Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Fashion: Part 3

Alice as a Vest -- 2/17/14

I liked the t-shirt as vest idea so well I decided to try it with my beloved Alice t-shirt, to see if I could get her into the rotation even during the serious winter weather.  My verdict?  Love it.

New item:
**Pink button up shirt (thrifted, Liz Claiborne)

Wait!  Is That a Real Vest? -- 2/18/14

Yes, and it only cost 88 cents at my mom's thrift store.  Sweet, eh?  A white shirt seems like the obvious thing to wear with it, but I still don't have one, so I tested out this stripey number.

And I found a good time to wear this pretty blue necklace for the first time, too.

New items:
**Blue sweater vest (thrifted)
**Green and blue striped button up shirt (thrifted)
**Light blue necklace from Jones New York

Banded Bottom Top -- 2/20/14

About 20-25 year ago, upon looking at some horrible Donnkenny brand shirts at the store, my mom made me promise that if she ever started to buy ugly, old-lady knit shirts with a banded bottom to create the blouson effect, I should intervene immediately and save her from herself.  (Note: at the time of this conversation, my mom was probably about the age I am now.  WTH?!)

Here's a pretty good example of the thing.  Bad pastels, icky embroidery.  The words "World's Best Grandma!" could be added with complete stylist congruity.  Definitely to be avoided.

So imagine my surprise when I am the first one to succumb to a banded bottom top.  But this one is cute, I swear.  See for yourself.

I decided to go for a very subtle effect with my necklace choice -- perhaps too subtle to even be noticeable, but I liked it.

New items:
**Navy flower blouse (thrifted, The Limited)
**Pearly necklace from Kohl's

Some Days You Just Want Easy -- 2/23/14

Wear a long-sleeved t-shirt, jeans, and a scarf.  Add shoes that you can wear on the snowy, slippery sidewalks when you go to the library and to get your hair cut and you are done.

I'm still hitting about 80% on new hairdressers making the (rather surprised) observation, This is your natural hair color, isn't it.  Even in Snow City, with a lot of residents of Scandinavian descent, it's still rather unusual for 40 year old women to have naturally blonde hair.  I've found it interesting that the proportion of adult white women with blonde hair is lower in Snow City than anywhere else I've lived.  I guess women here do not gravitate to the dyed blonde look that is so common in the south.  (To say nothing of the dyed blonde hair + fake tanned skin combination that was so freakishly common in North Carolina.)

New items: none

Subtle Pattern Mixing -- 2/24/14

I decided to wear the maroon sweater with 3/4 length sleeves for cooking Robert's enchilada casserole and just put other stuff on with it.  I like how the chevron pattern of the jacket and animal print of the shoes work together.  (Yeah, chevron -- it suddenly occurred to me after how many wears that this is the word to describe this jacket's pattern.)

I also finally figured out that wearing a black t-shirt instead of white under this sweater makes a hell of a lot of sense (esp. with black jeans).

New items: none

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February Fashion: Part 2

Another Boden Top - 2/11/14

It is a testament to both the size of my wardrobe and my relatively new appreciation of 3/4 length sleeves that I find it so easy to put outfits together that involve a 3/4 length shirt and a 3/4 length topper (cardigan or jacket).  I would probably wear a different cardigan with this shirt in the future, but it was good enough with this sweater (and practical for my cooking session).

Earlier I said that I almost never see Boden brand clothes at the thrift store, but on the same day I bought that psychedelic Boden shirt, I also bought this more subtly-patterned one.  Thank you Random Stranger of My Size who donated these shirts.  (I find it implausible to imagine that after a total lack of this brand, two different people of the same size donated Boden shirts at the same time.)

New item:
**3/4 length woven top (thrifted, Boden)

On February 12, I had a doctor's appointment I walked to in the cold and snow, so I was pretty bundled up.  At this appointment, I complained to my doctor about my nasal allergies being a continuing problem (specifically, I'm having a lot of post-nasal drip that causes sore throat and nausea and a fair amount of sinus pressure that causes head/face/tooth ache) and she made two suggestions.  First, I'm on a new nasal spray -- Nasonex instead of Flonase.  Second, I'm now doing a nasal rinse in the evening.  Are you familiar with this?  Man, the first time I tried it, I freaked out because I felt like I was drowning.  After a few days of doing it, I now hate the first few seconds, but once the water starts draining out the other side of my nose, it's bearable.  Even after a short time, I'm noticing some improvements in my symptoms due to these two changes.  We'll see if things improve enough this way or if I'll want to seek different/more aggressive treatment.

Spot On -- 2/13/14

I love this scarf but don't wear it very often.  If I recall correctly, I pretty much designed this whole outfit around the idea of making the brighter blue scarf the focal point of the outfit.

New items: none

What a Maroon! -- 2/14/14

I forgot it was V Day until sometime in the afternoon, but because I wanted to test out my new leggings, I ended up wearing something reasonable festive and color-appropriate if somewhat child-like and silly to my eyes.  I think there's something about how the shirt and leggings in the same color make me look like I'm wearing a full-on maroon body suit underneath or something.

It was quite amusing to me to see this post a mere 3 days after I tried out a black-and-white striped dress with black topper and maroon pieces.  There must have been something in the air in Snow City that affected the clothing choices of Sallys that week.  I also enjoyed seeing how a somehow more grown-up version of this outfit looked.

But the important thing is that these leggings are the BOMB.  I had some black ones and some grey ones I loved so I bought them in every other color they had (sadly, only maroon, navy, and brown).

New items:
**Black and white sleeveless dress from Target
**Maroon tights from Kohl's

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February Fashion: Part 1

Hard to believe that the month of February is almost over.  It doesn't help that the temperatures here have been significantly below normal for Snow City in February -- it feels more like January in the Very Frozen North instead.  Let's catch up with some early February outfits.

Another Use of 88 Cent Brown Pants -- 2/6/14

I have not worn a lot of brown lately, so my wardrobe is a bit limited when it comes to working with this color, but brown animal print and ivory seem easy enough.  (I think I would have preferred wearing different shoes, though -- perhaps my tan flats with the black cap-toes.)

New item:
**Brown bow-tie flats (thrifted)

Another Use of Orange-ish Animal Print Infinity Scarf -- 2/7/14

Because I don't wear much coral/orange/whatever the hell color that crazy animal head scarf is, it'll be nice if it plays well with other shades of reddish colors.  I think it looks OK with this maroon-ish red sweater, and I liked how the black in the pattern added coherence to the black jacket and pants.

New items: none

A Column of Color -- 2/9/14

I did not consciously put two shades of maroon/burgundy together under a contrasting sweater to follow this column of color advice, but I was probably influenced by it because I think my normal go-to choice for these pants and sweater would be a white shirt.  I'm not sure it achieves any of the specific objectives that she lists for this approach, but I liked it.  (The colors looked more similar in real life than in this photo.)

I'm not sure what I think of wearing these light colored beads against the burgundy shirt, however.  It looked fine, but I wasn't thrilled with it.  I would likely have chosen a different necklace or a scarf, but I wanted to try out this long rope of beads.  I did think wearing them as a double-loop was an unqualified success.

New item:
**Long bead necklace from Kohl's

Vicious Animal -- 2/10/14

I like this unusual cardigan.  The brown and black pattern is a sort-of animal print, and the shape is cool -- it's a cardigan with a blazer shape. 

And naturally I had to add the animal claw necklace to up the danger level.

New item:
**Brown and black animal cardigan (thrifted)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Job Search Update

In yesterday's newspaper crossword puzzle, the answer to one clue (a use for a resume) was "JOBSEARCH."  I did not get this one -- Robert had to help me.  I guess I am in denial about the whole fucking thing.

Anyway, I got a very unexpected call on Thursday of last week regarding a data analyst job with a local public school district that I applied for on November 5th and for which I had completed an "exam" (a kind of written up phone interview in most respects) that was due from all selected candidates at the end of November...and they wanted me to come in for an interview.  Man, I had totally assumed that ship had sailed, you know?  We set that up on the phone and the HR person was supposed to email me the details (e.g., where the interview is taking place).  And never did.  And when I called her this morning to say that the email "hadn't come through to me" and could she "give me the details again on the phone" (I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, at least to her face) she was just like, Yeah, OK, this is the address and come to this floor.  And when I asked whom I'd be meeting with, she said, I don't know who will be in the meeting.  (I'm glad that she was at her desk when I rang and I didn't have to wait for a callback, at least.)  This whole thing does NOT inspire confidence.  It doesn't help at all with my stereotype that people working in school administrative capacities are...well...not the sharpest crayons in the box. 

I can't help now but think that this interview is going to be more awful than usual -- not necessarily more stressful, but just, you know, basically badly done.  But who knows, maybe my own low expectations and my current feeling of kind of not giving a fuck about the job will translate into such superb interviewing on my part that I will actually have to decide whether I want to work there or not.  Or maybe I will telegraph some kind of ambivalence or apathy that will take the decision out of my hands.  Either's an interview, and I guess that's a good thing.

Feeding the Exotic Pet

The past couple months -- basically, since the holidays -- have been a bit physically rougher than usual, and I think a lot of it is my eating habits.  While on vacation or eating a lot with other people, my patterns shift due to some combination of food availability and a tendency to assimilate my diet toward the more "normal" diets of other people.  That latter shift is not always a conscious one, though it can take that form.  For example, other people are eating X, and X looks good, so I decide to have some (e.g., wedding cake).  Or I use some variant of the "but I'm on vacation so the rules don't apply!" logic.  Or I feel like it's easier to just go along with what other people are doing (note: this is not a common tendency of mine, but it can definitely happen when what other people are doing is, for instance, eating something delicious for dinner).  Or I have this subtle feeling like eating my normal way will look strange or suspect to other people so I choose something more normal.  But there's also this simple tendency when I'm eating around other people to assimilate to their eating habits, seemingly unmediated by any kind of conscious logic on my part.  This force seems strongest when the habits seem "healthy" (e.g., eating a lot of veg) or are relatively close to the way I eat (e.g., some variant on a low-grain neo-paleo type diet). 

Unfortunately, "healthy" diets and typical paleo-style diets don't actually seem to work well enough for me, either physically or psychologically.  But I have identified through empirical experimentation (trial and error) certain things that do work for me pretty well -- it just leads to a kind of weird, idiosyncratic set of eating patterns that are difficult to sum up or describe.

I'm wondering whether it would be easier to maintain my own patterns in atypical contexts and in social situations if I were to think of myself vis-a-vis eating as though I were an exotic pet with a particular, unfamiliar, and unusual set of eating requirements rather than a human who eats abnormally.  I mean, it seems weird (and kind of creepy) to feed your pet snake previously-frozen mice/salamanders/birds that you have heated in warm water before serving, but because that's what snakes do well eating, it's not the case that people think that the snake itself is somehow weird for eating it or that the snake would feel weird about it, if it were given to that sort of self-reflection, or that one can substitute normal human food for a defrosted toad.  Does this make sense?  I guess I just mean that I suspect it will feel easier if I think of it as eating the strange but typical diet of the Sallicus species rather than as eating a (weird) variant of a human diet.  By classifying myself in a way that is distinct from "human" (with regard to eating), I would hope to avoid assimilating to a "human" diet.

In any case, I'm hoping to keep moving my eating habits back to those of Sallicus and away from human diets in the coming weeks.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sneaking into February

Whew.  I'm finally starting to catch up.  I am writing a series of these outfits posts all on one day (Feb 5) with the plan to post them over a period of time.  I'm not very sleepy tonight, so I guess I'll just finish up all the photos I have!

The Poor Man's Vest -- 1/28/14

Sometimes when I'm lying in bed waiting to fall asleep, I think about what I want to wear the next day.  I knew I wanted to wear this jacket, but with the frigid temps, just a shirt underneath wouldn't be quite warm enough.  Oh, well I guess I can put a t-shirt on underneath a woven shirt, but I knew I didn't have a woven shirt that would look quite right (yes, I currently do not own a classic white woven button-up shirt).  Too bad I don't have a purple vest to put over a blue shirt (of which I have several, and which would pick up the subtle blue threads in the jacket).  But wait, what if I wore a purple t-shirt over the woven shirt to simulate a vest?  Would that be completely insane?

Well, I'll let you form your own opinion about that, but I loved it and will be using this trick again.

New items:
**Light blue button up shirt (thrifted)
**Purple striped jacket (thrifted)

And for fun, I juxtaposed the t-shirt vest with a string of pearls.  I was pleased with the combination. 

More 88 Cent Pants -- 2/3/14

And another combination of magenta/purple and blue.  OK.  Anyway, I was also super happy to find a pair of navy pants -- it's pretty easy to find black, but blue, despite being a classic "business" color, is difficult to find...even paying full price.  So to find a pair that fit for 88 cents was very cool.

I thought this outfit had a fair amount of dowdiness potential, but I think the cute shoes tipped the balance for me.

New item:
**Navy blue pants (thrifted - 88 cents)

Cooking Day Means...Oh You Know This One -- 2/4/14

I had initially planned to wear a (three-quarter length sleeve) woven shirt and cardigan combo, but I decided not to push my dry and irritated skin that far yet.  (My arms are doing really well with the steroid cream, but I wasn't sure they were up for contact with stiff fabric.)  So I found this softer shirt that I bought at the 88 cent sale.  (My aunt K. said, Oh wow, I have this exact shirt.  Hah.)

I didn't wear the jacket while cooking because the oven was producing a lot of heat.  But afterwards, with the residual heat still keeping things at above-Skyrim temperatures, the lightweight jacket was a warm enough topper even downstairs.

Anyway, I was glad of the chance to try out another pair of shoes I got at a local Goodwill.  I love this mannish oxford type of shoe but didn't own any until I scored this pair -- I have tried and liked shoes by Munro American through but haven't kept any yet at those prices.  But at thrift prices, I'm all over them.  The main body of the shoe is a matte leather but the top is suede -- I like that kind of "mixed media" thing in clothing and shoes.

New items:
**Flouncy top (thrifted - 88 cents)
**Black oxford shoes (thrifted; Munro American)

A Dress is Like a Skirt Only Better -- 2/5/14

This is really a warm weather dress.  It's got 3/4 length sleeves and a pretty deep scoop neck both in front and back.  But button up a cardigan sweater, top it with a scarf, and stick some leggings underneath and it works pretty well for staying indoors in February.

I like how when you put something totally on top of a dress, it's like you're wearing a skirt, only with a shirt that is magically perfectly smooth and never comes untucked or pulls awkwardly or shifts around weirdly or any of that annoying shit that makes me grumpy when I try to tuck a shirt into a skirt.

New items:
**Grey patterned dress (thrifted; Old Navy)
**Grey leggings from Kohl's

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Thrift Shop

As Fierce As I Get -- 1/21/14

I thought this sweater dress wouldn't be warm enough for winter, but ah, the bizarre heat-retaining qualities of acrylic yarn.  I've had these ankle boots for a million years and haven't worn them in several eons, but this seemed to be a good time for it.

New items:
**Leopard sweater dress from Kohl's
**Black moto jacket from JC Penney
**Excellently opaque black leggings from Kohl's

Looking Middle-Aged -- 1/22/14

Although these items went together fine, I was not impressed with overall dowdiness of the outfit.  (I guess they went together too well in that sense.)  Better luck next time.  I am happy that I finally made this sweater wearable -- I didn't notice until I got it home from the thrift store that it had a small hole on one shoulder, and it took me like a year to darn it.

New item:
**Striped wool sweater (thifted; Target)

Back on Track with Leopard and Red -- 1/23/14

Yet another leopard print knit shirt, at a fantastic price.

New item:
**Grey long-sleeved leopard print shirt from Kohl's

Nothing New Here But... -- 1/26/14

I didn't wear the jacket for most of the day, but when I got chilly, I popped it on.  (It's funny -- I actually wore it open, but it looked especially goofy photographing it that way, so I buttoned it up just for y'all.)  I brought all these pieces with me on my Christmas travels but never wore them together this way.  

New items:  none

88 Cents -- 1/27/14

One of the stops my mom, her sister, and I made on our thrift store outing was a place that has an 88 cent sale one day a month on selected items -- "this is fucking awesome," right?*  I got a few things for 88 cents, including these plain, brown cotton pants.  I didn't own any brown pants before this, so this was a particularly useful find.

(*And this gives me a good excuse to link to the video for a song that Tam called "insanely popular" this summer -- "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore.  You might have seen it before, but have you seen it lately?  You know you want to!)

When I bought this scarf at Goodwill (here in Snow City), the clerk said that she thought about buying it but didn't have anything to wear it with.  At the time, I didn't either.  But with this cardigan I got at Kohl's and the 88 cent pants, I made it work.  (I was disappointed to discover that I do not own a long-sleeved shirt in any shade of taupe/beige/brown, so I went with white.  Oddly, I do not have any long-sleeved green shirts either.)

New items:
**Brown cotton pants (thrifted -- 88 cents)
**Green leopard print infinity scarf (thrifted; new with tags)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winter Blues

Possibly the Most Fun Jacket I've Seen on an Adult -- 1/19/14

I almost squealed in Goodwill over this jacket -- a lovely home-made jacket of exceedingly high quality.  (You can see even in this photo that the fabric design lines up perfectly in the front.)  I love the really bright colors against a dark blue that works well with jeans.  (And the yellow flowers give me an excuse to pull out my yellow flats.)

New items:
**Bright flower jacket (thrifted)
**Blue long-sleeved shirt (thrifted; Lands End)
**Sparkly blue necklace from Kohl's

Oh, and did I mention...the jacket is reversible!  Here I've turned over the front of the jacket so that you can see what the other (sedate) side looks like.  Actually, this is the side I saw first.  It's when I took it off the rack and examined it closer that I realized it had the fabulous flower print.

Cooking in a White Cardigan?? -- 1/20/14

It sounds kind of insane when I put it that way, but luckily the combination of a good apron and 3/4 length sleeves (keeping me from dribbling the end of the sleeve into the food) were enough to save me from any trouble.

New items:
**Cream knit cardigan from Kohl's
**Blue and white knit shirt (thrifted; Talbot's)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Staying Warm in Snow City

Winter Watercolor -- 1/13/14

One of the fun things about my trip home over Christmas was thrifting with my mom and her sister.  I found a bunch of cool items that will be featured in outfits to come.  I'm about 90% sure that this shirt was one of them.  (Many of them are more appropriate for warmer weather, so we might have to wait for this arctic freeze to pass.)  It's got a soft, watercolor feel to it (not the sharper designs I gravitate toward usually) but I loved the bright, saturated colors (and the fabric was delightfully soft, too).

New items:
**Long-sleeved "watercolor" shirt (thrifted; Vera Wang/Kohl's)
**Old school burgundy moc loafers (thrifted; Naturalizer)
**Did I show this necklace already?  From Jones New York

Stripes, Goddamn It -- 1/14/14

After that swirly pastel cardigan I wore the day I saw two snowy owls (I am still in amazement over the owl thing), it was nice to be back in my sweet spot with this bright-with-white striped cardigan.

New item:
**Striped cardigan from Kohl's

Yes I Love Blue with Leopard Print Shoes -- 1/15/14

I'm still loving this cashmere pullover I bought at Macy's, and am a bit sorry I did not go ahead and purchase it in each of the many gorgeous colors they had when it was crazy on sale before Christmas.  Oh well...perhaps they will do that sale again next year.  Until then, I'm going to rock the aqua blue.

New item:
**Jean skirt (thrifted; new with tags)

That 70s Feeling -- 1/17/14

The British brand Boden makes such cute clothes with fun prints, but I never see them in the thrift store (and haven't pulled the trigger on purchasing any at new prices).  Well, make that almost never because I found this my size even.  It had a kind of psychedelic feel that made wearing it with flared trouser jeans a no-brainer.

New item:
**Psychedelic shirt (thrifted; Boden)

Can I Do Lavender? -- 1/18/14

This vest was a steal at Goodwill, so I decided to give it a shot.  The color is still a pastel, but a bit more intense than many versions, and it definitely meets the "can wear with white" criterion.  The vest is actually a bit short (though this Lands End t-shirt is kind of long), which means it could work well with skirts as well as jeans.  Another reason to give it a try -- I already had these excellent rain-and-snow-proof mocs from Lands End in a lavender color that I bought with spring in mind -- something you think about when the snowy season lasts until May.  (I also have them in black and brown; they are great for wearing in winter when boots aren't necessary.)

New item:
**Lavender padded vest (thrifted)

Another nifty thing about these shoes is that they are two-toned.  For example, my black ones have a dark grey top.  Even these lavender ones are two-toned, though it's subtle.  (As perhaps you can see, it's not just that they are different colors -- the top part is made from a fuzzier material.)

Hmm...looks like Lands End isn't selling these anymore/right now.  Too bad.  Glad I stocked up on three pairs when I did (my first fall/winter in Snow City)!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snowy City, Snowy Owl

A Really Un-Me Cardigan -- 1/12/14

This cardigan at Goodwill was pretty, cheap, made from soft wool, of good quality, from a company I often like, and fit well.  But when I decided to try wearing it, I realized that it didn't go with my style or the kinds of things I like to wear (and thus own).

Things I like:
**Saturated bright colors
**Stripes, dots, and other sharp, geometric prints
**Leopard print
**Items that can be worn with black, white, and/or grey

So this cardigan, in odd pastel colors and brown on a tan background is not quite a fit with those criteria.

I actually do own a long-sleeved t-shirt in a light shade of blue, but it was dirty on the day I wanted to try this sweater, so I went with a brighter blue instead.  I added the blue statement necklace to make the outfit feel a bit more "me."  I'm not sure that it was enough, though.  This cardigan might be going back to Goodwill to find another home.

New items:
**Questionable cardigan (thrifted; Coldwater Creek)
**Statement necklace from Kohl's

So anyway, January 12 was the day that Robert and I finally saw a snowy owl!  Two of them, in fact.  It's been a big irruption year for snowy owls (as my mom emailed me about in December), and they've been seen all over the eastern half of the country down to sort of ridiculously southern climes.  And a bunch of them have been here in the environs of Snow City.  We drove to a town about 45 minutes south (and east?) of home and had no luck on our first go (on 1/11).  We tried the same locations again the next day, arriving later in the afternoon, and BOOM...Robert quickly spotted the first one, a bit distant but perfectly easy to see with binoculars.  We drove another couple of blocks and saw a bunch of cars parked by the side of the road and people with binoculars, scopes, and/or cameras with giant lenses; Robert said, Must be another owl.  Indeed.  It was so close to the road that I was able to get a photo using my tiny camera.

Yeah, this shot won't be making the cover of Birding magazine or anything, but it is good enough that it is easy to see that the bird is, indeed, a snowy owl.

He may seem a bit shy in my photo, with his head turned away, but that's only because he was too busy showing off to the people with serious cameras facing the other way.  I took a photo from this less-desirable side (you know, with the power lines, etc.) because I did not want to enter this fray.

I don't make New Years resolutions, but I had thought: Man, I really, really would like to see a snowy owl in 2014.  Done and done.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let's Get January Started, Shall We?

How to Start the New Year: In Red and Blue, Of Course -- 1/1/14

OK, I bought this big pullover sweater shortly after moving to Snow City, but never wore it because it was too warm (and then I basically forgot about it until I moved to Skyrim).  It's perfect layered over a long sleeved t-shirt in the under 60 degree indoor temps.

New item:
**Dark blue pullover sweater (thrifted)

Wearing the Red Scarf AGAIN -- 1/2/14

Yeah, it's cold, but with enough layers, I can make a skirt work.

New items:
**Grey cotton cardigan (thrifted; Tommy Hilfiger)
**Red corduroy skirt (thrifted; H&M, new with tags)
**Excellently opaque tights from Kohl's

What to Wear to the Dentist -- 1/3/14

I finally brought out another item I've had for a while -- a pair of skinny jeans that I bought at Goodwill because I knew they'd be useful for tucking into snow boots but that I just hadn't gotten myself to try out.  (Yes, here I'm wearing normal shoes; I just put on a pair of mid-height snow boots when I walked to the dentist.)

New items:
**Skinny jeans (thrifted; Old Navy)
**Pinkish-coral leopard print infinity scarf (thrifted; new with tags)

Oh, and in case it's not obvious, this scarf is not only leopard print, it's got leopard heads on it!

I admit that I was freakishly excited when I realized the pink/coral tunic was the same odd shade as in the scarf, and they both have a kind of dotty thing going. 

Another Outrageously Warm Sweater -- 1/9/14

Although not ready to do a full-on winter white-out, I did like trying a cardigan and long-sleeved t-shirt in similar shades of semi-white together.  This big-ass cardigan lives in my Skyrim office these days (for example, draped over my legs when I get a bit cool in a skirt).

New item:
**Chunky white cardigan (thrifted)

Stripe City -- 1/10/14

Second only to leopard print, stripes are my favorite.  Dark blue and green, I love you together.  (And worn with a scarf and dark blue leopard print shoes, it's a totally Sally look.)

New items:
**Green and blue striped pullover sweater from Kohl's