Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Yellow Bunny Work Mysteries

Back to Werk--Tuesday, 10/25/16

Yep, back to it on a Tuesday because I was still feeling terrible yesterday from the cold I caught visiting my family last week.  Thanks, guys--you're so generous! :)

This not-exactly-polka-dot patterned top reminded me of my navy rabbit blouse.  My blouse even has yellow flowers on it, so a yellow blazer would be perfect.  I don't own a yellow blazer.  Oh well, I'll just wear a different color.

From happinessatmidlife.com

I considered wearing it with navy pants, as in the inspiration outfit, but decided to try it with my bright blue pants instead.

Navy rabbit blouse (Disney Alice/Kohls), $3.77/wear
Blue skinny pants (thrifted, Macy's), $3.00/wear
Beige-grey blazer (Target), $2.50/wear
Blue pointy-toed flats (Nordstrom), $2.17/wear

Outfit total: $11.44/wear

Now if I can stop thinking about how cute it would be with the yellow skirt I don't own...

But what I do have in yellow is a tree next to the river behind my apartment.

I also have enough rabbit photos to kill a person who has not increased her cuteness tolerance through years of bunny companionship.

This lady is too dignified to frolic on somebody's blouse.

In other news...I thought my sister might be interested in this article about the ultimate efficiency hack--having kids.

I had the strange experience this morning that within a few minutes of arriving at work, an unfamiliar person stuck her head in my door to ask whether I would take an emergency call in our department head's absence.  I said yes and dealt with that issue (which was luckily not too tricky, though it did require several calls altogether to get it handled).  Then I saw that this mysterious person was sitting at our admin's desk, so I introduced myself and asked her how long she was going to be with us.  "Until a permanent person is hired," she said.  Huh?  We chatted for a few minutes, then when I was going through the emails I'd ignored on my vacation, I saw one in which our department head announced that Friday had been our admin's last day, and that the admin had asked that it not be announced until after she left.  Talking to my office mate later, I found out that it's unclear to her (and I suppose anyone else not on our management team) whether the admin left of her own accord or not.
But hey, I still had a job when I went in today, which I'm thankful for.


Jen M. said...

So someday I'll be super productive. But not now haha. Sweet 😂

Sally said...

It'll all work out in the end :)

Jen M. said...

Oh and Rick is staying home sick today. We've all been fighting it. Just unavoidable I guess. Sucks though! Parenting is hard enough with two healthy adults.

Sally said...

UGH. Sorry to hear it. I had almost succumbed to a cold my office mate had a little before the trip but fought it off. So I was already kind of vulnerable the second time around. And plane travel seems to increase the probability of illness quite a bit, in my experience.