Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fall Gum

Pretending It's Not Fall Yet--Wednesday, 10/5/16

The dramatic striped skirt is the standout piece in this inspiration outfit from early last fall, but I thought I would try a version with my decidedly less bold skirt because, like her, I enjoy black and white with any color in the red family.


For my early fall (i.e., before tights season) version, I wore my maroon knit blazer from Lands End that has a back-to-school-uniform vibe that always just feels right for this time of year.

Black and white geometric reeds skirt (JCP), $2.83/wear
Black silk shell (JNY), $5.00/wear
Maroon blazer (Lands End), $4.29/wear
Purple/red/yellow semi-floral scarf (Target), $1.09/wear
Gold flats (Nordstrom), $2.08/wear

Outfit total: $15.29/wear

And for a bit of visual interest/pattern mixing/Sally-ification, I also added this scarf in a host of fall colors.  You know autumn is on its way when this scarf starts making its appearance!  And gold flats because nothing says "It may be sartorial fall for the rest of y'all but I live in the frozen north where we rock bare legs as late in the season as we can" like shoes in a color that coordinates with exactly zero shades of tights.  (I guess this is my more subtle version of the "seasonally confused"--i.e., bundled-up-with-seasonally-inappropriate-skimpy-footwear"--thing that Angie Cox was talking about over the summer.)  It was actually a pretty warm afternoon, so that when I got home I removed the scarf and blazer and switched out a lightweight black t-shirt for my visit to the periodontist (about which more below).

For a coordinating rabbit, I selected this beautiful black broken mini rex, who is decidedly more interested in his hay bundle than my outfit.

In other news...So I did finally have my follow up visit with the periodontist for him to check out my gum post-surgery and tell me about the biopsy.  The biopsy showed just what he expected--there was bacteria (from where I had injured my gum) that caused the swelling, but no signs of cancer etc.  The gum is completely healed from the surgery.

My next step is to go back to my regular dentist for a deep cleaning and treatment for chronic inflammation in my gums.  When that is under control, I have the option of having a gum graft to cover the newly-exposed area of my tooth where the gum was cut away or doing nothing.  Doing nothing, I am likely to experience continued recession of the gum from that particular exposed tooth, which could lead to having to get the tooth pulled and braces put on to close up the gap.  Not a great prospect.  But I do have some time before making a decision about it.


mom said...

If you leave the recessed area, you may have sensitivity there. I have several places where my gums have recessed and they are sensitive.

Tam said...

Yay no cancer!

Sally said...

Luckily sensitivity isn't an issue so far. I even ate ice cream on a few occasions to test its sensitivity to cold ;)

Jen M. said...

Not a fun decision. I'd go graft I think 😕

Sally said...

Jen, yes, I'm leaning that way myself. Bah.