Wednesday, September 28, 2016

One Day at a Time

Making Do, Making Great--Wednesday, 9/28/16

Seeing this outfit made me immediately want to buy an olive top so that I could do a version of it.  I loved the combination of black and white striped blazer and white bottoms.  But since I hadn't had any luck finding an olive top I liked, I decided to do a version of the outfit anyway.


In place of an olive blouse, I went with a plain black knit top for a hint of subtlety amidst the Hamburglar stripe action of my blazer, and moved the olive color to my leopard flats instead.

Black and white striped blazer (Nordstrom), $3.93/wear
Black short-sleeved top (thrifted, JNY), $2.62/wear
White skirt (Walmart), $1.71/wear
Olive leopard flats (Nordstrom Rack), $3.75/wear
Purple/red/yellow semi-floral scarf (Target), $1.20/wear

Outfit total: $13.21/wear

And to tie it all together, this vibrantly patterned scarf with the touch of olive green.  I think this ensemble is even more to my personal taste than the original inspiration.  Thanks, all stores of America, for not selling an olive top that I like! 

For some more black-and-white style inspiration, check out the twinning rabbits below.  Who is mimicking whom, I wonder?  

In other news...It's been a rough week--underslept, feeling under the weather, more bad news on the job front every single day.  But at work I finished my fifth dashboard of the week and tonight I ate ice cream then watched two episodes of Elementary while lifting weights and I guess I've made it through another day somehow.


Jen M. said...

Since we got back from vacation I've made a commitment to getting more sleep. There's a lot that just doesn't get done because of it but it's been so amazing not being exhausted. But this week I had several days I missed my sleep goals and man, did I feel it!! The little man passed out early this evening and didn't even wake up for dinner. I'm currently considering the gentlest way to get him from my lap to bed. Guess it's a tiring week for everyone! Hope you feel better before the weekend.

Sally said...

The fact that the week started out with the presidential debate has made for a lot of sleepiness all around, I think. It's hard to imagine many people turned off the TV directly at 9:30 and thought, man, time to get ready for bed! I'm hopeful that I will recover some ground this weekend and do better next week. It will help if the constant stream of bad news at work comes to an end...or I just get laid off suddenly, in which case I can start sleeping more every day ;)

Tam said...

Ugh, layoffs, I'm so sorry. What stress.

In other news, it's clear that the rabbit in back is the original and the one in front is the copy. And they might need to refresh their toner cartridge.

Sally said...

Good eye--the mini rex has greyer fur and the lines in the fur have been softened out with the copying.