Saturday, December 3, 2016

Exeggutive Function

"Grape Throw Bonus"--Saturday, 12/3/16

I lost my original inspiration photo so instead offer this Reverse Inspiration from about 3 years ago, featuring "Plum 'n Olive" colors.


I broke the flattery rules by wearing a drapey cardigan with flared jeans, but I just felt like wearing ankle boots, and the flared jeans are a nice choice for that.  But I spent most of the daylight hours of the day outside playing Pokemon Go with my black quilted coat over all of this (and substituting a ridiculous pair of lavender all weather mocs for the boots), so I could only offend Robert's sensibilities.  If the combination offends yours, just focus on how cool that turtle pendant is.

Purple polka dot long-sleeved top (Kohls), $2.83/wear
Olive drapey cardigan (thrifted, JCP), $1.67/wear
Flared jeans (thrifted, Lane Bryant), $0.22/wear
Grey ankle boots by Seychelles, $6.09/wear
Turtle pendant (Target), $3.33/wear

Outfit total: $14.14/wear

There's not a lot of green left in Coldville these days, but back in September, the lakes reflected the trees, surrounding female wood ducks with rippling green water.

In other news...Last night Robert set up my iPhone and transferred the Pokemon Go account to it.  He set up a new account for himself on his phone.  So today we went for two Pokemon outings, one after breakfast and one after lunch, to take advantage of one of the last relatively warm days of the season. 

First, we went out to the island that is visible from our apartment complex, and it turns out that the park there is now an exeggutor nest after the "migration" (change to nesting species) on Dec 1.  Robert came home with 26 exeggutors!  (I probably caught the same number, but I'm in the practice of immediately transferring out the lower level Pokemon I catch.) 

After lunch, we drove to a little park that is known to be an electrabuzz nest (because neither of us had caught one of those before).  I caught 3 electrabuzz.  It was cool because this little city park, nestled between two apartment complexes, is a statue garden.  (Photos to be shared a bit later.)  Then we headed over to the state capitol building and wandered around the 8 gazillion pokestops and caught a bunch of different things. 

At one point today, I had Pokemon in 4 different gyms, though now I think I'm down to 3.  One of them I have held since last Sunday afternoon!  I am also ready to evolve 38 Pokemon (to higher level creatures), but I am waiting to reach about 60 before I do so because that's how many I can evolve using a Lucky Egg that doubles the experience gained for 30 minutes.

It was a fun day.  My Fitbit approves of Pokemon Go.


mom said...

Oh, that's why you weren't playing Words with Friends today!

Sally said...

Actually, I tried playing last night but because I am on a new phone, I wasn't automatically logged in and couldn't remember my password to get in. It's a frustration.

Tam said...

I like how Pokemon Go is turning us all back into hunter/gatherers.

Jen M. said...

I got a new iPhone this weekend too. A couple apps stayed logged in but most of them will require looking up my passwords. I should really install my password manager on my phone.

Sally said...

Tam, hah. I'm enjoying how it's pushing us out into different areas of town.

Jen, what's sad is that I have my password manager on my phone...but I've not put the relevant passwords in it AND I don't remember them either. Uh-oh.