Saturday, November 5, 2016

Faceless Pumpkin

"Complimentary Colors"--Saturday, 11/5/16

This fall transition teacher outfit from last August looked like a good way to bring one of my Disney Alice sleeveless tops along deeper into the season.  She recommended wearing a shirt with sleeves under the cardigan so you can remove it at work and still be appropriate (a good point) but for my weekend wear, that doesn't matter.


The light blue and coral colors against the black/grey background of this outfit gets me where I live.  I was wondering why this combination is so pleasing and then, duh, of course--they are complementary colors on the color wheel.  How could I forget?

Light blue Hatter tank (Disney Alice/Kohls), $6.00/wear
Black/grey striped cardigan (Kohls), $1.38/wear
Black skinny jeans (thrifted, YMI), $0.75/wear
Grey leopard flats by Fergilicious, $0.56/wear
Coral lace infinity scarf (Walmart), $1.03/wear

Outfit total: $9.72/wear

Note that my outfit name was not a typo--complementary colors this pretty deserve to be called complimentary.

But I will reserve some compliments for this little Polish rabbit who has done such an outstanding job cleaning up her cage.

In other news...This morning after sleeping in past 9 a.m., we had French toast and bacon for breakfast.  Then I spent quite a bit of time with outfit planning and photographing.  After dinner, we went for a Pokemon Go walk along the river and figured out a plan for evolving some of our Pokemon (i.e., turning them into higher level Pokemon) tomorrow on our library/Pokemon park outing.

After reading Faceless Killers in the Kurt Wallander series a couple weeks ago, I decided I would read the rest of them in their chronological order of the events rather than the order in which they're published.  With series that jump around in time like this one, it's always hard to know which is the better approach.  This weekend, I finished the four stories published with the book The Pyramid (the last book of the series to be published) that take place prior to the events of Faceless Killers.  (I skipped reading The Pyramid itself for now because the events occur after all the other books.) 

Is anyone getting excited about Thanksgiving?  Robert and I always stay home for the long weekend because air travel on the busiest days of the year is an act of masochism.  We haven't discussed what we plan to do for our celebratory meal but I am 95% sure it will involve me making pumpkin cheesecake.  Mmmmmmm.


Jen M. said...

Omg your description of your day just hit me how different life is now. I woke up at 7 and let the baby crawl over us for a while kind of hoping he'd go back to sleep. (He didn't) Usually we get up and out early so I can go to dance (and baby gets some Daddy time at the park) but we took it easy knowing that we'd be busy this afternoon with my dance film screening. But there generally is no such thing as sleeping in. I'm wondering why I'm still awake now and it's not even 10pm yet.

Sally said...

Hah, yes, the contrast is striking. What's sad is how infrequently I do sleep in, given that there is no external reason not to!