Thursday, December 1, 2016

Give Me a White Christmas, Just Not Yet

"More Fall Layers"--Thursday, 12/1/16

Yep, this looks like a pretty unlikely fall/winter outfit inspiration photo, but I liked the combination of green top, brown skirt, and leopard print.


In Sally-land, this gets translated into green pullover sweater, brown corduroy skirt, brown leopard scarf, and other layers to make it warm and cozy.

Dark green pullover sweater (thrifted, Kohls), $2.50/wear
Brown corduroy skirt (thrifted, Walmart), $1.00/wear
Brown leopard scarf (Kohls), $1.83/wear
Brown leggings
Tall cognac boots by Sam Edelman, $9.74/wear
Black quilted vest (Stage)
*Brown quilted vest (thrifted, Relativity), $6.74/wear

Outfit total: $21.81/wear

I admit that I felt weird wearing a black vest with a dark brown skirt, but everyone says it's fine to wear brown and black together these days, and when I still didn't quite believe that, I fell back on the rationalization that the scarf has both brown and black, so it doesn't look totally random.  I'd hate to look like a person who threw on a black vest just for lack of better options...even when it's true.

But lo and behold, I was saved from this dubious combination when I found a brown quilted vest at Goodwill!  I didn't feel like re-taking these outfit photos, so you will have to wait for the visual evidence.  But I thought the combination was MUCH better.

In other news....An interesting perspective on "professional" appearance. 

Today was a productive, uneventful day at work, which is a nice thing for a random Thursday.  Even if working on Thursday feels totally unfair after having the day off last week. Tonight's Pokemon walk (highlight: hit level 26) was surprisingly warm--I took my gloves off after a while and found it that it was more comfortable that way.  I know winter is coming, but it's taking its time this year...and that's fine with me.  The more days without lots of snow and freezing cold means more after work Pokemon walks instead of treadmill/exercise bike sessions.

Yesterday and today I had co-workers tell me that they are eagerly awaiting a white Christmas.  "I don't want a brown Christmas," our (relatively new temp) admin said.  I was like, "Hey, those are just like the ones I used to know."  It was actually weird later considering how variable Christmas weather was growing up.  We've had white Christmas, frozen over stuck-in-the-house-for-days ice Christmas, run-around-in-lightweight-coats-and-no-gloves Christmas.  I like white Christmases at my parents' house because the birds come into the yard and look so pretty against the snow.

And now it's time for me to go spend a couple hours putting ornaments on my tree!  It's been a couple years since I've put it up, so I'd kind of forgotten how many I have.  Luckily, I have not yet run into the issue of having too many ornaments--my tree seems capable of absorbing more and more of them every time.


Jen M. said...

I am still shocked when I hear about how women are supposed to wear skirts in interviews etc. I mean, I know I live and work in an oddly casual bubble, but wow, seriously what century is it. (I know you like to wear skirts, and that's cool since it's your choice) Someone at work literally wore booty shorts one day recently. I sort of couldn't believe it (we see a lot of yoga pants and workout-wear, but this was a first) but at the same time, eh, who cares. So, I guess I'm good as long as I manage not to wear my shirt noticeably inside-out :)

I did wear a silk scarf today though and got several compliments on it.

Tam said...

I'm only level 22 at Pokemon (though really close to 23), so you have officially (and apparently a while ago) surpassed me.

Sally said...

Jen, I know, right? I wear skirts a lot but I wore my suit pants more than my suit skirt to job interviews despite the fact that some 80 year old man may disapprove. (I guess it's good to eliminate jobs that have that weird dynamic going.) I generally feel more "professional" in a pant suit...probably because I'm dressing more like a man. Sigh.

I'm also lucky that my workplace is business casual with a wide acceptance of the kinds of "ethnic" things that are often questioned in the workplace. That's one of the benefits of a truly diverse leadership group, I think--nobody is going to tell a woman with a cabinet-level position that she shouldn't wear her hair in an African style, etc.

We also have a gender identity policy that explicitly approves of people who step outside the bounds of the binary male/female identity, but I can't recall seeing anyone who dresses/presents in a way that is not pretty clearly male or female. But there aren't that many people in my building so I don't know whether that just reflects that there isn't anyone who currently wants to do so or whether despite the policy, people still feel pressure (from whatever source) to be appear more mainstream.

I approve of your silk-scarf wearing ways. :)

Sally said...

Tam, yeah, a couple of big evolve sessions with lucky eggs (including one during the Thanksgiving special that meant quadruple xp with the lucky egg) is pretty much the difference. I went up at least 3 levels between those two sessions, and it might be more like 4-5, I'm not sure. But I now need 200,000 xp to level again, and I have around 5, I'm going to be here for a while. Robert and I agree that our Pokemon are under-powered for our level as we have been following a max-xp type strategy and haven't powered up our Pokemon much at all yet. We also are lacking in several of the strong fighting Pokemon types.

Debbie said...

I never really noticed that professional attire was racist, sexist, etc. What I noticed is that things that are good for your health are unprofessional. Like running to your appointments and sweating. Or wearing flats. Or pacing at your desk instead of sitting still.

I was really lucky to live and work in a place with casual dress. I got to wear comfy shoes, no make-up, and little-girl hair-dos.

Debbie said...

Oh, P.S. Leopards wear brown and black together. No one tells them it's not okay. However, I do admit that it's unprofessional to be a leopard lawyer.

Sally said...

Debbie, the first person who tried to enforce a "not okay" policy on leopards did not live to tell the tale :D

Austin's aggressively casual work dress codes can be irritating in their own way. It's nice to be able to wear a pair of normal trousers (i.e., not jeans or sweatpants) and not inevitably be asked if you have a job interview.

Jen M. said...

^^^ agree on the downside of casual. But I don't have to dry clean anything! ;)

Sally said...

Indeed, that is a serious benefit. I'm lucky to be in that range where I don't have to dry clean either--and the few items that call for dry cleaning are perfectly OK using a home dry cleaning cloth in the dryer.