Monday, October 31, 2016

Tired Halloween

"Working in the Mint Office on Halloween"--Monday, 10/31/16

OK, yes, it's Halloween, but I didn't feel inspired to dress in a holiday fashion today.  Instead, I offer you an outfit from last spring that I revamped quite a bit so that it doesn't really resemble any of the photos I'm including here.  Use your imagination, all right?

This summer 2013 Polyvore inspiration photo, entitled "Professional Woman," was a simple one to recreate from my wardrobe, focusing on my mint shell top.  But at the end of the summer, I purged almost all of these shell tops because I was tired of the annoying fit at the hips.  So I switched it out for a new magenta t-shirt instead. 


So pretend here that I'm wearing a magenta top, a slightly different skirt (that is more straight rather than cutting in at the knees), and grey tights with this outfit, and that's pretty much the thing.

*Light magenta short-sleeved T (Walmart), $5.00/wear
Grey tweed skirt (thrifted, Ann Taylor), $2.50/wear
Dark grey blazer (JNY), $3.06/wear
Gold chain necklace (Ann Taylor), $1.75/wear
Grey tights
Grey leopard wedges by Cole Haan, $7.62/wear

Outfit total: $19.93/wear

Overall this has a more business casual vibe than the original ensemble, but is still on the dressed-up side for my office.  Luckily people in my office don't monitor and regulate how other people dress by asking if you have a job interview every time you put on a blazer.  I know that's a common thing and on the surface, it doesn't sound bad, but it strikes me as controlling and passive-aggressive so I'm glad that doesn't happen to me at my current job.  I think it's something that's more likely to happen when you show up wearing something that's appreciably more dressed up than your usual.  As you can gather from seeing my work outfit photos over the past couple years, I don't venture into truly casual or full-on suit mode, but cover just about every point in between, so it's not an outlier when I do dress up a bit more than usual.  And hey, it's Halloween, so I can always fall back on dressing up as a serious office worker--you know, a "Professional Woman"--for the holiday.

This jersey wooly asks, Is curly hair professional?  Oh wait, I don't have to care about that!

In other news...Stayed up too late last night because the Cowboys game went into overtime (at least they won), so now I'm exhausted.  BAH.  This princess will be turning into a pumpkin well before midnight.

I don't have any holiday plans for this evening.  Do you?


Jen M. said...

The baby had so much fun today. Lots of kids were dressed up at daycare and they sent a video--it was quite the party, and as usual he was at the center of it laughing and having a blast. He did NOT want to go to sleep tonight. Tried so hard to stay awake but finally gave in from sheer exhaustion. And that's without any candy! Lol.

Sally said...

That's so great! Meanwhile I went to bed closer to 9:30 than to 10:00 and was asleep almost immediately (which was pretty great too, for an oldster like me).