Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Leopard Education

"The Leopard-Tortoise Overlord"--Tuesday, 10/4/16

A slightly different way to wear my brown leopard dress is always welcome.  Here, the stylist goes full-on summer-to-fall transition by pairing a dark patterned dress with both a short-sleeved cardigan and tights/ankle boots!

From bridgetteraes.com

I really considered this combination strongly, but in the end, I couldn't foresee a situation in which I'd be wearing a sleeveless dress, short-sleeved cardigan, and tights.  I think this outfit makes more sense for people living somewhere that has quite warm autumns, in which you are wearing a pair of lightweight tights with ankle boots more as a nod to the season than because of the weather.  As I've said before, I pretty much avoid wearing tights as long into October as I can because I won't be out of them again for over 6 months, so I skipped the tights in my version.  With an expected high of 71 F (though rainy), I thought I could cope, and I did.  Tights would have been too warm.

Brown leopard dress (Lands End), $6.00/wear
Short-sleeved black dress cardigan (thrifted, Studio Works), $2.50/wear
Tortoiseshell/gold necklace (Macy's), $2.77/wear
Black buckle flats by Me Too, $2.55/wear

Outfit total: $13.82/wear

This dress, you guys.  Damn.  Not only is it made of the most wonderful thick-but-still-stretchy ponte knit fabric, it has awesome usable pockets!  (I got a compliment on this dress today, which was nice.)  I have ordered a few dresses from Target and the like recently, and they've all gone back to the store because the knit fabric is too thin and wimpy, even when it's described as ponte knit. 

Earlier I looked at the Lands End web site to see what versions of this dress they currently have available, and I'm kind of drooling over this floral one that is currently on sale for $40.  Obviously I don't need it, but...hey, wouldn't it look nice with a light pink blazer or cardigan?  I think a dark floral looks fine in autumn, though this one is clearly a four-season dress in my world (with appropriate layering).  Hmm...I will pass.  But it's pretty.

From landsend.com

Here is a very similar "floral" dress I saw at the state fair--I love the variety of lovely orange and pink shades.

In other news...A couple articles from the higher education world:

"But the undergraduate majors that promise the best shot at a high-paying job all have one word in common: engineering."

Also, "Why do the 'best' women leave law firms?  Because they can."

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