Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Lot of Pokemon

"Boots of Bad Ass"--Sunday, 11/13/16

This simple combination has an enduring perfection--striped dress, cardigan, patterned scarf, ankle boots.


My version was off the mark because of the weird way that the dress hits my above my natural waist.  It's not an empire waist, which I could at least understand--it's just super, super high-waisted.  When I was being fitted for bras at Nordstrom last time, the sales associate commented that I have both a high waist (i.e., waist close to the bust line) and a long rise (i.e., a long space between my waist and the tops of my legs), so a dress that's high-waisted seems like a good idea for me.  But...somehow not this one.  Perhaps the (very cool) stripes that shift direction at the waist makes this too-high waist more obvious that it would otherwise be.  I don't know.  It's interesting that I am increasingly finding it hard to fit into dresses, when in my (long-ago) youth, dresses were my go-to option, at least for work.

Black and white striped sleeveless dress (Target), $5.60/wear
Blue t-shirt cardigan (Lands End), $4.29/wear
Black/blue/orange floral/brushstroke infinity scarf (Kohls), $2.23/wear
Black tights
Black ankle boots by Sam Edelman, $2.69/wear

Outfit total: $14.81/wear

Here, let's look at it from an angle where that funky waist thing isn't noticeable and focus on how UTTERLY WONDERFUL this color combination is.  Also, it's hard for me to dislike an outfit with these boots because they give me a +10 to Bad Ass when I wear them.

To match the orange-red color of the scarf, here is a row of fiery trees outside my apartment complex.

In other news...I enjoyed this series of 24 photos to remind us that things aren't completely awful.

We went out on another Pokemon walk/park visit after breakfast...that was supplemented by 2 shorter jaunts later on (one to use the last 8 minutes of a Lucky Egg we hatched for an evolution session and one to get the last 0.2 km on 3 eggs to hatch).  

Did you see that huge, bright full "supermoon" tonight?  It is the largest, brightest full moon in 68 years.  If you haven't been outside to see it yet, you should!

I watched the last 2:00 of the Cowboys game tonight--very exciting, though not as exciting as the end of the Broncos game apparently.   And another heart-break for the Vikings.


Jen M. said...

Maybe the dress would work better with a shorter top layer?

Sally said...

Good idea! I ended up buttoning the cardigan more so that the dress top didn't show.

Tam said...

The end of the Broncos game was AMAZING.

Sally said...

Today I had the unusual pleasure of talking to our custodian about the end of the Vikings game (disappointment), Cowboys game (awesome), and Broncos game (amazing). If only he knew how implausible it is for me to know anything about football games. But I guess it's becoming less implausible!

mom said...

Richard at the library was wearing a purple shirt the last time I was there. I asked if he was supporting the Vikings (he's a fan) and he said not so much. I'm sure he's really not so much a fan after that last game.

Sally said...

Hah, yes, that's happening here too. We were outside the library playing Pokemon when one guy came to report to another guy how bad the score already was, and there were at least two other guys shaking their heads. The Vikings aren't making people up here very happy.