Sunday, October 9, 2016

Packing Debate

"Totally Irrelephant"--Sunday, 10/9/16

I liked this relaxed weekend outfit as inspiration for wearing my new casual long-sleeved aqua top.


The thing I didn't consider until I tried putting on my denim shirt over it is that long-sleeved T topped by 3/4 sleeve denim shirt combination is no bueno.  I mean, hella weird looking.  So I switched out my blue denim jacket and went with that.  I jazzed up my non-embellished top by adding an elephant pendant at the risk of looking like a supporter of the Republicans in the presidential election.  (Note: I am not.)

Or perhaps the somewhat-odd-when-you-think-about-it blue horseshoe shape on the elephant's side is meant to suggest that a donkey has kicked it so hard in the side that it left a serious bruise.  That feels appropriate for debate night, doesn't it?  Either way, elephants are bad-ass and I won't be bound to arbitrary political party/animal associations developed in the 19th century.

*Aqua long-sleeved T (thrifted, Liz Claiborne), $5.24/wear
Black and grey striped skirt (thrifted, Loft), $0.86/wear
Blue denim jacket (Liz Claiborne/JCP), $4.04/wear
Silver elephant pendant (Target), $3.20/wear
Grey leopard flats by Fergilicious, $0.58/wear

Outfit total: $13.92/wear

One thing I learned from that article was that the donkey was first associated with Andrew Jackson after his opponents called him a jackass (and he decided to embrace it).  Recently Robert and I went through all the major party presidential candidates to find one that was worse than Donald Trump and we came up with, yep, Andrew Jackson.  (With an honorable mention for John Breckinridge, who represented the Southern Democrats in the 1860 election and later became the Secretary of War for the Confederacy.)  We are obviously not alone in our dislike of Jackass Jackson, but I was amused to see that the History channel did a cartoon outlining Jackson's "supervillain qualities" in this "Biggest Presidential Bad Boys" segment.  (The cartoon is preceded by an ad for a race track, which is very appropriate given Jackson's love for betting on the ponies.)  The Harriet Tubman $20 can't come soon enough.

And for your Bunday enjoyment, a mini lop with flecked grey/black in his fur.

In other news...Today involved getting about 70% of my packing done from our trip next week, walking for 2 hours playing Pokemon Go (at the end, we went past the famous Pokemon park across from the library and it was pretty sweet), and cooking work lunches for the week.  I wasn't sure whether I wanted to watch the presidential debate tonight, but given the recent developments (Trump's insanely tasteless/sexist video and the Hilary Goldman Sachs speech leak), I decided I wanted to see how that played out.


Tam said...

I found that debate really stressful and upsetting to watch. And I had played saxophone earlier and Tigerlily was still hiding, so I didn't even have a comforting friend who looks at you like a cat.

Sally said...

I found it upsetting in the sense that Trump's most asshole behavior and trumpeting of idiotic phrases and threats against the Clintons are what constitute red meat for his base.