Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Comfortable Dating Apps

When You Veer from the Inspiration Course--Wednesday, 10/26/16

Let us go back, back, back to September 2012, when Anne challenged herself to recreate a summer outfit using fall weather appropriate pieces.


I started out with the intention of replicating the chambray shirt + dark green pants + brown leopard cardigan combo.  But I decided I wanted to wear this new t-shirt that is just the right shade to match the cardigan, then I tried on the pants and was like, screw it, I'm tired of dealing with the low rise on these things--cute as they are, I'm sending them to Goodwill.  And by the time I had gone matchy-matchy with the shirt, pants, and cardigan, I chose to go all-in with a matching scarf, too.

This is an uncharacteristically netural-toned outfit for me, but yeah, I was happy with the result.  This is the kind of outfit that can seem boring, but I'm going to call it classic instead.  And these higher-waisted pants?  So much more comfortable and easy to deal with than the "modern" cut lower rise pants.  I am not looking back.

Black work pants (thrifted, CJ Banks), $1.75/wear
*Light brown short-sleeved T (Walmart), $5.00/wear
Brown leopard cardigan (Lands End), $7.90/wear
Black scarf (Target), $1.20/wear
Black pointy-toed flats (Nordstrom), $1.85/wear

Outfit total: $17.70/wear
And as a bonus, I now coordinate with this brown mini satin with black points.

In other news...I enjoyed this post in which an American living in Germany helps a friend style some clothes--here's the money quote:

I explained to Nina and her roommates that I found it surprising that so many Germans wear athletic shoes now, because it was considered a “typical American” thing when I first visited Germany in 2009. Her roommate cleared this up for me by saying, “Germans figured out that they’re comfortable as fuck.” Word.

My outfit today wasn't quite THAT comfortable, but luckily, except for a short walk across the parking lot, I was lazing around on my still-feeling-sick ass all day at work.

Plus, an article that makes me glad not to be looking for a relationship via dating apps.


Mom said...

It's hard to find higher waisted pants that are in styles we would like.

Jen M. said...

Your version is pretty different from the inspiration but I like them both. I remember when Tinder became a thing thinking thank goodness that's not me. But it was an interesting and simple design. My startup talked about it a lot.

Sally said...

Mom, I do think it's becoming a little easier now than a few years ago, but buying pants is kind of the worst.

Jen, thanks! It's interesting to remember when Tinder was new and novel.