Thursday, December 8, 2016

Brief Golden Perfection

No Inspiration Needed--Thursday, 12/8/16

If a person can't put black and white with two different but related prints together by herself...well, she's not me.

Black pullover sweater (thrifted, Macy's), $2.25/wear
Black lace-hemmed top (thrifted, Coldwater Creek), $0.57/wear
Black and white geometric reeds skirt (JCP), $2.26/wear
Black leggings
Tall black boots by Fitzwell, $2.50/wear
White/blue/green paisley/floral scarf (Target), $0.71/wear

Outfit total: $8.29/wear

It was so helpful of Robert to have accidentally washed and dried this top (which I put in the wrong laundry bin so it's totally my fault)--that sounds sarcastic but it turns out that having this shirt shrink somewhat in the wash has made it a really useful layering piece for the colder parts of the year.  The lace hem makes it even more appropriate for layering than it was as a stand-alone top, I think--having a bit of the lace peeking out from the bottom of a sweater is kind of a nice touch.

I like how the shades of blue stand out against the black backdrop of my sweater.  This is a pretty subdued outfit by my standards but I liked it.  Sometimes simple is just the thing.

For our blue-and-black nature photo today, here are a pair of double-crested cormorants in a local lake in September.  I was happy to get a shot of one of them raising his wings to dry them out.  (The photo quality isn't great but I was so zoomed in to get this photo that I'm impressed that it looks as good as it does.)

In other news...Work and Pokemon walk were a bit better today. 

The weather wasn't quite as cold (at least when the wind wasn't blowing directly in our faces) and I had upgraded my non-ball-throwing glove to my mid-level glove (fear not, I still have at least one more level of glove and a serious snow mitten left in my arsenal). 

But I'm frustrated that the person who has this urgent data request did not answer my email requesting an important clarification today--I stayed late last night to investigate the issue and write the email.  SIGH. 

Also on the upside, I had an amazing good hair day today...until I put my hat on it and squashed it.  So at work it looked good, but not stop in your tracks good.  But in the time I was home alone in my apartment before leaving for work, my hair was smooth, shiny, golden perfection.


Tam said...

I think we have your cormorants now. They were even more numerous than usual this morning.

Sally said...

Please enjoy them in good spirits...because our lakes are becoming frozen.