Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Life After Fussball: Part 1

I didn't watch a lot of the World Cup, but I did see some of it and I followed the games.  Not only is Robert a soccer fan (and ex-high school varsity player, a fact which draws me up short whenever I think of it, since he doesn't have that ex-jock vibe that, say, my dad does) but three of the guys in my department are also ex-players and fans.  (Actually, at least one of them currently plays every week in a casual league.)

One day the guys at work were discussing the World Cup before a meeting (this happened before every meeting during the World Cup), and as they were debating the merits of Chile vs. Brazil as potential winners, I mentioned that I thought Germany should win.  Now, as you may recall, I have a strong tendency to choose long-shot teams to win tournaments on the rationale that (1) it would be cool and (2) there's no point in backing a likely winner.

So now I can say, Yes, it was cool for Germany to win and for me to be in the rare position of having called one of these things right.  I even watched the game...while hand-hemming 3 pairs of pants.  I know, it took me like an hour to do each pair--getting these professionally done seems a bit like a bargain when you take your time into account--but I was watching the game anyway, so I feel like it was worth it.  And now I finally have grey pants to wear!

A Pair of Pants I Did Not Hem -- Monday, 7/14/14

When I tried these pants on again to decide how much to hem them, I realized that as long as I wore them with this pair of brown wedges, they were a reasonable length already.  Since I would probably wearing them with these shoes 90% of the time anyway, that seemed good enough for me to move them out of the hem pile and into the wear pile immediately.

I enjoyed wearing this shirt--with its black and brown/beige colors in the print that are characteristic of this line of shirts I bought at Kohls--with brown instead of the more expected (for me) black pants.

*Beige-brown pants (Kohls)
*Blue/brown/white shirt (Kohls)
Blue-green cardigan (Macy's)
Brown wedges (thrifted)
Light blue necklace (Jones New York)

A Pair of Pants I Did Hem -- Tuesday, 7/15/14

The weather turned a bit warmer than I expected, so I changed this outfit up at the last minute to go jacketless.  With a pair of legitimately grey pants in hand, it seemed like a good time to play more with radiant orchid.

*Grey Rafaella 5-pocket pants
*White/"radiant orchid" striped shirt (thrifted)--this "ironless" shirt by Eddie Bauer is amazingly ironless, even when hung to dry; I was impressed
Orchid flats (Born)
Grey "planet" necklace (Macy's)

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Warm Week in Snow City: Part 2

Meow -- Thursday, 7/10/14

I really loved how this outfit came together.  Something about the beige jacket, black pants, and beige with black toe-cap shoes combination makes me really happy.  It feels so smart and put together.  Add to this an unusual animal print top with both beige and black in the pattern and what's not to like?

I was initially stumped when it came to picking a necklace for this outfit, but after considering and rejecting several candidates, I decided on this "planet" necklace in a combination of dark and light neutrals.  (What I really wanted was a gold chain necklace, which I did not have....at the time.  I have gotten one since then.)

*Purple/beige animal print blouse (Macy's)--another sister to the Anne Klein blouse I bought for my interviews
*Beige knit jacket (Nordstrom)--my love for this style continues unabated; I have 3 of them now
Black pants (thrifted)
Beige toe-cap flats (Clark's brand)
Mixed neutrals "planet" necklace (Kohls?)

Casual Friday Number Crunching Barbie -- Friday, 7/11/14

It's Friday and I'm not wearing a denim skirt or black ankle pants, nor have I succumbed to the temptation to wear jeans.  The two pairs of bright colored Dockers that I ordered online from the Dockers site (since apparently this style/color combo was not available from anyone else I could find, weird) are going to be adding a welcome mix-up to Fridays this summer.  (Writing this makes me realize, Oh crap, I've slipped in my old Texas mindset in which summer is a thing that lasts forever, but really, it's only a matter of weeks, not months, now.)

I still don't see myself as a hot pink kind of person, but the evidence of the outfits on this blog demonstrates otherwise.  My preference for hot pink is revealed in all its bright, happy glory.  Bright pink pants?  Gold slippers?  I can't tell if this is more Barbie doll or Disney princess.  Whichever one spends more time using SPSS and Excel, I guess.

*Pink/white striped drapeneck top (Lands End)
*Hot pink pants (Dockers)
Pink necklace (Outfit Additions)
Gold flats
Off-white knit cardigan (Kohls)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Warm Week in Snow City: Part 1

Will I Ever Tire of This Formula? -- Monday, 7/7/14

No signs of it happening any time soon.

Coral/white/black shirt (Kohls)
Black Dockers (thrifted)
Black Lifestrides flats
*Coral swag necklace (Kohls)

I like the "fill in the v-neck and add texture" quality of this new necklace.

3 Month Anniversary -- Tuesday, 7/8/14

Woo, three months at my new job!  And they went so fast.  I took the afternoon off from work to celebrate--well, no, actually, to go to the dentist.  But as I recounted here, it was a great day for a walk and I had good news from the dentist, so all was good.

I had initially wanted to wear this shirt with a pair of grey pants, but since my grey pants remained in a pile waiting to be hemmed, I turned to the white/black microcheck pants that look grey from a distance.  I think I liked the subtle pattern in the pants better than a solid grey with this top.  Better styling through laziness.

*Magenta pleated blouse (thrifted)
Black/white microcheck pants (thrifted)
Grey flats
Grey big-bead necklace (Macy's)

Midweek Blues -- Wednesday, 7/9/14

Over the weekend, we went to Kohl's for me to return some necklaces that I didn't like, and I bought this blue sort-of tie-dye-looking scarf with the money I'd earned back from my recent purchases.  I don't prefer buying an infinity scarf to a regular scarf (since the latter allows for more variability in styling and can be easily tied into a fauxfinity scarf) but I just adored the print on this one.

*Cobalt blouse (Kohls)
*Blue tie-dye scarf (Kohls)
Navy pants (Kohls)
Light blue flats (Nordstrom)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Independence Week: Part 2

Independence Eve -- Thursday, 7/3/14

Of course I had to do red, white, and blue for the 3rd of July, my last work day before the holiday.

Red mixed media blouse (Nordstrom)
White knit jacket (Nordstrom)
*Navy pants (Kohls)--Dockers brand but not a 100% cotton fabrication; they're more like typical wear-to-the-office pants than I think of Dockers as being
Blue pointy-toed flats
*Silver with red ribbon necklace (Kohls)

Independence Day -- Friday, 7/4/14

Welcome to July 4 in Snow City, where you can comfortably wear jeans, a t-shirt, and a t-shirt weight cardigan to watch the fireworks.  For some reason, I found the fireworks kind of scary this year, and spent the whole time with my arm tucked into Robert's arm and my body increasingly huddled against his. 

We saw a few dogs down at the river with their humans for the fireworks, including a King Charles spaniel. I took comfort in thinking that the dogs were probably scared of the loud bangs, too.

Otherwise, it was a super lazy day of sleeping in, crossword puzzles, computer games, and the usual weekend stuff.

White T-shirt (Amber Sun brand--I think from Macy's)
Blue T-shirt cardigan (Lands End)
Red bubble necklace (Outfit Additions)
Blue jeans
*Red plaid slip-on sneakers from my mom

Haircut Outing -- Saturday, 7/5/14

I finally went to get my hair cut.  See, you can tell it must be above my shoulders now, right?  I guess it takes a three day weekend for me to feel like I have the energy to do something this strenuous.  It was a warmer, no jacket kind of day, and I felt seasonally appropriate with a flower necklace.

If I recall correctly, this was the day Robert and I drove past a small farmer's market/produce stand and saw a rabbit sitting in and eating the grass.  We were able to find a good vantage spot to watch the bunny for a while before he headed off into a bushy zone.  A bunny day is a good day.

* Black and white flower necklace (Kohls)

Keeping That Color Combination Going -- Sunday, 7/6/14

I celebrated the last day of the long weekend with more red, white, and blue.  I like the versatility of this ponte jacket I bought at Target -- it is soft, comfy, and casual enough to wear with jeans and plaid sneaks even though I got it as a work item.  I spent a lot of the day curled up in my chair next to the A/C vent, so a top layer was quite welcome.

This outfit was brought to you in large part by my mom.  Thanks, Mom!

*White/navy flower t-shirt from my mom
Navy ponte jacket (Target)
Blue jeans
Red plaid slip-on sneakers from my mom

Friday, July 18, 2014

Independence Week: Part 1

I prefer to pepper these outfit posts with comments about my day, but I feel a million years removed from the end of June and have no idea what was going on around then....other than the fact that I was getting dressed and going to work, so I guess that's good.

Oh!  Speaking of peppers...I've been eating the most monkey-simple to prepare roasted vegetables this week.  Grocery stores (well, Wal-Mart and Trader Joe's I know for sure and I'm guessing others) sell packaged veggie kabobs in the produce section ready for summer grilling.  Those of us without grills can slide the pieces off the kabob, oil up, and roast in the oven.  Mmmmmm.  It's so good that this week I have substituted the veg for my after-dinner dark chocolate serving.  I mean, seriously, that must be good.  (Don't worry!  I still eat dark chocolate after lunch at work, so I'm doing my part to keep Lindt in business.)

Easy Kitty -- Monday, 6/30/14

This is the most basic outfit I've worn in a long time.  Not even a necklace.  But with a leopard print blouse, it's not boring.

These warm summer days when you don't need socks, a jacket, anything like that -- it's so easy it feels almost like cheating.  Luckily it's not been so hot that I'm trying to figure out how to make a cotton sundress look business-casual appropriate without adding layers.  (I also am totally leaving the wearing of cotton crop pants and sandals to other people.  I see people coming to my workplace dressed this way -- though no one in my department -- and I think: Why?  It's 70 degrees today.)

*Short-sleeved leopard print blouse (Kohls)
*Black linen pants (thrifted) -- these are lined and super-nice
Black mary janes

Another Example of a Simple Formula -- Tuesday, 7/1/14

Black pants and a shirt with black in the pattern, add black shoes, add pearls.  Done.

*Blue/white knit long-sleeved shirt (thrifted)
Black pants (thrifted)
Black pointy-toed flats
Single strand of pearls (Macy's)

An Outfit Not Based on the Formula -- Wednesday, 7/2/14

I got a little more complicated with this outfit, eschewing black and patterned pieces both.  It was cool enough to justify a jacket, which was a nice change.  I was inspired (in a vague way) to mix this bright blue-green blouse with the toned-down neutral jacket after seeing this woman's neon and neutral outfit.  This type of contrast is not something I would normally gravitate toward, but I liked it.  However, I expect that we'll next see this bright top worn with other brights...or, you know, black.  Or both.

*Blue-green shift blouse (Nordstrom)
Dark 'denim' pants (Kohls)
Grey leopard wedges
Grey ponte jacket (Target)
Grey/black bead necklace by RB

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Is This Summer?: Part 2

A Nervous Data Cruncher -- Thursday, 6/26/14

I wore this simple, comfortable outfit on the day that was second only to my very first day at my new job in degree of nervous anticipation -- it was the day I was set to work on a fresh set of important, highly visible data, with another person, under timelines that were not stressful, but were not relaxed either.  Everything turned out fine in terms of producing the reports (though the results themselves were not wonderful -- though not unexpectedly bad either). 

I actually rarely feel anxious about an upcoming day at work.  I'm pretty much a behind-the-scenes number cruncher at this point, so I don't have many awkward meetings or stressful presentations or whatever.  The number of emergency requests with a lot of urgency are relatively few.  This week, for example, has been great because my boss (who is on vacation) left me with marching orders to update/revamp some reports -- it's a nice combination of interesting/challenging enough to keep me engaged while not too stressful.  It's been relaxing somehow (if tiring, as work continues to be for me even after 3 months).

I spent the day working in my colleague's office, which gets warmer than mine in the afternoon, allowing me to answer this post's title with "Yes, yes it is."

*Red striped button-up shirt (thrifted)
Black Dockers pants (thrifted)
Leopard pointy-toed flats from Nordstrom
Seed pearl necklace by RB

Radiant Orchid -- Friday, 6/27/14

"Radiant Orchid" is the Pantone color of 2014.  Whatever the hell that means.  In my case it means, Hey, these shoes that I bought last year are totally cool now.

Also, this shirt.  Man.  It fits like it was made for me.  I wish I could buy it in a dozen different colors/patterns - I would be good to go for the summer.  I bought it while I was thrifting with my mom and her sister at Christmas.  It was not an 88 cent item, but it was worth well more than the $5 or so I spent on it.

Radiant orchid and plaid -- what more does a person need for a Friday of data crunching?  A denim skirt, naturally, but you know I've got that covered.

*Purple plaid shirt (thrifted)
Denim skirt (thrifted)
Silver pendant (thrifted)
"Radiant orchid" flats by Born

I'm enjoying this simple pendant as an understated necklace to wear with a v-neck shirt.  I love the look of longer pendants, station necklaces, etc., on smaller-chested women, but since that length does not work so well on me, I like having this low-flash necklace that nevertheless seems to complete an outfit for me.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Is This Summer?: Part 1

Summery Yellow Shoes -- Monday, 6/23/14

Summer has officially arrived but I'm still wearing a long-sleeved shirt.

*Black/blue/yellow floral shirt with banded hem (thrifted) -- this was the shirt I had planned to wear with the black ankle pants before realizing the issue I was having with the low rise on those pants.  Well, they worked fine here.
Black 5-pocket pants from Rafaella
Yellow flats
Light blue double-strand necklace from Kohls

Tuesday Blues -- Tuesday, 6/24/14

This blue sleeveless dress is just about as short as I'm willing to go without tights.  I felt a bit like I was doing the infamous RB compensatory dressing technique of extra warmth on top with bare legs, although the classic RB style involves doing this in Texas winters, not Snow City summers.

*Light blue knit dress from Kohls
Blue polka dot knit jacket from Target
Blue pointy-toed flats
Blue sparkly necklace

Statement Flower Jacket -- Wednesday, 6/25/14

Another June day, another jacket worn to work.  This jacket has a lot of oomph.  And this is weird, but my cursor has totally disappeared.  Okay...

*White/grey floral blazer from Coldwater Creek (got a great deal on it)
*Green silk short-sleeved sweater from Jones New York (weird but I own almost no green)
Black pencil skirt (thrifted)
Grey leopard wedges
Grey big-ball necklace from Macy's