Saturday, November 12, 2016

Go Go Go

"Blue Beret Bunny"--Saturday, 11/12/16

Tiina's graphic T + sparkly cape outfit is very nice, but that giant head statue really steals the show, doesn't it?


Her top features an image of perfume labeled "Elixir Paris," and keeping to this French theme, I brought out the lapin shirt.  In place of a cape, I'm wearing a cascading sweatshirt cardigan--for the last time, I think.  I liked it in this outfit but I don't ever find myself reaching for it with all the other cardigans/jackets I have that I prefer.  I would like it better if it were longer (it's an almost cropped length) or less voluminous or both.  In case, I've gotten enough wear out of it for the low thrift store price that I don't think it was a mistake to buy it.  It's just time to move on.  I loved how this outfit turned out but it's hard to go wrong with a bunny wearing a beret, you know?

French bunny T (Macy's), $0.80/wear
Blue Aztec sweatshirt cardigan (thrifted, Rafaella), $1.25/wear
Bootcut jeans (thrifted, Target), $0.19/wear
Navy striped flats (Payless), $1.89/wear
White lace infinity scarf (Walmart), $1.38/wear

Outfit total: $5.51/wear

For today's grey rabbit, let's enjoy this close up of a Champagne D'Argent, called in France the Argente de Champagne.  As my French-savvy readers will recognize, this name reflects that they are the Silver rabbit from the Champagne region.  (As opposed to, for example, the Silver rabbits from England that are the progenitors of our Chinchilla rabbits.) 

French rabbit, no beret required

In other news...This article discusses the changing food consumption landscape.

After breakfast, Robert and I went on a long Pokemon Go playing session, racking up a lot of steps in the process.  The highlights:  (1) We joined a team (Red/Valor), then trained at a red gym to build it up to level 10 (this is the max level) so that we could station one of our Pokemon there as a defender.  (2) We played and defeated our first opponent's gym!  I mean, it was a level 1 (so it only had 1 defender) but still, we did it.  Our hold on this gym lasted for all of about 10 minutes, but it was fun.  We are now level 19, halfway to level 20.  It would be pretty exciting if we could level tomorrow (because of course we'll be out playing again).


Tam said...

You may or may not know this, but once every 21 hours, you can go to the 'store' in Pokemon, and in the upper right corner, there is a place to click that will give you coins, provided that you have any Pokemon in gyms at that time. You get coins for each one. So ideally you'd put several Pokemon in gyms, then redeem that thing in the store.

Coins can be used to purchase red pokeballs, additional incubators, and other stuff. You can also buy coins with real money.

Sally said...

Thanks for the reminder. I found that if you go to the store right after placing a pokemon in a gym, you can get 10 coins (or some small amount) immediately. Sadly, our dudes haven't stood up to 21 hours in a gym yet...but we're getting there!

Tam said...

That's right - the timing rule sounds confusing, but you can only do this every 21 (I think it is) hours. You don't have to wait 21 hours first, but if your guy is kicked out, and 15 hours later you put them back, you won't be able to get the coins at that time.

Sally said...

Ah, OK--so is the 21 hour rule dependent on the combination of pokemon/gym or putting any pokemon in that gym or that pokemon in any gym? Does that make sense?

Tam said...

Any Pokémon in any gym. The timer is for YOU. Every 21 hours, you can get coins based on how many Pokémon you have in gyms. So to absolutely maximize your rewards, you would go out every 21 hours, put as many Pokémon into gyms as you can, and then redeem the reward.