Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Pumpkin Day

"Go Bold and Stay Home"--Thursday, 11/24/16

I admit that a lot of the appeal of this outfit comes from the shoes, an element that I can't even begin to replicate from my own closet.  But I could give the graphic T + blazer + jeans + fun shoes combination a try nonetheless.


See, my graphic T even has a face on it...the face of a swooning, bunny-dreaming Alice.  I loved wearing it with a red scarf that picks up that bit of color at her lips.  This colorful blazer with the black edging (a garment detail I love, as I've talked about before) was a lot of fun to wear casually on the weekend, and my matchy-matchy heart loves the flecks of blue and red in the blazer that correspond to Alice's shading.  I finished things off with blue leopard print shoes that look pretty tame and subtle in the photo but are a little bolder in real life (though almost anything will look like background when worn with this blazer).  This is one of my favorite "weekend t-shirt + workweek blazer" outfits to date.  If I were a wear, wash, repeat type of dresser, I'd be doing this one again soon.  Instead it's my own special "holiday that features eating pumpkin cheesecake in quantity" outfit.

White Alice graphic T (Disney Alice/Kohls), $3.60/wear
Bootcut jeans (thrifted, Kohls), $0.44/wear
Multi-colored tweed blazer (thrifted, Sag Harbor), $0.22/wear
Blue leopard oxfords by C Label, $1.40/wear
Red scarf (Target), $1.20/wear

Outfit total: $6.86/wear

This seemed an appropriate day to share this pic of a wild turkey that Robert encountered (and photographed with his phone) at work.

This bird appreciates people eating mostly cheesecake on Thanksgiving.

In other news...Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  Mine so far has involved lots of Pokemon Go, eating turkey/stuffing/pumpkin cheesecake, some outfit planning, and checking in on the interminable Cowboys game.  I'm hoping that there is some Pokemon Go to come before the day is over.


mom said...

Our Thanksgiving was at Ben and Samantha's house. It was so great not to have to cook the turkey, etc. and get the house ready for guests. We made mashed potatoes and deviled eggs to take. It was really a nice day.

Jen M. said...

We made everything for a classic Thanksgiving dinner. Took a shortcut and bought the pie though. But we made up for it by painting the long wall of our living room! Paxton totally helped us out by wanting to hang out in his swing while Rick finished the painting and I got all the sides ready.

Sally said...

Sounds like a yummy, enjoyable time was had by all :)