Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Neverending Summer Flowers

"Introducing the Disney Floral"--Tuesday, 9/27/16

You know that I am in love with my navy swing top with the white rabbits on it from the Laura Conrad Alice in Wonderland collection at Kohls.  Well, I decided to see if they still had that blouse in the other prints, and what with the shirt being on sale, an extra 30% for cardholders, and free shipping on all orders for cardholders (thanks, Retailmenot), I got it for $12.32.  I admit that it's getting sorta un-seasonal for a light pink floral top but I am going to eke out summer long enough to wear this one a couple times before true Fall (i.e., the beginning of tights season) commences.  A high of 70 F is summery enough for my purposes.

"Affordable teacher outfits" continue to be an excellent source of ideas for comfortable, inexpensive business casual wear.  I had initially planned to wear my navy/diamond top with this, but after purging that snug-in-the-hips item from my wardrobe, I substituted the new swing top instead.  The swing top is quickly becoming a new favorite silhouette of mine.

From chuncoa.polyvore.com

The result reminds me of a post on Already Pretty in July about "how to be intentional with white."  I think I've done a version of her second recommendation here: white as an accent.

*Light pink floral blouse (Disney Alice/Kohls), $12.32/wear
Magenta pants (thrifted, Target), $0.90/wear
White short-sleeved cardigan (Nordstrom), $1.33/wear
Blue pointy-toed flats (Nordstrom), $2.27/wear

Outfit total: $16.82/wear

Flower season is definitely at an end, but I also have these lovely bright pink flowers to share from a garden at the state fair last month.

Viva l’été!

In other news...My mom and Tam both sent me this article about riding roller coasters to pass small kidney stones.  All the more reason to be serious about my oxalates; I am unwilling to ride a roller coaster with enough wildness to move a kidney stone.

My neverending summer outfit pretty much met the end of summer today.  A high of 60 F [yes, colder than previously anticipated] with cold wind and rain made for a chilly walk across the parking lot after work (and of course I was parked on the far end of the parking lot).  Thankfully I was wearing pants or it would have been unpleasant; as it was, I just got a bit goose-bumpy on my bare arms.  Then I came home to my apartment that was 75 F and quite humid from the A/C (presumably) not having run all day.

I stayed up late last night (12:30 or so) because my mind just could not settle down after watching the presidential debate (and because Robert and I had a lot to discuss about it).  My officemate also stayed up late reading initials analyses of the debate, so we were a tired duo today.  About 4:00 this afternoon, our workplace lost Internet, phone, and all server connections.  I was all like, Where is Donald Trump's son?  We need help fixing the Cyber!

I could spend all night talking about the debate, but for now I will just say this--it's not very often you get to go to work and talk about the Hawley-Smoot Tariff, you know?

Hawley and Smoot: the Ghosts of Tariffs Past.  Trade protectionism is not a beautiful thing, Donald.

My periodontist is sick so my follow-up appointment has been rescheduled for next week.  Because my gum seems totally healed now and I'm not really worried about the results of the biopsy, that's okay.  I'm just kind of ready to have all this behind me.


Tam said...

Actually I was thinking after I sent that article: I've been on Thunder Mountain Railroad (the roller coaster mentioned in the article) numerous times. It's one of the few roller coasters that is not too scary for me. (Seriously, there are like three that I know of in the world.)

You might be able to tell from this POV video that it's not so very scary.


Sally said...

Hmm, I think valium + that roller coaster might be better than surgery. (I don't have to be particularly conscious for physics to do its work.)

Tam said...

That's right. And a trip to Disney World is probably less expensive than surgery as well, even with insurance. Plus they really do have a lovely zoo there. And in my experience it's not very crowded when schools are in session. Hmm! This plan is looking better all the time.

Sally said...

That settles it. I'm going to try to not get another kidney stone but there's always the Disney World backup plan.

And after the roller coaster, I can enjoy this:

Tam said...

Yes! I know it's not exactly your jam, but I really love Disney World. Most of the rides are beautiful and inventive and not at all scary. The Haunted Mansion is not to be missed.

Jen M. said...

Oh the Cyber! Isn't Trump worried his 10 yr old computer genius of a son will become a 400 lb hacker who stays in bed all day?

Sally said...

(I loved how he emphasized that he has a 10 year old son so we can all be impressed with his obvious fertility. Ugh.)

I wish I were a hacker so I could enlist others into the Obese Hacker Collective and hack the fuck out of Trump's Cyber.

Lisbeth Salander (the girl with the dragon tattoo) would be all over it, I think.

Tam said...

Am I the only person for whom the word "cyber" by itself means "cyber sex"?

Sally said...

You are definitely not. From the linked article: In the mid 1990s, the term “cyber” by itself was often a shorthand for “cybersex,” or explicit online chatting.