a wise choice), and during the night, one of his 3 year old twin daughters disappears.  Years later, he dies, and various friends and family members are reunited for his funeral.  The author is fully in control of the alternating present-day funeral story and past birthday party story lines, the mystery is interesting with the requisite twists and turns, and there are many horrible people to enjoy disapproving of.  Recommended!

In the Coral Navy--Monday, 9/11/17

I continue to be a fan of navy and coral/orange together, and I love how different each of the outfits with this skirt of a thousand colors turns out. Matching the white and aqua with my nerdy-girl-rabbit watch and Fitbit pleases me.

Outfit cost per wear (OCPW) $7.59

We Have a Winner--Tuesday, 9/12/17

I think this is my favorite outfit with this cardigan so far.  It's simple, but the details make it interesting--the lace texture, the messy swags of the necklace, the (impossible to see here) shutterfolds on the skirt.

OCPW: $8.61

Complimentary--Wednesday, 9/13/17

A woman in the elevator said she really liked my scarf.  So do I.  I want to try it with the same skirt (the salmon pink color matches the flowers perfectly) and a navy top or cardigan next time.

I wore this on a day I had an 8:00 sharp meeting that we'd had 4 previous meetings planning.  It was a data dig with the managers of about 8-10 of our sites.  I'd been a bit stressed about it, even though I did not have a formal role in presenting anything, but it turns out that other than walking around and helping people with questions about the reports they were looking at, the only thing I was required to do was--when asked by one of the managers, "Can we get this same trend report for [Group A] and [Group B]?"--say "Yes you can" and then spend a couple hours after the meeting making them.

OCPW: $14.65

Star of the Show--Thursday, 9/14/17

This silk scarf is always the stand-out feature of any outfit I wear it with, partly of course because of the way I tie it so it's front and center and bold as all get out.  Now that I have a lime top and purple pants (not shown here; do not try to adjust your screen), I'm enjoying wearing it more often again.

I wore this to the 3rd meeting we had (in about a 2 week time period) about redesigning one of the department's reports (not one that I produce).  In addition to a greater leadership role, my department head also wants me to be more involved in design decisions, and it was clear she was very happy with my input on this one.  It was funny--at one point, she told my manager J that something he didn't want to have changed a particular way was going to be changed, saying "We all have to give up something" and listed things that she and the other two people in the meeting had to give up.  My office mate asked me, "So what have you had to give up?"  In truth, basically nothing, but I pointed to my "strong belief that the [X] column should be before the [Y] column," which I kind of made up on the spot.  I did believe that, but I also didn't think it was important.

OCPW: $9.52

Outfit With Light Mustard--Friday, 9/15/17

This outfit had a serendipitous beginning.  I was wearing these jeans and the necklace + shoes combo on the weekend when an order from Loft arrived.  I tried on this navy sleeveless blouse and then put on the very first short-sleeved cardigan that came to hand just to see how the top worked with an outer layer.  The navy/yellow/grey color combination is quite unexpected and unusual to my eye, but I kind of liked it at the same time.  So I decided to wear the outfit the next Friday.  It still looks a bit odd to me (maybe  in part because the differing yellow vs. mustard tones are more obvious here than they were with my floral top that had a yellow color that was in between the two and bridged the gap) but it was fine.

*Navy sleeveless smocked blouse (Loft), $26.70

OCPW: $29.65

I think this Shoveler did the pop of yellow thing a little better than I did (bill and feet).  And of course this pose kicks my ass as well.  So I should probably just turn this style blog over to the state fair ducks from here out.

In other news...In thinking about my preference for a clear demarcation between work and leisure, I was reminded of a psychology professor in college saying that B. F. Skinner kept different desks for his professional writing and his personal tasks (paying bills, writing letters, etc.) so that he could keep these domains separate.  Here is a brief description of Skinner's work regimen.

And here is a longer journal article about how Skinner's self-management techniques seem to conflict with his strong belief in determinism, which you probably don't want to read in its entirety.  Here are some amusing points:

It includes descriptions of the Rube Goldberg style machines he built to manage things in remembering to putting his pajamas away in the morning. Skinner writes of how he solved this boyhood problem:

The clothes closet in my room was near the door, and in it I fastened a hook on the end of a string which passed over a nail and along the wall to a nail above the center of the door. A sign reading ‘‘Hang up your pajamas’’ hung at the other end. When the pajamas were in place, the sign was up out of the way, but when I took them off the hook at night, the sign dropped to the middle of the door where I would bump into it on my way out.

I have never read his novel Walden Two, but from this article it sounds pretty interesting in that Ayn Rand-ian only-sort-of-novel-of-crazy-utopian-ideas sense.  In one chapter, the Skinner-like character describes techniques for increasing self-control in children, like having them wear lollipops around their necks, which is called "a display of sadistic tyranny" by another character.

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Sound and the Furret

What the Dead Know - Laura Lippman

A woman fleeing the scene of an accident claims to be one of two teenage sisters abducted from a mall 30 years before, but only gives out information about herself and her history in frustrating dibs and drabs.  Frustrating for the detective working the case, and frustrating for the reader as well.  I did find the story ultimately worth the reading, however.

Additional recommendation: Generation Loss, Available Dark, and Hard Light - Elizabeth Hand

If you're up for an edgy mystery with a protagonist who drives you crazy (but that you feel sympathy for  anyway), this past-her-prime punk photographer who gets caught up in some seriously weird-ass shit might be just what you're looking for.

With a Monday holiday, Wednesday photography fail, and Thursday sick day, I have only two outfits to show for this week.

Piped and Dotted--Tuesday, 9/5/17

I love this blouse + blazer combination.  The white-with-some-black + black-with-some-white is very satisfying.  This is a top half I could put together with any solid colored pants or skirt, so you'll probably be seeing it again.

Outfit cost per wear (OCPW): $11.98

Wednesday's outfit was a familiar combination of black-and-white top + colorful pants: bright pink pants, diamond top, cream-white moto jacket, tan captoe flats, and pink floral necklace.  OCPW: $10.87.

Thursday is another take on olive + pink: olive short-sleeved T, jeans, pink polka dot cardigan, orange/green/pink floral scarf, and olive leopard flats.  OCPW: $8.55.

Chambray Duo Redux--Friday, 9/8/17

This outfit puts the "I can wear this chambray duo with any solid colored pants/skirt" idea to the test.  Did it pass?  Chambray and aqua are not an expected combination, but I think it was OK.  I liked the gold necklace/flats with it.

OCPW: $11.51

It's been a while since I've shared a nature photo, so here is a Great Egret with food in his mouth.  I took a lot of photos of this bad boy going after that snack!  (Click on the image for a closer view.)

In other news...I think some of my readers will relate to the idea that flexible working is making people work longer.  As a person who cherishes a sharp divide between my work and leisure spheres, I'm glad that I have a close-by office where I work and then come home and don't work again (generally speaking; there are occasional exceptions) until I return.  When work is allowed access to my personal space, it tends to expand to fill it--if I'm not working, I'm then thinking about work, and wondered whether I should be working, etc. etc.  It's not a happy thing for me at all.  It might be that if I had a necessary "work from home" situation, I would be able to create clear divisions that would keep me sane, but I'm glad not to have to work to development and maintain that compartmentalization.   

In other, really weird, sad news...A guy I have worked with frequently (who is a director level person in my organization) was arrested yesterday on suspicion of terroristic threat after sending threatening text messages to a colleague.   Today the district attorney's office decided not to charge him with that crime (a felony) but it is still unknown whether he will eventually face lesser charges.  Our building was in lockdown mode yesterday, but I didn't know why until I read about this situation this morning.  It's been a strange-feeling day because of this development.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

We Got Snubull, Right Here in River City

And She Was - Alison Gaylin

This is the first in a series about a private investigator (specializing in finding missing persons) with a strange condition--hyperthemesia, which not only allows her to recollect personal memories in stunningly perfect detail, but causes her to get lost in the past when a memory is triggered.  Though the story had some flaws (e.g., it was not really convincing that the police detective would share information about a case with a PI this way), it was a decent effort, and I will read the next one in the series to see where this character is going.

A Favorite Color Combination--Monday, 8/28/17

I can't get enough of these coral pants with any shade of blue--navy, chambray, denim...they're all terrific.  It's been a long time since I've worn a denim shirt as a jacket, but I didn't get any bad flashbacks to the 90s (despite the owl necklace, which is the mascot of the college I attended in that era), so it worked out.

Outfit cost per wear: $7.78

Pattern Mixing Meh--Tuesday, 8/29/17

Yeah, I didn't love this one, but I was appropriately clothed for work and comfortable all day, so that's good enough.

OCPW: $9.33

Tomato Peacock--Wednesday, 8/30/17

It's nice having another red-and-blue scarf other than my fish one.  Though this peacock one (gift from my sis) is definitely more "red with a hint of blue" that works nicely to balance out the "blue with a hint of red" striped flats.

OCPW: $11.15

Last Chance Bunnies--Thursday, 8/31/17

You can tell the end of summer is nigh as I keep re-wearing this sleeveless rabbit blouse a few more times before it's too cold for it.

OCPW: $8.68

Boho Candyland Elementary Teacher Barbie--Friday, 9/1/17

Sometimes the outfit name says it all.

OCPW: $7.32

In other news...I have an endless fascination with articles about the job-candidate mismatch, whether it's legit, what's causing it, and so on.  This one argues that the problem is more about hiring company policies than it is a skills gap.

Tam sends this short article about statement jeans, to which I respond: I'm not sure they are fun to look at, actually. They were mostly very disturbing.  That last pair....*shiver*

Monday, September 18, 2017

Picnic Shellder

The Assistants - Camille Perri

Features the Accidental Robin Hood of Millennial Chick-Lit.  Well, maybe not Robin Hood exactly, but one of the more self-interested and self-absorbed of his merry band.  Actually, reading a book about Robin Hood and crew transported to modern America might be really fun.  Maybe more fun than this book was.  I mean, this book was definitely OK, but my life would be no poorer for having spent the time watching Girls on Netflix.  (Full disclosure: I watch Girls on Netflix too.  It's not an either-or.)

Now for a week of outfits that by sheer coincidence repeat items/themes from the M/T/W of the previous week.

Dr. White Tuxedo Again--Monday 8/21/17

When Dr. Bunny Love volunteers at the free clinic in Candyland, she always wears a gumdrop necklace to fit in better.

Outfit cost per wear (OCPW): $6.26

Candyland Employee Again--Tuesday 8/22/17

Working with Princess Frostine on a marketing plan for increasing usage of Snow Flake Lake in summertime.  The current branding is a bit limiting.

OCPW: $4.93

Autumnal Olive Skirt + Navy Cardigan Again--Wednesday 8/23/17

On a rare day off, Dr. Bunny Love takes a walk in the park to watch the squirrels, which are therapeutic animals for exactly nobody.

OCPW: $9.75

And Some Subtle Pattern Mixing--Thursday 8/24/17

Butterflies, polka dots, and lace.  This outfit has a lot going on but I think I dolloped on the patterns with a relatively light hand.  This cobalt blue is such a great color on me, I should wear it more often.

OCPW: $9.12

In other news...If you've been struggling with your closet, consider these only five outfits that every woman needs.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Kindles and Kittens

When even my dad is noticing that I haven't blogged lately, it's time to get back into the game.

As I explained to him, it's not that I've been playing a ton of Pokemon Go either (though I've been playing a moderate amount).  It's that ever since I started reading books on my Kindle, I've been reading more and faster than I have in a long time.  Now I wish I'd bought one years ago, but whatever--I've been making up for lost time.  So far, I've read a couple books that my mom loaned me from her Kindle (which is a totally cool feature) and books from the library's Overdrive catalog.  Although it usually takes me a few minutes to find a book I'm interested in that isn't wait-listed, once I do, it's about 30 seconds until the book is on my Kindle, ready to read.  I had hoped that having a Kindle would make getting books from my library a lot easier, and the reality has far exceeded my expectations.

So I might as well re-introduce my Half-Assed Book Reviews feature back to EQ, right?

The Wicked Girls - Alex Marwood

This mystery alternates between two related stories--a serial killer working in a low-rent seaside resort town (featuring the perfectly-named crappy amusement park Funnland) in the present, and two pre-teen girls who ended up killing a young child in their care about 25 years earlier.  Characterization and plot were both excellent.  Recommended!

The Humans - Matt Haig

I thought this would be a SF story, but it's really not.  It's more like: alien comes to earth with a mission to kill some people and discovers this strange human thing called Love, which Changes Everything.  It definitely had its amusing aspects, but overall, it was a disappointment.  Not just because it violated my expectations, but because it didn't feel fresh or new (and wasn't quite funny enough to compensate for that) and was a little cheesy. 

Also, though I gave the author all kinds of latitude because of the obviously ludicrous premise of the story, I still found myself pulled out of the moment by thoughts like, "So this supposedly uber-advanced civilization sends people on assassination plots without giving them even the most rudimentary introduction to how things work on Earth?  These people are capable of literally ingesting and consequently understanding any book with one gulp, but no one thought, Hey, maybe we should let him know a couple of the most basic norms humans follow so he doesn't show up and immediately get thrown into the loony bin.  WTF." 

It's also not clear how well the "aliens who value mathematics above all things" aspect works if you actually know a lot about math.

Alternative recommendation: Humans - Donald Westlake.  It's from 1993 and not easily available, but if you find a copy, grab it!  Angel dealing with humanity beats mathematical alien dealing with humanity 6-0, 6-0, 6-0.  It's funny, dark, whimsical, and wild.  This is one of the books that has survived the book culling of every move I've made since leaving my parents' house without any question.

Dr. Bunny Love--Monday 8/14/17

My outfit for pretending that I work at a rabbit hospital...the kind where we diagnose a human's problems then bring them exactly the right type of bunny to cure their ills.

Outfit cost per wear (OCPW): $16.71

Candyland Business Casual--Tuesday 8/15/17

It's not all just fun and games in the Candyland universe.  Somebody's gotta crunch the numbers to see if all is on track with the expansion of the Licorice Castle.

OCPW: $10.11

Summer to Fall, Part 1--Wednesday 8/16/17

Tone down a bright floral top with the autumn-like colors of navy and olive.

OCPW: $15.98

Summer to Fall, Part 2--Thursday 8/17/17

Burgundy and olive are quintessential fall colors, but kept a bit summery with white scarf and white legs.

OCPW: $9.22

Dressing For a 10 Minute Presentation--Friday 8/18/17

What I wore to introduce a new metric I developed and get feedback from one of the primary audiences for the report (enthusiastically favorable) my actual job. 

OCPW: $12.08

In other news...A neural network names kittens!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A Misdreavus Beast

Dad Pants--Monday, 8/7/17

Why this shade of aqua blue is called "Dad" by our neural network friend is a mystery, but it works very well with navy and white.  Although I am not ready to give up pattern mixing and giant flowing scarves and other maximal outfit features, I am digging simple outfits with bright pants lately.

Outfit cost per wear (OCPW): $15.75

Chambray on Chambray with More Chambray--Tuesday, 8/8/17

While the jeans + denim jacket combo is called a Canadian tuxedo (I believe a Texas tuxedo is stereotypically worn with cowboy hat and/or boots), I'm not familiar with a term for layered denim-on-denim...or chambray-on-chambray-colored-knit like I'm wearing here.  But I think it's a winning monochrome combination, especially when paired with neon pants.  And yes, those are chambray ballet flats too.  #AllthechambrayFTW

OCPW: $15.50

A Fan of Aqua + Red--Wednesday, 8/9/17

I initially saw an aqua top + red pants outfit on Jen's blog, tied together (so to speak) with a coordinating scarf (the outfit was inspired by the Turkish tulip embroidery on the left). 


As I don't have a scarf with these colors...and my top has this mega-ruffle neckline that would complete with a scarf anyway...and the high temperature is 80 F...I wore this coordinating fan necklace instead.

OCPW: $6.27

The Mom Cardigan--Thursday, 8/10/17

When I wear this cardigan, I'm reminded of my mom because she usually wears this "grandpa" style (though long-sleeved, not 3/4 sleeved).  I added the scarf at the last minute because I thought it might be a cooler day than I'd planned and I hadn't shortened the straps on the top so it was in danger of shifting too low for comfort.  The coral detracts a bit from the orchid-pink shoes/Fitbit combo but whatever.

OCPW: $3.85

Denim-less Friday--Friday, 8/11/17

I ended up switching my Thursday and Friday outfits so I wore jeans yesterday and black and white and a pop of bright pink today.  This change-up made sense at the time.

OCPW: $9.21

In other news...In honor of a conversation I had with my supervisor and our department head today in which I am being encouraged to do some leadership professional development this year because they would like me to take more of a leadership role in our department, I will refer to this classic article... which does NOT describe my work situation.

"Misdreavus frightens people with a creepy, sobbing cry. The Pokémon apparently uses its red spheres to absorb the fearful feelings of foes and turn them into nutrition."

Monday, August 28, 2017

Sandbork Quincelax Eats 1 Cup Meat or Flour

First, some news on machine learning projects:

I think even my non-Pokemon-playing readers will enjoy this short list of neural network-created Pokemon names, abilities, and accompanying drawings (the latter not machine created). If the network were making the physical Pokemon, like 80% of them would have rabbit ears, as that seems to be a very common feature (Nidoran male and female, Wigglytuff, Eevee and its evolved forms, Sentret, Azumarill)...which makes sense, really, if your goal is to create cute monsters.  What is cuter than a bunny?

And there's always the bad cooking advice that neural networks gives.

Now for outfits based on neural-network developed paint colors:

Rose Colon Top, Redwied Skirt, and Drimple Cardigan--Monday, 7/31/17

I did not purchase this cardigan on Lamuella, despite the fact that the color appears to be named after Drimple, the Sandwich Maker's apprentice, perhaps to reflect its exalted position.  

Outfit cost per wear (OCPW): $9.87

Cremper Viulet Cardigan and Bull Cream Flats--Tuesday, 8/1/17

Cremper Viulet was also a minor character in the Gormenghast series, wasn't she? If not, she must have been edited out.

OCPW: $6.62

Cardigan with Sinderet Green, Spiced Rope, and Sting Gray Stripes--Wednesday, 8/2/17

Sting Gray is pretty clever.  The color corresponding to the gray of a sting ray?  That's something Robert might come up with.

OCPW: $10.76

Clay Cow Top, Woss White Flats, and Dry Custard Scarf--Thursday, 8/3/17

If you wear something dry custard colored around your neck while you eat pumpkin yogurt at lunch, it's all good if you happen to spill some.  (It also isn't half bad for attending a going-away happy hour for a colleague at a brew pub.)

OCPW: $4.58

Kold of Tale Cardigan and Lemon Nose/Stamped Candy/Windled Waters/Primple Brown/Blue Child Striped Flats--Friday, 8/4/17

I didn't take a class in Chaucer in college, so my familiarity with Kold of Tale is minimal.  But given this really bright, happy fuchsia shade, I guess it was a comedy.  Perfect for Friday.

OCPW: $7.71

Monday, August 21, 2017

Daddy Arbok

Another colorful pants week!  Two days of this week were illness (Monday) and, sigh, the first time I failed to photograph an outfit for work (Wednesday). 

Pinky Dots--Tuesday, 7/25/17

This is a pretty basic summer work outfit formula--bright pants, comfortable short-sleeved top, necklace, flats (plus coordinating Fitbit).  The pink dots on the t-shirt are a lighter shade than the pants, but it's all good.

Outfit cost per wear (OCPW): $6.48

The Missing Photo--Wednesday, 7/26/17

Even though I don't have a photograph of it, I can at least record that I wore the white lace dottie top, the coral pants, the gold tassel necklace, and black pointy-toed flats.

OCPW: $12.54

Formula Day 3--Thursday, 7/27/17

If it ain't broke, right?

I continue to be delighted by this lace top that gets around both the "ugh why are all white shirts too sheer to wear without a camisole" problem and the "um isn't lace kind of see-through anyway" problem by having a layer of lace on top of a layer of regular knit fabric in the front.

OCPW: $17.62

Cobalt and Orange Crush--Friday, 7/28/17

Let's mix up this formula a bit by substituting another recent favorite top half combination--sleeveless top and short-sleeved cardigan.  I continue to be surprised by how useful these orange ballet flats are.  Orange is not a great color on me (though when it leans more in the direction of "coral," it works better) but I'm really enjoying wearing orange/coral on the bottom half (where its clashing-ness with my face and hair is less obvious) in general and these shoes in particular.  And this blue/orange combination is further evidence that the whole "complementary colors are awesome together" idea has merit.

OCPW: $8.76

In other news...I read this article about the smartphone generation with great interest.  There are always these "everything is different now!" articles, bemoaning how one generation is in some way worse than the ones that came before, but this one seems better researched and more convincing than most. 

It had been a while since I've taken a Sorting Hat quiz, so I thought this one created by social scientists at Cambridge was a fun thing to do.  I got Ravenclaw (81% match).  "Your personality shows a high degree of work ethic and shrewdness, which are valued among members of Ravenclaw House."  No surprise there.

This post was brought to you by Arbok, clearly a member of House Slytherin.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Have I Ever Told You You're My Spearow

After our zoo tour was rescheduled due to a crazy heat wave in the lower Midwest, we did take a couple days off at the end of the week to play Pokemon and generally enjoy not being at work.  But first, office outfits were worn...

Peaches and Cream, Now Enjoyed Poolside--Monday, 7/17/17

After a peaches-and-cream outfit with white top and coral pants in June, I revisited the combination with a hefty extra dose of aqua/teal in the scarf and shoes.  I really enjoyed this as a way to highlight the pastel shades of this useful multi-colored skirt.

Outfit cost per wear (OCPW): $17.06

Basic Boring Colorblocking--Tuesday, 7/18/17

This definitely looks to me like an outfit I would have come up with prior to a few years ago when I started planning outfits...and is what happens when the outfit I'd planned (this top with my burgundy skirt--a horrible color combination as it turns out--and a narrow black scarf with neon polka dots that did not work with the neckline of the top at all) goes awry and I have to substitute something at the last minute.  I won't be winning any fashion kudos with this combination, but it was acceptable.  (At least the bright pink and black were repeated in my Fitbit/watch.)

OCPW: $6.34

In Which I Reverse Inspire the Fuchsia--Wednesday, 7/19/17

After yesterday's blah pink outfit, I like this one better.  The print top has small bits of the sweater and skirt colors, so it feels a bit more cohesive.  And doesn't the bright pink/magenta color pop against the green? this flower called the fuchsia.

OCPW: $10.34

In other news...Robert and I settled down recently to watch a DVD of Looney Tunes cartoons while I shortened the straps on the three sleeveless tops I bought at my last Goodwill trip by an inch.  I figured that I would be able to track the plots while being distracted with hand-sewing.  Several of them were familiar (e.g., Hair Raising Hare--with Gossamer the red monster; For Scent-imental Reasons--a delightful Pepe Le Pew short), but there was an old Elmer Fudd cartoon (Elmer's Candid Camera, 1940) that dated to back before Bugs Bunny was called Bugs Bunny!  He was instead called "Happy Rabbit," and he ended the piece with a laugh that was later given to Woody Woodpecker, which was actually pretty creepy.  We also saw the debut of my beloved Marvin the Martin (and his sidekick K-9) in Haredevil Hare.  Marvin is pretty recognizable here, but his voice is different from in later cartoons.  He is trying to blow up Earth with a Uranium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator...which later becomes the Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator we all know and fear.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Double Chinchou

A quick outfit post before I go out to play Pokemon Go...

Aqua Dottie--Monday, 7/10/17

I know this shirt looks like it has faint stripes on the front, but they are actually rows of tiny dots, hence the goofy name I have bestowed upon it.  Matching pants, Fitbit, and spots on the back of the turtle pendant for the win.

*White lace dottie top (JCP), $11.89

Outfit cost per wear (OCPW): $20.90

Halloween in July--Tuesday, 7/11/17

It's hard to wear orange and black together without it feeling like late October, but trust, I will not be wearing sparkly toed ballet flats without socks or a short-sleeved knit top without a jacket/sweater at Halloween time.  And somehow this silly fish charm necklace always seems to add a strong dash of summery to any outfit.

OCPW: $12.18

Hello Invested Sailor--Wednesday, 7/12/17

Can't stop, won't stop with the striped sailor-y shirts or the "hello sailor" based outfit names.  After referring to a row of hedges near our apartment that are a bit scary in the dark as the real-life equivalent of the topiary animals in Zork 2, I recently fell down the Internet rabbit hole of Infocom walkthroughs...and was reminded, man, was it ever satisfying to "hello sailor" that Viking in Zork 3 for an invisibility potion!

OCPW: $7.46

Pretty Pink Sick Day Blues--Thursday, 7/13/17

A rainy day spent at home with some malady that I no longer remember.  I do remember thinking that it was weird that I could wear a denim jacket on a warmish (high 83 F) day, but it's amazing how having a fever changes those calculations.  (My outfit was otherwise what I had planned to wear to work before bailing on that idea.)

 *Bright pink/white striped top (thrifted, Karen Scott), $4.49

OCPW: $10.36

Silk and Lace--Friday, 7/14/17

I actually found the bright white top and grey-ish white scarf combination rather ill-advised after seeing it together, but I didn't feel like figuring out something else to wear that also worked with the maroon flats (which I don't wear very often and was in the mood to wear).  So instead I chose to focus on the textural contrast of the items.

OCPW: $16.27

In other news...Yep, today's feature has to be the recent Ask a Manager column in which a reader writes that she (?) was reprimanded by her boss for wearing the same pair of pants twice in one week.  Not professional because it implies something about the person's finances or that they "aren't taking care of themselves."  WTH, right?

So yeah, I wore the same pair of shoes twice this week (although only once to work as it turned out).  Infer from that what you will.