Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Like a Ferocious Living Thing

"Bearing No Resemblance"--Tuesday, 12/6/16

Wow, OK, this is a good example of how far from an inspiration photo I can end up.  From the beginning, I had planned to wear a dark brown skirt instead of this beige/camel color--fine.  I really did think I would wear a red sweater and a striped shirt underneath it.  But...

From Pinterest

When I tried layering a shirt underneath my red sweater, it felt weird.  I've realized that I like these sweaters with a camisole under them but not a button up shirt.  After I nixed the shirt, I decided that it was silly that I was planning to wear my red sweater 3 times for the fall/winter season but my burgundy one not at all.  So switch that out.  Hmm, that's really dark now.  How about brightening it up a big with this light brown leopard print scarf (that I've only worn once)?  Well, it has various shades of red and pink on it, but not exactly burgundy--whatever, close enough!

Burgundy cashmere pullover sweater (Macy's), $6.40/wear
Brown corduroy skirt (thrifted, Walmart), $0.75/wear
Brown quilted vest (thrifted, Relativity), $3.37/wear
Brown leggings
Tall brown boots by Fitzwell, $5.00/wear
Beige/red/pink leopard scarf (thrifted), $1.50/wear

Outfit total: $17.02/wear

And now you get to see my new brown vest in action!  I'm loving the brown quilted vest + brown corduroy skirt combination.

The color of that scarf reminds me of the soft beige-brown fur at the base of this mini lop's ears. 

In other news...Well today it turned quite cold, with a vicious wind that brought all kinds of biting unpleasantness with it, so no Pokemon walk.  Work was better because I have resigned myself to the hated project that will be taking over my life for the next week.  Still tired and have a headache so I'm off to get ready for bed quite early--I hope it means feeling better tomorrow than I do right now.


mom said...

Someone on FB reported snow flakes in Owasso this morning. I guess winter is here!

I had a stomachache that kept me awake all night last night, I'm so tired today. I've already had one 1 1/2 hour nap this morning. Let's see how many more I will take before the day is over.

Sally said...

Overnight stomach aches suck. I hope you're feeling better. Be glad that you didn't have to go to work the next day!