Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Back to the Work Week, Already in Progress

Doubled Up...But Not in Pain!--Wednesday, 2/10/16

I was happy to score a long, dress-length beige cardigan at Goodwill in November.  This is a rather new silhouette for me--they only came on my radar this past fall--but it looks like a useful way to add warmth to a sleeveless dress.

I decided to try a beige/navy combination as in this inspiration photo.


Instead of colorful accessories, I wore them with tall cognac boots (of the exact type/brand that I see the inspiration blogger wearing and featuring in inspiration photos frequently on her site--pair #1 of her boot collection-- so that seems even more appropriate!).

*Beige dress length cardigan (thrifted, Kohls), $5.24/wear+
Navy sleeveless dress (Target), $7.00/wear
Navy scarf (Target), $2.00/wear
Navy owl scarf (Nordstrom), $4.00/wear
Navy leggings
Tall cognac boots by Sam Edelman, $14.07/wear

Outfit total: $32.31/wear

Note that I went the double scarf route again, mixing an owl-patterned scarf with a plain one.  It was interesting to work out how to wear them together because the owl scarf is much shorter than the navy one.  After futzing with them a bit, I decided that it would be easiest to tie them each separately for a layered look.  The longer navy scarf on top has a more complicated tie that shortens it a fair amount, and then the owl scarf is simply tied once, leaving a little extra length to peek out from underneath.  I was pretty pleased with this look.

In other news...I was back at work today and it went pretty well, all things considered.  About 3:00, my nose started running constantly--good thing I'd brought a brand new box of lotion Kleenix to work this morning.  I'm glad I only have 2 more days of work and then a 3 day weekend!  Thanks, dead presidents!  I could really use some catching up on my sleep.  I actually slept OK last night but not long enough, and certainly not long enough considering how little sleep I've gotten lately.  I envy people like my office mate who get a cold, stay home sick, and sleep the whole time.  I think that's gotta be a rare ability, though. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sick Person

A Descent into Fever--Sunday, 2/7/16

Love the bright plaid scarf here, though I did something different to wear my new teal puffy vest, a birthday purchase.


I have a more tonal palette of grey, teal, light blue, and black.

Grey pullover sweater (thrifted, Laura Scott), $2.62/wear
*Teal puffy vest (Walmart), $9.00/wear+
Black/light blue/mustard paisley scarf (Target), $4.00/wear
*Flared jeans (thrifted, Lane Bryant), $0.88/wear+
Grey ankle boots by Seychelles, $10.00/wear

Outfit total: $26.50/wear

I also have a second pair of 88 cent jeans!  My mom was on fire at the 88 cent sale and found me another pair of jeans.  I really like this flares style, though perhaps pairing them with a gigantic puffy vest was not the most flattering choice in the world.  Whatever.  I'm happy and snug in this combination.

In other news...Oh man, have I ever felt like crap since Sunday afternoon.  I still have a fever today.  I'm just hoping I'll feel OK enough tomorrow to get back to work.  This seems far from assured right now.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Fallout 3 and Elementary

...That's How I Spent My Day--Saturday, 2/6/16

Oh StyleUp, how we miss your often-completely-insane daily outfit prompts, based on the weather forecast for the user's zip code and the dress code (professional, creative, casual, etc.) the user has selected!  But for all the weird-ass suggestions I got (ripped jeans for work, skirt and heels with no tights in December), sometimes they got it right, like they did with this suggestion for a winter day in Snow City.  I mean, obviously it would be ridiculous to wear a short puffer coat so that your legs freeze in those sheer tights as you're going to work, but this is at least a decent starting point for building a cold-weather outfit.

Because I was dressing for a weekend day mostly staying indoors, I substituted a puffy vest for the coat and skipped the hat.  I don't like turtlenecks, so I popped on a scarf looped closely to the neck over my sweater.  Some heavier leggings and silly fuzzy boots (to maintain the silliness level lost with the hat) and I'm good to go.

Burgundy cashmere pullover sweater (Macy's), $10.66/wear
Leopard puffy vest (Macy's), $3.14/wear
Black cargo skirt with peplum hem (Royal Robbins/REI), $3.13/wear
Black leggings
Black fuzzy boots (Walmart), $4.00/wear
*Magenta scarf (JCP), $4.79/wear+

Outfit total: $25.72/wear

This scarf was a steal, and I love how the magenta looks with the burgundy and leopard print!  Luscious.

In other news...On the "No" woman at work.  Yes.  All of it.  Yes.

With respect to Hilary's pragmatism garnering criticism, can I just say here that Bernie Sanders and his Soviet flag and his ludicrous magically gonna save $10 trillion while spending an obvious shit-ton of money economic "plan" can go fuck themselves right now?  Like, right this exact second.

Also, this article on how return policies affect sales reminds me that I have a couple things I need to mail back to Nordstrom. 

I did a lot of leg exercises while watching Elementary tonight.  I hope I can walk in the morning!

Friday, February 5, 2016

End of the Week

With Crazy Bright Tights--Friday, 2/5/16

Red, dark denim, and leopard print is a slam dunk!


OK, so the inspiration photo doesn't feature red tights, but I was just feeling like pushing the boundaries of casual Friday work wear in this outfit.  (When I saw these red tights at JCP in my size, I had to get them because it is so difficult to find non-neutral tights.  I hadn't really thought about how I'd wear them, so it might take some trial and error.)

Red cashmere pullover sweater (Macy's), $10.66/wear+
*Blue/red plaid popover shirt (thrifted, Gap), $5.24/wear+
Denim skirt (thrifted, Levi's), $1.66/wear
Red/gold White Rabbit pocket watch pendant (Zad), $6.45/wear
*Red tights
Leopard smoking slippers by Clarks, $2.17/wear

Outfit total:$26.18/wear

Also instead of little gold ball earrings, I wore the tiny little rabbit earrings that Robert got me for my birthday--a fabulous duo of bunny studs.  So yep, I doubled up with the rabbit earrings and rabbit necklace today.  It's been a long week, and I definitely needed a dose (dos...o tres?) of bunny to get me through.


Oddly, just yesterday I saw this post in which the blogger got a pair of mini rex earrings.  Mini rex!  What could be more awesome?  But....what?  These aren't mini rexes!  They aren't even bunnies.  Disapprove!

This shirt was a prize find at a local Goodwill in November.  I'd been specifically wanting a plaid shirt, and here was one in an icon red and blue color scheme, in a soft, lightweight fabric that can be worn basically year-round in Coldville (with proper layering).  The downside of the soft fabric is that it wrinkles like a son of a bitch, but I own a good iron and don't mind using it.  It's definitely worth the trouble to have a collared shirt I can easily wear under a light pullover sweater without it being stiff and awkward.  And red and blue can do no wrong!

In other news...I enjoyed this short series of messages on the computer terminals in one of the buildings in Fallout 3--it was owned by a company with tight ties to the Chinese and came under federal investigation, then invasion by US government military robots just prior to the outbreak of the Great War.

LOB Enterprises Front Desk

Welcome Ms. Warring

Please remember to always ask for I.D. and greet visitors with a smile.

Weapons Policy #H31
As standard policy, all employees are required to carry low-grade military-class weaponry at all times (see HR Policy#A12). In the event of a hostile takeover, your desk can be used as a makeshift barricade. Position the desk between yourself and your opponent, then crouch behind the desk while firing any weapon approved on Form B43-2.

NOTE: Cafeteria privileges will be suspended in the event of a hostile takeover. 

From: McCoy, Derrick
To: Entire Company

Subject: Weapon Practice Tonight?

If anyone would like to practice with their "low-grade, military-class" company issue, Sam and I will be shooting rounds off in the yard at 7:00PM.


From: Warring, Joanna
To: Entire Company

Subject: Oh, !@#


From: Director of Human Resources
To: Entire Company

Subject: Caps in Emails


I would like to remind everyone that, despite the impending Federal invasion, standard company policy is still in effect.

Specifically, do not write emails in all caps. This style is offensive to your coworkers.
Thank you for your cooperation. 

I especially enjoyed this one, given recent snowfalls in Snow City.

Inclement Weather Policy #C31

In the event of extreme winter (nuclear) conditions, all employees are required to proceed to human resources and complete forms D87-a, D87-b, H04-1, and A14-3, addendum 7. In accordance with company policy #L83, employees will be issued iodine tablets, personal geiger counter, meal rations, and sworn into the sovereign L.O.B. republic. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Driving Everywhere

Reality Interpreting Style--Thursday, 2/4/16

For today's Reverse Inspiration, I'm liking this colorful spring-time version of my outfit with a floral top (that she says a co-worker said reminded them of huckleberries), striped skirt, and captoe flats. 


This is most definitely not huckleberry season in Coldville, so I am wearing a top with a snowy background and a lot of mostly bare branches (and a few hardy flowers).

Cream T with flowers and branches (Kohls), $2.55/wear+
Grey and black striped skirt (thrifted, Loft), $2.00/wear
Dark grey blazer (JNY), $10.71/wear
Black tights
Black captoe flats (thrifted, Skyler), $1.40/wear
Silver feather pendant (JCP), $5.13/wear

Outfit total: $21.79/wear

I'm not sure whether wearing a feather pendant is depressing in this context.  Does it represent a bird that migrated the fuck away from all this cold/snow...or died from it?  At the time I put this together, I was just like, Birds and trees go together, boom, done.  Now I'm over-thinking it.  Just winter brooding, I guess (oooh, that was unintentional but I'll take it).

I put this look together in January, then only a few days later saw this "Style Interpreting Art" post featuring an Ansel Adams photograph.

Pretty good, no?  And it's a photo, from 1958, so my powers are clearly growing!

In other news...I had an 8:00 a.m. meeting this morning at another site.  I woke up 25 minutes early, left the house by 7:15, drove to the unfamiliar location without getting lost, found street parking only 1 block one way and about 1/2 a block another from the location, was able to maneuver into the parking spot (this part was hard given the snow built up along the curb and the number of school buses driving down a residential street with cars parked all along both sides), noticed that there was a Drug Free Zone sign right next to my car (to aid in finding it again), found the building, and found the room in the building.  Which was locked.  Where no one responded when I knocked.

I was booting up my computer to check my calendar to  make sure I didn't get the day wrong when my manager showed up, equally confused.  He checked his email and found that at 7:40 a.m., we had been emailed to say that the venue was changed and we were all meeting at another site.

Ah, fuck.

So I looked up the address on my computer, found my car again, programmed the address into the GPS, took a route that seemed mysteriously complicated given that I could have gone over about a block and half to drive up the major street the building is on (but my GPS favors speed over simplicity so it took me on the highway for a bit), found the building, white-knuckled it until I finally found the parking lot around the block...and the parking lot was way full of drifts of snow and cars parked as wonky as I have ever seen in this town. 

It was not random--people clearly had the sense that they should park in rows next to each other--but with snow covering all the parking lines, people were parked every which damn way.  And there were no open spots.  I eventually circled back to this empty spot that seemed likely to be not a real spot but where my wouldn't actually block anything, and parked there.  When I went into the building, I mentioned at the front desk that I was uncertain about the spot I parked and explained where it was.  The woman said that as long as I wasn't blocking this particular path (it wasn't), that it was fine.  Also, nobody was going to be monitoring the lot because there were a lot of visitors there that day for an event.  (Which explained a lot to me about the state of the parking lot.  Many of us didn't even have a memory of where the rows/spots were supposed to be.)  And I got directions to the room, which I found without too much difficulty, and we had a meeting.

And then I got to drive back to work, where I parked my car, sighed, and thought, Oh man, it's only 9:40 a.m., my day isn't nearly over yet.

But I managed to make it through the kind of experience that is very anxiety-provoking in me, without actually feeling very much anxiety about it.

(I guess I got it out of my system overnight, when I had a series of dreams that involved having to drive to this doctor's appointment and not having enough time to do it.  My favorite one involved having 15 minutes to make it to an appointment in NYC and thinking that it's not possible without nearly the sense of the absurd it has to my waking mind.  I felt I didn't have enough time the way you feel you don't have enough time to get somewhere 30 minutes away in 15 minutes, not somewhere halfway across the continent.)

And I did manage to get a rather lot of work done on my quarterly reporting project, too, so I declare victory.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Feeling Blue

With Cool Boots--Wednesday, 2/3/16

Reverse Inspiration time!  I love this outfit from Carylee, one of the masters of the flat lay.  She definitely tuned into the navy + aqua/teal color combination and print mixing of my winter outfit.


I was happy to see this shirt at Goodwill in November--I'm a fan of teal and polka dots so when it fit, it was a no-brainer to pick up.  One thing, though: it's made from a slightly thicker cotton fabric (perhaps an oxford fabric) and it wrinkles like a son of a bitch (assuming that sons of bitches wrinkle...which I guess they do when it is the most irritating action available in a given situation). 

I got compliments on my boots from two of my most sharply-dressed colleagues in the HR department today.  I have to agree, they are pretty much awesome.

*Teal polka dot button up shirt (thrifted, Target), $5.24/wear+
Navy paisley skirt (thrifted, Target), $1.00/wear
Navy ponte knit blazer (Target), $6.00/wear
Navy tights
Navy ankle boots by Seychelles, $10.00/wear
*Silver/teal peacock pendant (Target), $9.50/wear+

Outfit total: $31.74/wear

So this outfit is brought to you by Target, it seems.  I'm loving this pretty peacock pendant, but I do wish it was just a tad shorter.  Of course, I could make this happen by moving the pendant onto a different chain, but wishing/complaining is a lot easier than finding a new chain so I expect I'll go that route.

In other news...Good news and bad news re: my morning meeting at one of our other sites.  Good news--even though the general meeting starts at 7:30, I don't need to be there until 8:00!  Bad news--I have to drive to this unfamiliar location (about 15 minutes from my apartment), find street parking in the area (note: this is harder than usual because the snow plows have been through to pile snow up in places where people usually park), check in at the front desk, and then find the room in the huge confusing building by 8:00 a.m. 

In Fallout 3, I seem to always be fighting sentry bots these days.  They are pretty bad ass.

Sentry bots are the highest-level robots in Fallout 3; they are extremely durable, possessing as much health as a deathclaw but lack a weak point that could be targeted for additional damage. In fact, their heads are more durable than their torsos, though targeting the head yields a greater chance of a Critical Hit. Like other robots, sentry bots are equipped with a combat inhibitor, and will frenzy if the inhibitor is disabled. Exploiting this weakness can be helpful in dispatching other enemies, since sentry bots are among the most powerful foes in the game. Although they are quite fast, they have a slow turning rate, which can be used to the player's advantage. 

Sentry bots are among the toughest enemies in the game, and present a serious threat to any low level player unlucky enough to encounter one. It is not uncommon to find sentry bots roaming the Capital Wasteland in groups of two or three at higher levels. These robots are mobile fortresses; their high level of health and lethality makes them the preeminent fighting machines of the Capital wastes. 

The only good thing about them?  They're not as tough as the sentry bots in Fallout 4.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February Arrives

...And Brings Along the Snow--Tuesday, 2/2/16

Oh, tipped jacket, I have one that is so much like you!  It is screaming to be worn this way.


For the sake of comfort, I swapped my black lace-hemmed knit top for the button up shirt in the inspiration photo, but I think I stayed pretty true to the original outfit.  I am crazy about bright pink and teal together, so add in the tipped blazer and I'm sold.

Cream polka dot blazer (thrifted, Target), $0.83/wear
Dark teal pencil skirt (JCP), $2.58/wear
Pink sweater vest (thrifted, Fieldgear), $1.33/wear+
Black lace-hemmed T (thrifted, Coldwater Creek), $0.67/wear
Black tights
Black heeled Oxfords (thrifted), $0.63/wear
Black tooth/claw necklace (Outfit Additions), $1.27/wear

Outfit total: $7.31/wear

Every time I wear these heeled Oxfords, I'm afraid they'll reach the end of their life.  I've had them forever, and bought them at a thrift store originally, so they date to the 1990s.  But so far, they're holding out OK-ish and (knock wood) I hope they stay in my closet for a while yet.  They are perfection.  Although I think the more brogue-like heeled Oxfords you typically see are cute in their own right, I like that these are sleeker and made of suede.  Still, it's probably time to start searching for a replacement because it might take some time.

I was initially going to wear an outfit with tall leather boots but the weather forecast of 5-8" of snow today made me think it was better to wear my tall Sorel snowboots to work and carry a pair of shoes to change into indoors.  I have weatherproofed my tall riding boots with beeswax, but 5-8" is enough snow to bring out the big guns.

In other news...Our technology department sent out an email at 2:00 p.m. saying that they were closed "due to the weather."  I turned to my office mate and asked, "Huh, so why are WE still here then?"  It's funny--the technology people are among the staff least able to work from home, yet they were the only group I knew of to abandon work early today (although there might have been others, of course).  My group certainly didn't. 

I overheard somebody say to co-worker M., "It's so pretty outside but no fun for driving" and his response was, "Good thing I'm not driving!"  It's crazier, though--he bikes to work.  Every day.  In all weather.

As I was leaving (AT MY NORMAL TIME) today, my office mate mentioned that at least I have an easy drive home.  And I said yeah except for Blah and Blah [a couple windy, very low traffic residential streets that I take to get to the main road home], where it can get kind of dicey in snow or ice, especially where the road inclines.  So after a ridiculous length of time brushing snow off my car, I drove to the intersection of Blah and Blah...where I stopped behind an SUV with its hazard lights on.  I waited a minute, then pulled forward so I could see around the corner to where a school bus had lost control on the incline and gotten stuck in a bank of snow.  I drove past the SUV and into a very small parking lot so I could turn around and find another route home.  I saw about 4 people with shovels digging out the bus.  So even though I felt a little grumpy by the time I got home (which didn't take that long because my GPS found me a pretty straightforward alternative route on more major streets with the only drawback being two left turns), I was a lot less grumpy than the people at that bus!

Tonight Robert and I watched Death in Paradise episode 3, in which we both nailed it right away, and in which I believe 3/4 of the guest stars were familiar from Midsomer Murders (and some other things, too).  That show is like the 50 British Actors, one right after the other.