Monday, September 26, 2016

Maroon Rabbit Debate

"Chambray Bunny Redux"--Monday, 9/26/16

I liked the chambray blazer/navy bunny blouse combo I wore a month ago so much that I decided to try it again.  This time I paired them with maroon pants as suggested in this inspiration photo.  It was a good day for pants given the high temperature of about 60 F is too cool for bare legs in a skirt (for me).


Of course, one of the big differences between my outfit and hers is that my blouse doesn't contain any pink-red-maroon shades to go with the pants.  In my case, the pants sort of pop against the blue top half rather than feeling integrated with it.

Navy rabbit blouse (Disney Alice/Kohls), $4.40/wear
Maroon pants (thrifted, Lands End), $1.05/wear
Chambray blazer (thrifted, Target), $3.33/wear
White lace infinity scarf (Walmart), $2.07/wear
Nude Rockstud flats by Wild Diva, $4.00/wear

Outfit total: $14.85/wear

I wasn't immediately sold on this combination, but in the end, my love of the individual pieces won me over. 

I also love these bunnies, sitting bun-to-bun.  The New Zealand white in front is forced into a scrunched loaf to accommodate this.

In other news...Are watching the debate tonight?  I am.  I'm kind of terrified but I don't think it would be any better not to watch it, you know?

Updated to add:  OMG.


Jen M. said...

We couldn't not watch the debate. It was pretty unbelievable. #trumptrainwreck

And the doll. So weird. Crazy times.

Tam said...

Hmm. I wouldn't mind sitting next to a doll - at least I wouldn't worry about impinging on its space.

Sally said...

Trump's got my vote for Bully in Chief. So whenever that becomes a thing...

Good point about the doll, there is less impinging on either side. But it is very creepy. The detail that the guy traveling with the doll was going to a creation museum somehow made it all the more...shiver. Oddly, I had recently read about the Thai child angel doll craze, but it was very strange to see what to all appearances is an American white dude with a doll.

cartaufalous said...

Yes! Yes it would! It would be so much better not to watch it at all! Do you expect to learn something through sacrifice?

In other news, I read on the internets that watching debates causes cancer.

Sally said...

I watched all 3 debates and am glad I did. After all, how is one to appreciate the corresponding SNL skits without having done so?