Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Packing Blues

"Blast of Winter White"--Wednesday, 12/14/16

Is she killing it in this color/pattern combination or what?


I couldn't precisely replicate that mix, but I like what I was able to do with it.  White skirt--pencil, not flowing midi, but check.  Magenta blazer--maroon blazer is pretty close.  Black plaid shirt--substitute a plain black shirt and a burgundy patterned scarf.  (I somehow managed not to get a close-up of this new scarf, but you'll be seeing it again.)  Leopard flats--sorry, too cold for that, but burgundy tights + maroon ankle boots is a pretty awesome substitute.

Black polka dot top (Liz Claiborne/JCP), $2.78/wear
Maroon blazer (Lands End), $3.33/wear
White skirt (Walmart), $1.50/wear
Maroon ankle boots by Dolce Vita, $7.81/wear
Burgundy tights
*Burgundy/white geometric scarf (Walmart), $4.47/wear

Outfit total: $19.89/wear

I know a lot of people still shy away from white after Labor Day and all that, but I'm glad that we've ditched that old style rule.  I think this "winter white," all-season-applicable-fabric pencil skirt works 365 days a year.  In some ways, I enjoy it more in winter than I do in summer.  Maybe because I wear darker tights so it doesn't blend into my shocking white legs?  Nah.  I think it's more that a blast of white is so pleasant in the otherwise dark outfits that I often put together in the cold months.  You don't typically think of white as a color to pop against an outfit, but it definitely can.

More Christmas lights...

In other news...Pretty much spent the whole evening packing for our trip, which has been pushed forward by a day and a half due to upcoming 5-8" of snow all over the Midwest.  I usually dread packing but it wasn't as bad this time because about the time I'd usually start dreading it, instead I had to start doing it.  I still have some things I need to throw in the suitcase tomorrow before we leave but the vast majority of it is done.  Whew.  Despite the post title, I actually didn't pack very much blue--my main color palette was black, white, and red, with some other new or almost new items that I want to get some (more) wear in and a couple favorites I couldn't leave behind (e.g., French bunny).  So my clothes are a bit less coordinated than they usually are for vacations but packing in a rush will kind of do that to you.  Luckily we are driving (and not filling the car with Christmas gifts) so we have enough room for me to do that thing--when in doubt, throw it in a bag and bring it with you.

Now I'm tired and ready for the last night sleeping in my own bed for a while.

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