Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Death of a Mad Bastard

"The Purple Mint Vest Overlord"--Tuesday, 11/15/16

Looking for outfit inspiration for my mint cardigan vest, I came across this interesting mint + purple combination.  With the purchase of a purple skirt last fall/winter, I was in business.

From chictopia.com

I vacillated a bit on what color of shirt to wear under the mint top, but I decided to go with white since I had bought a scarf this summer with mint, purple, and white in it that could tie the colors together.

Mint cardigan vest (Kohls), $4.69/wear
Purple skirt (JCP), $3.96/wear
White long-sleeved crew neck T (Lands End), $1.50/wear
Grey tights
Grey ankle boots by Seychelles, $7.00/wear
*Purple/green/mint floral scarf (thrifted), $3.99/wear

Outfit total: $21.14/wear

This scarf is pretty but it drives me crazy!  It has the worst static cling I've ever seen.  I think you can see from this photo how instead of flowing freely, the loose ends of the scarf bunch up on themselves.  Before I wear it again, I need to try running it through the dryer with a dryer sheet and see if I can make it a little bit less stuck on itself.  Damn conceited scarves.

More purple + green goodness in this photo of wildflowers (coneflowers, perhaps?) taken on a birding outing in September.

In other news...I was able to get my work situation back under control today, thank the relevant gods. 

Then this evening Robert and I went on an after-dark Pokemon walk basically around the same block or two at our apartment (there are two Pokestops where our street intersects with the main road, so that's convenient)--the moon is still very impressively more moon-like than usual.

I also finished City of Blades (the sequel to City of Stairs--if you haven't read them, you should) tonight.  Here is an exchange that I marked to share with Robert and which I will now share with you.

"Good morning to both of you," she says.  "I'm told there was a charcoal maker in this village once."

"Was and once are the right words to use," he says.  "Mad bastard's dead."


"Oh, yes.  Mad as a hare in a collapsing tunnel.  But most charcoal makers are.  Part of the trade."

"Why's that?"

"Why?" he says, as if the question is absurd.  "Because he had to spend days awake making sure the whole forest didn't burn down.  Poor bastard had to invent himself a one-legged stool to sit on.  If he fell asleep then it's tip and he'd fall on his ass.  No surprise he murdered his wife.  I'd go mad too, if I had to stay awake that long."

The phrase mad as a hare in a collapsing tunnel is my new favorite (faux) folk expression. Also, I'm glad to have a job where no one-legged stool is necessary.

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