Saturday, November 26, 2016

Pokemon Walk, Ditto

"Seasonally Confused Floral Cuddles"--Saturday, 11/26/16

From this inspiration photo, I came away with the idea of a dark teal drapey cardigan, a sparkly graphic T, and patterned flats for a weekend outfit.


Since it's now the colder half of the year, it was time for the Cuddle Bunny to come back into play.  I had initially planned to wear this with a burgundy scarf to mimic the inspiration photo, but decided to try out this new thrifted scarf for the second time because the colors went well with the cardigan.  The kinda-clashing double floral print turned out a little bit off, but....BUNNY.  Who notices any other details, you know?

Cuddle Bunny top (Kohls), $0.85/wear
Bootcut jeans (thrifted, Kohls), $0.41/wear
Dark teal drapey cardigan (Coldwater Creek), $2.50/wear
Black floral flats (Payless), $1.08/wear
Mint/white/black floral scarf (thrifted), $2.00/wear

Outfit total: $6.84/wear

Please enjoy the subtle grey-blue-rust coloration of this Lilac rabbit.

In other news...This morning when I went to put on the all-weather mocs I've been wearing for our Pokemon walks, I found that I had worn through the fabric inside to the plastic liner, which had torn on one shoe.  So that's how much Pokemon Go has increased my walking lately.  Luckily I have another (older) pair that I wore today, but I might be taking advantage of the seemingly-daily 40% off sales at Lands End to order a replacement pair.

The highlight of our Pokemon walks today (yes, we took a longer one this morning and a shorter one this evening) occurred only a few minutes out the door this morning, when Robert captured a Pidgey that turned out to be a Ditto.  This is a newly released Pokemon, I think, so it was pretty cool.

Not so cool?  Halfway through watching The Avengers this evening (a pretty good movie, btw), the fire alarms went off in the building.  This was the first time this has happened since we've been here, and it was horribly loud.  I felt a bit like a doofus that I went outside wearing my floral ballet flats with black socks, but I saw at least 6-8 people in pajamas under their coat, so I did not have it the worst.  I was about 35F outside, so chilly but not terrible for the relatively brief amount of time it took for the fire trucks to arrive and for the fire fighters to give the all clear.  But I was glad that I hadn't been in the shower when the alarms went off and had to come outside damp and with wet hair.


Jen M. said...

Fire alarms. Definitely not something I miss from apartment living.

Love the bunny tshirt. Of course. :)

Sally said...

I realized while we were waiting outside last night that in 2.5 years, we haven't had a fire drill at my workplace, which is strange.

I'm glad the bunny is approved! :)