Friday, December 2, 2016

We Made It

"Queen of Friday"--Friday, 12/2/16

What caught my eye in this inspiration photo, from a fall 2014 blog post about leopard print accents, was not the leopard print shoes.  It was the big sparkly statement necklace which looks a bit like the slightly more sedate younger sister of the very big even sparklier statement necklace I bought for Robert's mom's wedding.  She wore her outfit for a date night, but I thought I'd try it for a casual Friday work outfit.


What do you think?  Is this too much bling for a work day?

Maroon blazer (Lands End), $3.75/wear
Cobalt blue knit blouse (thrifted, East 5th), $1.50/wear
Denim trousers (thrifted, Boden), $1.75/wear
Grey leopard wedges by Cole Haan, $7.07/wear
Blue/crystal statement necklace (Baublebar), $5.78/wear

Outfit total: $19.85/wear

I think that in the context of the outfit, it looks reasonable.  I really liked the combination of this blouse and pants--I don't wear these pants very often, but when I do, I enjoy them.  Overall, this outfit was a good example of something I ended up liking but that is not something I would ever have come up with on my own.

I admit, it was kind of hard not to change courses and wear this with a big scarf instead (more my comfort zone) but it was fun to glam it up a bit on casual Friday.  And I did wear my leopard wedges, so I'm all over the (subtle) leopard accent as well.

In other news...I think this working 5 days in a row thing is tough.  But at least we made it to the weekend!

It was colder this evening on our Pokemon walk; just enough that my nose got cold.  We have a few more days of reasonable temps before it plunges down to 20F as a high later next week.  After work Pokemon walks, you've been good while you lasted.  (My boss emailed me today that I should take a victory lap after finishing a set of quarterly reports; I think the Pokemon walk counts.)

I am about 60% done with decorating the tree.  I got through the first storage bin of one-off specialty ornaments; I have now moved into the storage bin with the sets of 4 gold stars, a dozen ribbon ties, a bunch of apples, etc.  It would be nice if I could get it finished up tonight so that our living room is not a danger zone of boxes, bags, bubble wrap, crinkled newspaper, and other junk.


mom said...

Nothing like some bling to make your Friday more bearable!

Sally said...

Hah, we take what we can get!