Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Yet More Birds

Flocking--Tuesday, 6/30/15

I was originally going to make an outfit using a new graphic T with my bright teal pencil skirt (as a substitute for the shorts in this casual ensemble), but when I tried them on together, I realized that the top was a bit too long and baggy to work, even when partially tucking in the front as in the inspiration photo.  I tried adding my teal bird cardigan to it, because sometimes a piece worn over a baggy top can give it some much needed structure, but this was one of those annoying Target cardigans with the mega-skinny arms (and overall almost-too-small size) that did not play nicely with a loose 3/4 length sleeve underneath it.

From savvy-southern.blogspot.com

So on to Plan B--substituting a plain grey T for the graphic T (because the bird cardigan has teal, grey, yellow, aqua, and bright pink in it).  I also added my bright yellow necklace as I had originally planned as a substitute for the yellow belt in the inspiration photo.  Add metallic shoes (in my case, gold flats) and it's not a bad take on the original inspiration photo, I think.  I like that following Fonda's lead with this outfit had me combining teal, grey, and yellow with my bird cardigan instead of the bright pink that I naturally gravitate toward.

Grey short-sleeved T (Kohls), $0.63/wear
Teal bird cardigan (Target), $5.00/wear+
Bright teal pencil skirt (JCP), $2.60/wear+
Gold flats (Nordstrom), $4.16/wear
Yellow necklace (Target), $3.50/wear+

The birds on my sweater look most like the prothonotary warbler, the yellow one with a grey back that is the fourth bird down on the left side of this poster.  Robert inherited this poster from his grandmother, and it hangs on a wall in his bathroom.  (OK, at this point even I am astonished by the fact that I was able to come up with a piece of art from my apartment that matched my outfit so well.  Crazy.)

In other news...All other news is eclipsed by a letter from Robert's mom saying that she and her boyfriend are talking about getting married, perhaps this fall!  (Luckily this is not going to conflict with my cousin getting married next fall.)  Marriage--everybody's doing it!

Also, this is just to say that sirloin steaks and veggie skewers cooked on the grill is mad delicious.

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mom said...

Another wedding! We were wondering who was going to get married this year. Love the bird sweater!