Monday, November 21, 2016

Shellder From the Storm

"With a Layer of Mint"--Monday, 11/21/16

In a post from last December, Jess featured an outfit in various shades of grey, including a leopard print.  I used this as a starting point for wearing my grey leopard top.


Grey leopard top + dark grey skirt + grey polka dot tights + light grey boots.  I have a lot of grey going on here.

Grey leopard long-sleeved knit top (JNY), $5.10/wear
Dark grey skirt (Walmart), $3.00/wear
Grey polka dot tights
Grey ankle boots by Seychelles, $6.67/wear
Mint cardigan (Lands End), $2.19/wear
Grey/rust/green floral infinity scarf (thrifted), $2.33/wear

Outfit total: $19.29/wear

But I wasn't feeling the full-on monochrome look, so I perked things up a bit with a dose of (relatively subdued) mint and a dark floral scarf.  Mint is a spring color to me (and I think to America at large) but combined with the darker tones, I thought it worked pretty well for fall.  And of course adding in the pattern mixing of leopard + floral made this outfit more Sally-ified.  For those keeping track at home, yes, I did just wear this scarf on Friday!  But the differing contexts gives it a very different feel, in my opinion.

While we were out playing Pokemon Go yesterday, I noticed that the flower bed at the corner of the apartment building (shown below) had been taken out and replaced with evergreen-ery and red stuff.  While it might feel a bit early for festive Christmas plantings, it's very well timed given that we are expecting 3-5" OF ICE PELLETS tomorrow...that whole freezing rain/ice/snow "wintry mix" mastiness.

This bun is pausing to consider how bad 3-5" of ice/snow sounds.  He doesn't like it, even if he is a Himalayan breed of rabbit!

In other news...Readers with an interest in weird visual art things, check out how this blogger breaks down her experience viewing the (previously unfamiliar to me) Jeff Koons piece "Christ and the Lamb."  Whoa.

Tonight we took a Pokemon walk and encountered a little band of Shellder (hence the blog title for those who do not speak Pokemon).  It was a few degrees warmer than yesterday but with a little bit of wind so it felt colder.  Tech gloves are still da bomb.

If the weather is as bad tomorrow as is forecast, I don't think I will go to work.  I called Robert when I got home to remind him to bring home his computer so he can run his daily report that goes out to his company's leadership every morning by 9 a.m. and work from home all day if necessary...then I realized that I'd left my own computer at work.  (I almost never bring mine home so I'm not really surprised I forgot.  I have the additional challenge that my office mate talks to me while I'm getting my stuff packed up 95% of the time so I'm a little distracted.)

But I can access my email from my home computer, and I have a big file of survey data there.  The program manager for a grant I am working on asked me if I could analyze the data if she sent me the file and I was like, Sure.  I got the zip file from her yesterday and opened it...and it contained about a dozen different files (one for each of several events they got feedback on)...each one of which is a PDF of scanned paper surveys.  Um, I was expecting something like an Excel file or files, you know?

So now I have a big, undesirable data entry job ahead of me, which I immediately put somewhere down low on the to-do list.  But with a day possibly stuck at home without my work computer, entering a bunch of survey data into an Excel file for my future self seems like a pretty decent use of my time.  I figure I can get that yucky job out of the way and then just take personal time (of which I still have a good amount, even with an upcoming 2 week vacation for Christmas) for the remainder of the day.

Of course, if the weather is bad enough, work could get canceled, but that hasn't happened since I've lived here.  But hey, I also haven't looked at a weather forecast here that scared me before.  We just don't get the hellish precipitation with temperatures bouncing around above and below freezing very often.  And I have an entirely rational fear of driving on ice.  The little bit of driving on ice I've seen in Snow City/Coldville does NOT suggest that people up here are better than their southern counterparts at driving on ice.  Even with my short commute, I'm feeling trepidation at the prospect of being out in that.  Well, we'll see how it looks in the morning.


Jen M. said...

I forget what it's like to have work/school closed for weather. It's been a while. I am already planning to WFH tomorrow so I was sure to bring my laptop (which I always do) and my pump (which sometimes stays at work). In other news I decided it was cool enough to wear a light jacket this morning 😂 I always wear a jacket for our evening walks and have started adding a hat just to be extra cozy... We might go to Tahoe at some point over the Xmas break to see snow.

Sally said...

Well it is a relief to know that light jacket weather has finally hit you. ;)

God, I still remember visiting Robert's mom at Christmas and walking around the nature center in 80+ F temperatures. It may be colder/snowier here than it needs to be to hit the Hallmark Christmas card target but at least we aren't sweating in short sleeves and shorts in late December.