Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Well That Sucks

Let's lead with the other news.  Today is a really awful day for America.  I haven't been able to bring myself to read about the aftermath of the election or to check social media or anything.  No doubt I'll have more to say about it later, but I'm kind of talked out about it for the moment since I feel like commiserating and dissecting and grieving and blaming and all that has been what I've spent half of my day doing. (The other half was spent in user training and working in Excel.) 

For now, I'm going to finish this glass of iced green tea, wash my hair, and rewind by looking at photos of outfits and cute animals on the Internet, then go to bed and try to get a good night's sleep because we've got a tough road ahead of us.

Here is an extra bunny to help us get through.

Hiding from the news behind his giant foot.

And now a frivolous outfit post...because life goes on, and you might as well be angry and sad wearing a cute bird sweater.

"Ornithological Reference Guide"--Wednesday, 11/9/16

This "Birds of Affection" cardigan from Modcloth is just adorable, no?  And the outfit put together last October by one of their stylists is just 100% full-on fall schoolgirl yumminess.


Because I'm not a schoolgirl, I thought I'd go for a bit more traditional adult version of this kind of outfit, the librarian look, you know?  Cardigan, tweed skirt, tights, mary janes. 

Teal cardigan with yellow birds (Target), $3.75/wear
Grey short-sleeved top (Kohls), $0.38/wear
Bright pink scarf (Target), $1.71/wear
Grey tweed skirt (thrifted, Ann Taylor), $1.88/wear
Grey tights
Black mary janes by Hush Puppies, $3.95/wear

Outfit total: $11.67/wear

With a "good morning, wake up" element in the long, shockingly pink scarf (that matches the small flowers on the cardigan).  A working librarian would probably find this scarf inconvenient for activities, but it suits the sitting-all-day data analyst just fine (as long as I can, as Debbie has pointed out, keep from getting it wet in the sink).

While visiting my parents last month, Robert and I cleaned and refilled their bird bath.  As you can see, it was immediately set upon by house sparrows.  I took over a dozen photos of the sparrows, but in the end, this one--with the blur of a sparrow coming in for a landing--was my favorite.  House sparrows are considered boring birds because of how common they are, but really, I find that they are rather striking little things by sparrow standards, and it was fun to watch the waves of sparrows coming in to the bird bath for a pleasant dip.


mom said...

That is a great picture of house sparrows. They are more interesting on closer inspection than one would think.

Sally said...

Yes, they're easy to dismiss, but they're actually pretty cool.

Tam said...

We should all try to spend more time in nature over the next days/weeks (even if "nature" is the backyard). It was sort of refreshing to be outside today and notice that nothing was different.

Sally said...

Indeed. My manager's first words to us today were, "Well, the sun rose this morning."