Thursday, October 6, 2016

Warm and Finally Worn Again

The Forgotten T--Thursday, 10/6/16

OK, this whole pretending it's still "summer/fall" instead of true fall is getting tougher every day.  But I will struggle onward through the seasonally-inappropriate outfits!  It turned out that today was cool outside but my office was still in the mid-70s, humid, and getting on to too warm in the afternoon.  So it's fall outside, late summer inside.

This simple but pretty work outfit was initially inspiration for wearing a patterned top in purple/pink/burgundy colors, but when I put the shirt on, I wasn't pleased with the weird bunching of the drapeneck.  It was a thrifted piece, worn once (and now I know why), with a cost per wear of $4.


So instead I wore a plain white T, a black cardigan, and this fun magenta polka dot scarf I bought at Goodwill in July.  And apparently I'm all over the baggy pants + Rockstud flats combination lately.

White short-sleeved T (Amber Sun/Macy's), $7.50/wear
Magenta pants (thrifted, Target), $0.75/wear
Elbow-length black cardigan (thrifted, AB Studio/Kohls), $1.00/wear
Nude Rockstud flats by Wild Diva, $3.33/wear
*Magenta polka dot scarf (thrifted), $3.99/wear

Outfit total: $16.57/wear

When I went to my closet to get a white t-shirt, I grabbed this Amber Sun brand top that I haven't worn in a while because it never made it to my closet inventory in Excel.  And if it's not in my Excel spreadsheet, it doesn't exist.  So this I'm starting to track this shirt, which I decided to register at a $15 price (that is the upper bound on what I would have spent on a plain white t-shirt; my Lands End ones cost $12) with 1 previous wear during my clothing-blogging period (though I think it's more, I went with my most conservative estimate).

I could not resist including this Reverse Inspiration photo that I came across recently.  Now that is a fashion accessory I need in my life!  (Look at those big thumpy feet--love.)


In other news...Everyone else in the world may already know this, but I was interested to read this article in the journal Neurology by Robin Williams' widow about his immense struggle with Lewy body disease leading up to his suicide.

Mom sent this article about a recent review of the evidence on brain training games.  It's not good--people tend to improve in the specific task that is practiced, but the experience doesn't generalize.  (Learning a foreign language as a way to stimulate the brain gets a plug from one neuroscientist interviewed for the story.)


Debbie said...

No, I did not know that about Robin Williams. It sucks that some diseases can't be easily diagnosed when you have the most extreme case ever seen (by some people).

Sally said...

I know, right? And it's not like Robin Williams was hurting for money/connections/etc. such that he didn't have access to the best medical care.