Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Copying the Necklace

Feeling the Summer--Wednesday, 6/10/15

This is a great summer look.  Bright colors, geometric patterns, a nice dose of white, bare legs.

Whoa...I just re-read that sentence and it sounds weird.  I didn't mean a nice dose of white, bare legs.  I meant, a nice dose of white (in the T-shirt) and bare legs.  I fully support people exposing their bare legs, regardless of their color, in the summer.  It's true though that it is easier for me to personally replicate the look of white, bare legs.  I can actually go a lot paler than she is.  Somewhere in the range of white to pink, as you have seen.


When I saw her bright beaded statement necklace, I was excited at the perfect opportunity to debut a necklace I had seen another blogger wear, that I fell for so hard that I had to order it immediately.  This is the first (though probably not the last) time this has happened to me.  Luckily the necklace was from Target and inexpensive.


I traded in a teal cardigan, a flower embroidered skirt, and flats with glittery gold cap toes--I think I fully captured the cute summery feel of the original outfit.

Black skirt with white flower embroidery (thrifted, Torrid), $1.25/wear+
*White short-sleeved T with ribbon neckline (thrifted, Lands End), $4.00/wear+
Bright teal drapey cardigan (Macy's), $6.00/wear+
*Aqua/red/gold bead necklace (Target), $12.34/wear+
Cream captoe flats by Anne Klein, $1.27/wear+

I'm not sure what it is about this necklace that I like so much--probably the color combination, though.  Blue with red and gold is a winner.  I'm looking forward to wearing it with a black and white top or dress (like Katie did in the inspiration photo).  For a while I had it laid out on my dresser, lying atop a black and white houndstooth scarf, and it was divine.  But I'm happy to let it stand out against a plain white backdrop here on its first outing.

You may recall that I have a purple bunny bin and a blue snake bin on the metal shelving unit in my bathroom.  Well, I'd originally purchased a third bin that didn't fit in there--a teal peacock.  I put him in my bedroom, on top of the blue cardboard three-drawer lingerie box that is itself on top of my dresser.  (One of my dressers.  I actually have two of them, and I call them each "my dresser" as though there is only one.  Confusing.)  It didn't serve any purpose other than looking nifty until we started our maid service.  Now on the morning of the day that they come to clean the apartment, I put all the stuff on both dressers (lotions, lip gloss, a coaster, any clothes, etc.) as well as the pajamas off the bed (which they make for me) into the peacock bin.  I've also moved the extra red pillowcases you see in this photo into the bin as a permanent storage spot.  Useful and decorative--another winning combination.

In other news...Speaking of bunnies, I saw a rabbit in the mini-park again on my drive to work.  Luckily there was no traffic behind me so I stopped and watched him hop a few steps on the sidewalk, wait, hop a few steps, wait, then make tracks into the high grass.  SO CUTE!

That was definitely the highlight of the day.

The second best part of the day: the fruit crumble made from frozen "wild blueberries"--which are so much better than regular blueberries, it's ridiculous.  The crumble strongly reminds me of the blueberry cobbler Robert and I ate at a restaurant in Glacier National Park.

I'm just feeling really exhausted right now.  Today the "no caffeine" thing totally kicked my ass.  I need to get to bed earlier tonight.  I could easily go to bed right now...but of course by 9 p.m., I'll be completely alert again and I will have to convince myself that I need to go to bed.  Bah.


rvman said...

The cobbler at Glacier was another wild berry - Huckleberry, maybe? Quite good, anyway.

mom said...

Sally, I love the summery colors you've been wearing recently. By the way, when can we see the recipe for your berry crumble?

Sally said...

RVman, you're right, it was another berry. Who made the wild blueberry cobbler that my crumble is reminding me of???

Mom, thanks! And I will post the crumble recipe tomorrow.