Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Turn Around, It's a Clump of Snow on the Ground

"An Awkward Shirt"--Wednesday, 11/23/16

Last October, Whitney a la Mode included this outfit from Selah, one of her Blogging Besties buddies.  Polka dot top + dark teal skirt + white cardigan seemed like an easily re-creatable combination that I ended up using as inspiration for my cream cardigan vest.


My problem was that I hadn't thought enough about the "polka dot top" element of all this.  I was like, oh, if I'm going to wear teal, I should wear my light teal button up shirt with the dark teal polka dots, it's too perfect!  And color-wise, it really did work very well.

Light teal polka dot button up shirt (thrifted, Target), $2.62/wear
Dark teal skirt (JCP), $1.50/wear
Cream cardigan vest (Kohls), $5.87/wear
Grey leggings
Tall grey boots by LifeStride, $7.69/wear
Big dark grey ball necklace (Macy's), $1.88/wear

Outfit total: $19.56/wear

The problem was that I'd forgotten that the shirt is made from a stiff, somewhat thick cotton Oxford cloth.  It's nice enough fabric but it's not very easy to deal with at all.  Even after ironing, it wasn't very happy, but most of the wrinkles would be covered by the vest anyway.  Adjusting it to lay right under the vest was the bugbear.  The final result was OK but I would have been happier in either a knit top or a woven shirt with better drape.  I haven't gravitated toward this shirt as much as I thought I would given its marvelous color/pattern combination, and now I'm remembering why.  I've decided that this shirt has no place in my closet.  I'm increasingly impatient with wearing things that are uncomfortably stiff or have to be futzed with too much.  And while I can sometimes tell this in the store, it's not always obvious to me.  Now I need to add "thick, stiff woven fabric" to my list of warning signs. 

This past weekend at Goodwill, I found a cream faux-fur vest that Robert thought looked like something a barbarian would wear and that I called Skyrim Chic.  Then at Target, walking past the girl's clothing section, I saw at least 3 different cream faux-fur vests.  I guess faux-fur is having another moment.

This Giant Angora approves of humans wearing faux-fur (or no fur) but personally is all about the real thing.

In other news...Work today...well, if you find a quote from Duck Soup to be completely apt to a situation, that's probably a bad sign. 

We have some SQL code that runs every night, and right after our technology people upgraded the database, one of the fields stopped being populated in a table that the code creates.  The person from technology who looked into it said, This code never worked.  (Despite the fact that all kinds of people have seen the data and I even supplied an extract of the data that has the field populated.)  The person from the consulting firm that wrote the code looked into it and said, This code still works.  (Despite the fact that the field is, indeed, empty now.)  This was definitely a "Well, who you gonna believe?  Me or your own eyes?" situation.

For tonight's (~2.75 mile) Pokemon Go walk, we stuck to the sidewalks and the walking path as much as possible, and though we encountered some wet spots, there was little slush and no ice (huzzah) or any slipperiness.  We are enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday special happening through 11/30 with double experience points and double stardust.  There is also supposedly a special Pokemon to catch during this time, too, but we didn't find one tonight.  Luckily we should have a lot of Pokemon playing opportunities over the next few days to give it another try.

I just got a pumpkin cheesecake into the oven.  Mmmmmmm.

Today's post title is taken from the following Pokemon Go walk exchange:

Robert (as he activates the last Pokestop on the route we were retracing, singing):  "Turn around, turn around..."

Me (sternly):  There better not be a human skull on the ground.

Robert (continues singing):  "It's a clump of the snow on the ground."

Me:  Hey, you're right.

And if this has put you in the mood for the song, enjoy.

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