Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dots Loved and Despised

"Black Blue Sparkle Overlord"--Tuesday, 11/1/16

Nobody, and I mean nobody, does big-ass statement necklaces for the workplace like Alecz.  She owns it.  Today's inspiration photo features a black polka dot top, solid pencil skirt, and a wowzer of a statement necklace.

From forsevenseasons.wordpress.com

Let's put this combination through the Sallinator and see what comes out the other side.

Cobalt blue skirt (eShakti), $5.00/wear
Long-sleeved black polka dot top (Kohls), $1.21/wear
Black open weave cardigan vest (Kohls), $1.23/wear
Blue/crystal bib necklace (Baublebar), $6.50/wear
Black tights
Blue/black sparkly flats (Target), $0.75/wear

Outfit total: $14.69/wear

Longer, more layered, and with a brighter, primary color, but a not-distant variant on the original.  (And yes, I ended up adding tights to this outfit, which I delayed wearing past the point of no return, bare-legs-wise.)

Today I stand in sartorial solidarity with this skinny English Spot.

In other news...Is Death of a Lovable Geek a cozy mystery or a horror novel?  I suppose it depends on how you reaction to paragraphs like:

Froggy let me look at mushroom spores through the binocular scope.  He showed me some dormant fern spores, and some others that he had germinated in a Petri dish by keeping them moist for a few days.  These, he called fern gametophytes.  The spores, he explained, came out of those dots you find on the undersides of fern leaves.

NOOOOO!!!!  Ugh.  Thankfully, Froggy dies right away in this book, sparing any more description of the disturbing things to be discovered on the underside of fern leaves.

I loved Jennie's Mad Hatter costume from a couple years ago--well, this year she did an awesome Queen of Hearts (with a homemade costume!).

Robert and I played Pokemon Go after work again--it's going to be sad when we fall back this weekend and lose all the after work light.


Mom said...

I take it that you can't play Pokémon Go in the dark?

Sally said...

Technically, we can play in the dark. But there is a limit to how far afield from the apartment we want to wander when it's dark. For example, the route that we traveled today (along the river) is well-traveled for a portion of it, but gets a bit deserted once you get past all the apartment/condo buildings. We'll have to see. We can probably pop out to play for a bit, but not to combine Pokemon with our evening exercise, if that makes sense. Oh well, we've gotten behind on our Netflix lately so it'll be nice to stay in and watch some TV while we exercise.

Jen M. said...

We have already had to shorten our evening walks (we won't go on the park trail when it's dark out, for fear of wild critters as much as anything) and include a flashlight for Audrey. Kind of can't wait for Xmas lights to go up just for the extra lighting!

Sally said...

Hah, good point re: xmas lighting! It's tough living so far north--the winter days are just too short.