Thursday, November 3, 2016

Another Day, Another Pokemon

"Mint Pop"--Thursday, 11/3/16

In this post from January 2015, Bridgette shows how to get your winter wardrobe ready for spring by showing a winter outfit (left) and a spring outfit (right), using the same focal item.  For fall, I decided to do a version of the winter outfit using my green/blue paisley top and navy support pieces. 


I am very excited to debut this new navy pencil skirt from Walmart that I purchased to replace my previous (thrifted) one that had a somewhat uncomfortable zipper/button fastening on the side.  These long pencil skirts from Walmart are somehow perfect on me.  It was a pretty warm day by November standards, so the elbow-length top was sufficiently warm given that I had tights and boots.

Green/blue paisley drapeneck knit top (JNY), $4.17/wear
*Navy skirt (Walmart), $15.00/wear
Navy sleeveless cardigan vest (thrifted, Tommy Hilfiger), $0.29/wear
Navy tights
Navy ankle boots by Seychelles, $9.33/wear
*Light mint scarf (thrifted), $2.99/wear

Outfit total: $31.78/wear

But even though it's fall, I added a big pastel scarf.  I have a medium-teal scarf that would be my natural go-to in this season, but I wore this light mint one because it's new and I didn't want to wait for the winter/spring transition to wear it.  And clearly I don't mind going against the habit of thought that pastel colors are for spring...

...or that bunnies are only for Easter.  I assert my right to enjoy pastels (in moderation) and bunnies (to the max) all year round!

In other news...Speaking of Easter, tonight we hatched a 10 km Pokemon egg and got our most powerful Pokemon to date.  I'm going to miss the after-work Pokemon walk once the time change happens, but I am NOT going to miss being outside in the allergens every night.  I've had a gunky throat all day, and by the end of our walk this evening I could hardly swallow.  (Robert pointed out that the grass had recently been cut, which is about the worst.)  Blah.

Today my office mate and I were talking about Christmas shopping and wish lists.  I commented that it's been a long time since I've put together a wish list (since I don't exchange Christmas gifts) but that I am about the easiest person in the world to buy a gift for because I have many obsessions that I am very open about.  She said "Bunnies!"  Yep, everybody knows.

This is was an interesting opinion piece from fashion guru Tim Gunn (whom you may know from Project Runway) on the disconnect between the size of the typical American woman and the size of the clothing designers make.


Tam said...

To me (fashion-aware person that I am), that scarf is a nice color for winter since it looks like ice, and matches the color scheme of Frozen.

Sally said...

Nice connection, Tam--I'll take it!