Sunday, October 9, 2016

Refrigerated Pokemon

"Rusted Out"--Saturday, 10/8/16

This Reverse Inspiration has the grey/black polka dot + rust (or OK, pumpkin) color scheme going for it.

From via Pinterest

And it's a more successful outfit than the one I created.  Somehow this seemed better when I thought about it than when I tried it on.  My thinking was to use the colors of the patterned ballet flats to develop the rest of the outfit, but I'm not thrilled with the result.  Part of it is that I've decided I'm not a fan of this jacket--the fabric is stiffer than I'd like and this color close to my face does me no favors either.  So it's time to send it back to Goodwill.

Rust utility jacket (thrifted, Kohls), $1.67/wear
Grey short-sleeved T (Kohls), $0.48/wear
Grey polka dot skirt (Kohls), $2.24/wear
Yellow necklace (Kohls), $2.33/wear
Grey/rust/tan tribal flats (Kohls...just kidding...Payless), $1.14/wear

Outfit total: $7.86/wear

Let's distract from this iffy outfit with a gorgeous rabbit photo!  Here's someone who looks wonderful in a pumpkin/rust hue.

He can't bring himself to look at my outfit.

In other news...Twitter Reveals How God Created Animals.

Yesterday (i.e., Saturday) morning, our short refrigerator saga came to a close.  Robert had put in a maintenance request on Friday morning that our fridge temperature was running too high.  The maintenance guy came in at 9:30 Friday to replace something on the fridge but it didn't help.  Then yesterday morning he came back and said that they didn't have the part they needed to fix our fridge on hand so he switched out our refrigerator with one from an empty apartment unit.  So now we have a fully functional refrigerator with a minimum of drama and zero extra expense, just the way I like it.

Yesterday evening, Robert and I tested out Pokemon Go by taking a walk along the river--30 minutes down the river and 30 minutes back pretty much wiped his phone battery, though I don't know whether it was fully charged when we started.  (Sadly, my phone is so old that I can't play it on the Android OS I have.)  I guess it's because we were both in an area that the Pokemon Go map thinks is a park and because we were next to water that we found a seemingly insane number of Pokemon in that time.  There were also two PokeStops and one gym (which we were not high level enough to enter, let alone mess with the Dragonite stationed there) in that stretch.  I was thinking that today it would be nice to walk to that park that is considered the best Pokemon spot in the state but the phone battery would not survive such an outing.  Pokemon players, how do you keep your battery charged?


Tam said...

The app does have a setting where you can tell it to save energy, in which case when you point the phone down (meaning upside down, not face down) it darkens the screen. That makes it considerably better. But it is a drain.

Sally said...

I've seen places saying that this energy saving mode was disabled. Hmm.

Robert has purchased a power bank that should increase the battery capacity by about 4 times, so that will help.

Tam said...

The energy saving mode works on my phone, so I don't know.

Sally said...

Good to know.