Thursday, December 18, 2014

Revise and Resubmit

The paper from my first year project at My Masters University continues to wend its way through the review process.  We have a "revise and resubmit" without the need for additional studies -- just revisions to the discussion section, etc., to clarify what the hell we're getting at -- which is pretty much a totally great place for us to be with it. 

After I got off the phone with my parents earlier, I thought I'd come down, check my email real quick (delete the 50 buy-now-get-by-Christmas sales spiels), and play some Oblivion before bedtime, but instead I found the good news in an email from my advisor, so I spent the time reading and making comments on our current draft manuscript.  (I wanted to get something back to my co-authors right away so they can continue working away over the winter break.)  So, yeah, instead of playing a computer game, I was engaging in meta-metacognition (thinking about "thinking about thinking," which is what the paper is, at heart, about).  I still love that research, and think the findings were totally cool, but after a long day at work, hell, a long week at work....well, to quote my most commonly used Thieves Guild fence in Bruma, "I'm glad that's done.  I need a nap."

You know what else I need?  A vacation.  I started my job at the beginning of April and have taken a grand total of ONE (1) vacation day.  I am looking forward to starting a nice, long two week vacation this weekend!  Woo hoo, people. 

Over this winter break, Robert and I are going to be as happy as two rabbits with an abundance of carrot, if not as absolutely adorable. 

Throwback Thursday:  The World's Best Bunnies Chow DOWN with Joy

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

World's Easiest Refashion

Day 26: Be Resourceful -- Monday, 12/8/14

Yep, this was one of the easiest refashions ever.  I liked a teal knit jacket I found at Goodwill but the huge plastic buttons looked odd and dated to me.  But instead of closing the jacket with buttonholes in the jacket fabric, there were fabric loops that stuck out along the edge of the jacket that went around the buttons.  (I forgot to take a before photo, and struck out finding a similar photo on the Internet, so I have to hope that description makes sense.)  I bought the jacket, and when I got home, I cut the fabric loops off and removed the buttons in about five minutes.  Viola!

I liked the opportunity to wear this new (thrifted) black/white microcheck skirt.  I love these tiny black/white patterns that look vaguely grey at a distance but with such texture and depth -- and that up close, have a "softened" black appearance that lends itself really well to subtle pattern mixing.  For example, with a floral scarf.

And I wore one of my newly rediscovered Walmart long-sleeved knit shirts with it -- another way to be resourceful.  

Be Resourceful summary:
- Thrifting items
- Refashioning items
- Shopping my closet

Black long-sleeved T (Walmart)
*Teal ribbed knit jacket (thrifted, Coldwater Creek, refashioned)
*Black microcheck skirt (thrifted, Banana Republic)
Black leggings
Tall black boots by Fitzwell
Teal/blue floral scarf (Target)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Green Leopards Live in the Forest

Living the Green -- Sunday, 12/7/14

One of the benefits to our ridiculously warm apartment is that on the weekends, when our neighbors are home blasting their heaters, I can often get away with wearing a single layer of clothing.  And a scarf.  Because: scarf.

In addition to silly lapin swag, I also ordered myself some new long-sleeved knit shirts from Kohls and Macy's for my birthday.  I have often bought Lands End, but for some reason, they didn't have the colors I wanted in my preferred style from them.  But luckily, Kohls and Macy's came through with some thick knit T-shirts in a range of colors.  (I love the thin, lightweight knits made with modal fabric for sleeping in, but have a strong preference for thick knits for normal shirts -- I like the added structure that the thicker knits offer.)

Today I'm wearing the "spruce night" shade of this v-necked Karen Scott shirt from Macy's.   I bought a size large and it fit well.  Oddly, I also bought what I thought was the same shirt from the description, only with a scoop neck, and it was a tad too small.  (I bought two Vs and two scoops, and both Vs fit and both scoops were too small -- due to this inconsistency, I assume it's something to do with the actual styles themselves and not that the shirts were different only because of sloppy sizing a la Old Navy.)  For $10.98 minus whatever amount the sale is on any given day at Macy's (never shop at Macy's without looking for a coupon/sales code), I can recommend it.

Also, in the process of trying on clothes to find things to donate to Goodwill prior to our move next month, I found that I have several old long-sleeved Walmart knit shirts that I thought were too small and/or clingy and/or old and worn out to wear by themselves that actually look just fine.  Two cheers for shopping the closet.  Better yet, I did not duplicate the colors of the old shirts when I bought the new ones.  Perhaps at some level, I remembered that I had red, maroon, and blue long-sleeved T-shirts, even though I hadn't been wearing them.  Sometimes keeping old stuff in your closet screws you up because you have a mental check mark next to Clothing Item X and don't buy another one, but when you want to wear X, you look at it and remember, Oh yeah, this item isn't workable after all.  But in this case, my laziness about going through my closet might have helped me.  Of course, better still is being conscientious about trying on the clothes from your closet regularly so you remember what you have and how it fits.  I could have been wearing that blue shirt all along!

*Forest green long-sleeved T (Macy's)
Green leopard scarf (thrifted)
Bootcut jeans (thrifted, Target)
Light brown ankle boots by Easy Spirit

Sunday, December 14, 2014

In Which I Embrace a Trend Unexpectedly

Feeling French -- Saturday, 12/6/14

It absolutely boggles my mind, the ubiquity of French-themed "fashion" T-shirts in the US marketplace.  I don't mean tourist souvenir type T-shirts, but trendy T-shirts for daily wear.  It's like, French women are famously fashionable, so let's all wear a shirt with the Eiffel Tower on it...

...or some French words...

or hell yeah, a drawing of a fashionable French woman (who is not wearing a French-themed T-shirt, mai oui).  Indeed, the skinny French woman design has risen to the level of plus-size fashion trope.  (I have tried so hard several times to re-find the hilarious website where I read about plus-size fashion cliches but can't. Boo!)

I am distinctly not a fan of the weird stand-alone word(s) on clothing thing, whether it's the obnoxious Pink/Juicy/etc. sweatpants ass or the slightly more grown up "mood" words on shirts and sweaters.

It probably doesn't help that an accurate mood shirt for me would spend 80% of the time declaring: No Fucking Way, What Fresh Hell?, or Hulk Smash.  About 15% of the time, it would read: BUNNIES! LOVE!

But when I was perusing the 25% off Style & Co. clothing sale at on Thanksgiving, I found the perfect French themed shirt.  No, it did not say "MERDE."  It said:

Yep, a disapproving lop in a beret.  For $8.50.  No words needed, French or otherwise -- that grumpy face transcends verbal language.

Now they just need to complete their "rabbits in hats" clothing line.  May I suggest a Rhinelander in a Tyrolean hat?  A rex in a fedora?  A Dutch in one of those silly white bonnets?  A Xmas themed disapproving rabbit in a Santa hat, with optional wording: "Bah, humbun"?

*Beret bunny T-shirt (Macy's)
Navy cardigan (Kohls)
Bootcut jeans (thrifted, Target)
Grey ankle boots by Seychelles

Thursday, December 11, 2014

In the Navy (Boots)

Day 23: Buttoned Up Statement -- Friday, 12/5/14

What the hell is going on with 5 day work weeks?  I was perfectly content working 3 days the previous week.  This 5 day week thing is just tough!  I guess it's good that I'm so close to taking my Christmas vacation and not going to work at all for two weeks straight.

When I saw that this challenge called for a statement necklace (worn on top of a button up shirt), I immediately picked the blue and green and pearly one from Target that I've only worn once so far but totally love.  The rest of the outfit was obvious from there.  The only question was whether to wear denim trousers or a denim skirt for a Friday outfit, and because my denim skirt hasn't seen any love this winter, I went that route.  All the better to show off my pretty navy boots, my dear!

*Light blue button up shirt (thrifted, Kohls)
Blue polka dot blazer (Target)
Denim skirt (thrifted)
Navy leggings
Navy ankle boots by Seychelles
Blue/green/pearl necklace (Target)

Verdict:  I think this outfit....wait, have I got this right?  I went five days in a row, in the Snow City winter, without wearing a scarf to work?  (Technically, I did wear a scarf to work, and home from work also -- a black fleece scarf from Lands End to match the fleece hat and gloves I've been wearing with my excellent super-long 100% wool vintage coat that I just realized last week has a velvet collar, so pretty).  Is this a sign of the apocalypse?  Or global warming?   Or a natural consequence of wearing so many shirts with collars that I want to show?  Next week has got to be all about the scarves, people.  Of course, it'll probably be like 50 degrees next week, but that's OK, I've demonstrated that I'm happy to wear a scarf in warm weather, too.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Whistler's Rabbit

Jess at Animated Cardigan is awesome, and I am grateful to her this week for this post.  Art, bunnies, and Christmas -- an irresistible combination.

Monday, December 8, 2014

These Boots are Not Particularly Made For Walking But Whatever

Personal Style Challenge: Feminine + Masculine Revisited, with Mom Inspired Olive + Pink -- Thursday, 12/4/14

Whew.  OK, that was a challenging challenge name.

This week I was all over the button up (up! up, I tell you!) shirt with wool pullover sweater idea, but I controlled myself and only wore two variants on the theme -- and made them into two personal style challenges because this combination was not part of the 31 Days, 31 Ways challenge (although a similar challenge was, as you will see in Friday's outfit).  Over the weekend, I'd been looking at the weather forecast -- no snow, but cold -- with a bit of dread and something about a wool pullover seemed more appealing than a cardigan.  (Perhaps that something is the fact that it automatically covers the entire front of your body with a layer of wool?)

I think I've only worn this particular sweater once, and the outfit was a total fail for me -- too dowdy and blah.  This time, I decided to wear it with my recently purchased olive pants (the sweater has olive stripes) but the overall look, while much better than the other one, was still very dark and unexciting.  Then I remembered Mom's suggestion that olive and pink are a great combination and put a pink button up shirt underneath.  Add a sparkly pink necklace for extra girly brightness and the drabness is defeated!  (My new maroon ankle boots have also supplanted the middle-aged-looking loafers I wore last time -- those were a thrift store purchase that is going back to the thrift store for a new owner who does not need modern kicks to escape complete frump-out...or who enjoys pairing modern ensembles with old-fashioned shoes...or who flat out embraces the frump for that matter).

Pink button up shirt (thrifted, Liz Claiborne)
Maroon/grey/olive striped wool sweater (thrifted, Target)
Olive pants (thrifted, Coldwater Creek)
Maroon ankle boots by Dolce Vita
Pink "floral" necklace (Target)

Verdict:  Yes, this sweater can be saved!  Also, these boots are the bomb.  I really liked wearing them with the wide leg pants.

I'm not sure why the reviews -- all four of them, so beware small sample size -- are so split between the love 'em and hate 'em crowds.  Maybe the taupe is not as nice looking as the eggplant?  I agree that they don't have a lot of cushioning, so I wouldn't wear them to walk any distance, but they're very comfortable for wearing at work.

My review: "I spent all day at work sitting on my ass, working in SPSS and Excel on my computer, and my feet were perfectly content to rest there, looking awesome, in these boots.  Occasionally I walked for a minute to the bathroom and back, and my feet were cool with that.  Then I changed into snow boots to walk out to my car and drive home.  I got home, put these boots back on, and sat in my comfy chair while my Eggman cooked me scrambled eggs and brought them to me to eat.  After dinner, I sat at my computer all evening playing games and writing blog posts, and my feet were like, Rock on, man.  I thought about wearing the boots to bed but realized -- oh my god, how ridiculous, my feet will get way too hot wearing boots under my blankets!  So I didn't.  And my feet thanked me for it by not getting all sweaty and gross."