Friday, November 18, 2016

First Fall Snowfall

"Matching Plaids"--Friday, 11/18/16

Kate wanted to wear her new sweater one more time while it was still cool March.  Le sigh.  With the last working Friday of my "Fall" season (ending Nov 30) facing me, I liked this inspiration photo as the basis of a casual Friday work outfit.


I decided I would try layering my maroon plaid shirt with either a white/cream pullover sweater or a sweater vest.  But I had forgotten that my shirt is oversized, and it looked ridiculous with a tighter top layer.  So I improvised and brought out my trusty black cardigan vest.  This helped reign in the volume of the shirt without looking bunched up and strange.  Cardigan vest for the win.

Maroon plaid button up shirt (thrifted, Walmart), $1.50/wear
Black open weave cardigan vest (Kohls), $1.10/wear
Skinny jeans (JCP), $0.54/wear
Olive leopard flats (Nordstrom Rack), $2.72/wear
Grey/rust floral infinity scarf (thrifted), $3.50/wear

Outfit total: $9.36/wear

But two things that did work out in this outfit was wearing my olive leopard flats and my new-ish floral scarf in autumnal tones of dark grey, rust/maroon, and dark green to tie the color scheme together.  I am well pleased with the result.

Robert was helping me with a lamp in the living room while I was taking these photos, and I could not resist snapping a pic when I saw how his plaid shirt outfit coordinated with mine.  As a bonus, you can see how billowy this shirt can look--seriously, I feel very strongly that this photograph should be accompanying some "happy news," you know?  BUT I AM NOT PREGNANT, OK?!  There's not even a Chipolte burrito hiding under there.  I'm just wearing a big shirt and standing funny.


These trees have now lost their red-and-green leaves, but I'm enjoying keeping the autumn color vibe going in my outfits.

It was so nice to drive home in normal traffic tonight, even if I did have to brush slush off my car.  The day started out raining and turned to snow in the afternoon, but we've had no accumulation on the roads so far.

Right now the landline phone is ringing.  The name displayed for my caller?  "PHONE CALL."  Yep, that's useful information. I would hate to get confused and think it's a text message.

Mark Zuckerberg thinks that fake news on Facebook isn't a problem.  I think it is.


Jen M. said...

It's nice to see people wear billowy clothes when they aren't pregnant so we can be even more sneaky when we are. 😄

Also, I took a training course on interviewing today and at one point the instructor reminded everyone to *never* ask a woman if she's pregnant, even when it seems obvious and not just not when in an interview.

Love your colors too. I need to dig up some warmer layers. It's not cold cold, but getting chilly in the morning... My clothes organization is a mess. I mean, they are basically loosely folded in an IKEA bag at the moment 😂

Jen M. said...

And yes, fake news and sensational headlines. I hate ad-based revenue models ...

Sally said...

Glad to do my part to help keep people guessing (and not asking!) about potentially pregnant looking women ;)

I have to agree that your clothes organization could use some help.