Saturday, November 19, 2016

Some Outings

"Simple Puffin Goodness"--Saturday, 11/19/16

Huh, OK, seeing that outfit name written out, it sounds like a tagline for that healthy Puffins breakfast cereal.

Instead it's this basic sweater + skinny jeans + scarf + ballet flats weekend outfit made more fun with some animal print mixing--one whimsical pair of animal figures plus a leopard print item.

Light grey puffin pullover sweater (Loft), $14.88/wear
Black skinny jeans (thrifted, YMI), $0.66/wear
Orange flats (Payless), $0.71/wear
Grey leopard scarf (Target), $1.33/wear

Outfit total: $17.58

Seeing the cost per wear of my blue skinny jeans yesterday ($0.54) and these black jeans today ($0.71), I checked my spreadsheet--I have done a good job of not over-buying jeans.  All my jeans except for one pair are under $1 per wear (the blue skinny jeans at 54 cents are the second highest cost per wear because I bought them new).  That exception?  A pair of very long bootcut jeans that are too long for any shoes but my black wedges.  I've been meaning to hem them but it fell off my radar--perhaps it's time to do that soon.

I was wondering about the relationship between puffins and leopards, which do not share a common territory, to my knowledge, so I typed them into google together and got this lovely reverse inspiration photo.  Now that is some serious layering mojo going on.  I'm just glad that it was warm enough today to wear this sweater without layers.  But don't worry--eventual layering is inevitable.  Now if only I had an orange gingham button up shirt, I'd be in business....


Another black Dutch photo?  I know, but how could I resist featuring this most-puffin-like bunny?  I have paired the Dutch with a black Satin and photographed them using the soft filter on my camera for an extra bit of bunny dreaminess.  (Is this the mental filter Alice uses when she's swooning over rabbits?)

In other news...We went on three outings today, which is unusual for us.

First, after breakfast, we went to Goodwill, dropped off a gazillion things, and picked up a few more.  It was a very good day for quilted vests, just in time for the colder weather.

Second, after lunch (and Robert's nap), we went on a Pokemon gym trip, driving to a few places where we could take opposing gyms or train at a team gym until we could station our own Pokemon there.  We had picked up a few pairs of inexpensive "tech" gloves at Goodwill (they sometimes have new accessories there in bulk) that proved their worth right away because it was below freezing out!  (The gloves also have the desirable effect of eliminating the finger-sticking-to-the-screen problem that happens when my hand is wet/lotioned/etc.)  We had a good outing overall but it was very frustrating that there was this one gym with a single lowish-level defender that we could never get to despite all kinds of attempts to approach it from various angles because it turns out that the road is closed off in all directions.  We did find the place where the current owner of the gym moved the orange cones to drive into that area, but we weren't willing to do that, so we ended up leaving.

Third, after dinner, we and everyone else in town, went to Target to buy groceries for Thanksgiving.  I mean, it wasn't "Christmas Eve at Walmart" busy, or "Trader Joe's in New York City" busy, but it was as busy as I've seen Target.  There was this one guy wandering around the check-out lines holding a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner, totally exuding despair of his situation because even the self-check lines were long.

Also, at least three times today Robert or I walked around our apartment or the halls of our building to get the last bit of distance needed to hatch an egg or get a candy from our buddy in Pokemon Go.  The game continues to be a good thing for our daily step counts.

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