Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Lights and...

"Winter Brights"--Tuesday, 12/13/16

This is another inspiration photo that mysteriously morphed into a very different kind of outfit by the time I was done with it.  In this post about standing out and fitting in at the same time, she shows how adding a bright pop of color leads to an outfit that is "bolder while still being perfectly acceptable" in the workplace.


Luckily I do not work in a business professional workplace, so I have a lot more latitude with my outfits.  In this case, I dressed down a super-profesh tweed pencil skirt with a quilted vest.

Grey tweed skirt (thrifted, Ann Taylor), $1.50/wear
Aqua cashmere pullover sweater (Macy's), $8.00/wear
Black quilted vest (Mountain Lake/Stage), $1.43/wear
Grey leggings
Tall grey boots by LifeStride, $7.14/wear
Silver/bright beads owl pendant (Kohls), $2.80/wear
*Bright pink striped scarf (Walmart), $8.00/wear

Outfit total: $28.87/wear

Then I added not one, not two, but three bright pieces to liven things up.  I love how aqua and bright pink work against the grey/black base, and the silly 70s style owl pendant with its multi-colored bead body and individually-movable silver feathers adds the finishing touch.

Because some days you need to look like a photograph of a crazy Christmas light display (in this case, the huge walk-through extravaganza we visited in OK last December).

In other news...It was cold enough that exercising in the apartment while watching Game of Thrones was in order.  The whole evening just flew by.


Jen M. said...

We got xmas lights up. Not quite like your photo though. Maybe next year haha.

Sally said...

Heh. I would be worried about you if you had the time/energy for that kind of display!