Monday, October 10, 2016

Poisonous Pokemon in My Bathroom

"An Odd Green"--Monday, 10/10/16

Today's Reverse Inspiration features a striped cardigan and mint green pants in bright, spring-y hues.


My outfit features very different greens, more applicable to summer-turning-fall (my fall season starts October 15).  I first tried pairing the cardigan with bright green pants but I didn't like the result.  The olive is still a bit off, but I think it goes with the cardigan okay.  I still think these pants are comfortable-but-frumpy, but I'm hoping that the snazzy modern flats will help distract from the frump factor.

Green and grey short-sleeved cardigan (thrifted, Macy's), $2.33/wear
Olive pants (thrifted, Coldwater Creek), $0.50/wear
White short-sleeved V neck T (Lands End), $1.33/wear
Nude Rockstud flats by Wild Diva, $2.86/wear
Green gumdrop necklace (Target), $4.46/wear

Outfit total: $11.48/wear

The necklace is a good match so I will declare victory on the green color front.

Continuing the green theme, here are some wood ducks against green reeds that I photographed on a birding trip in September.

And the dead bunny pose heart attack: every human who has lived with a rabbit has been here:

In other news...Today I fully realized that the Nidoran male Pokemon is a rabbit!  They call it a "rodent-like" Pokemon, but nope, it's definitely a lagomorph.  Appropriately enough, we keep finding Nidoran Pokemon in our apartment.

The Poisonbun

Tonight after work we went out for a bit of hunting--we hatched our first eggs (2 5 km eggs) and got two Sandshrews.  We have not encountered these in the wild yet, so that was cool.

Work kind of sucked today, if for no other reason than it reached 79 F in our office.  On a warm sunny day in October (which is apparently the start of the "we have turned off all A/C for the year" season), we are screwed.

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