Friday, June 5, 2015

Subtly Embracing a Trend

It's Owl Right--Friday, 6/5/15

Another day, another outfit collage to base my outfit on.  I liked the basic idea of red top, grey topper, jeans, and black shoes, but I needed to make my version compatible with an expected high of 81 F.


Apparently I have a strategy of wearing a blazer with jeans to make the outfit seem more workplace-appropriate.  This time I am pairing them with yet another new JNY blazer and another Nordstrom blouse. 

*Dark grey blazer (JNY)+, $21.42/wear
Red mixed media top (Nordstrom), $8.04/wear
Bootcut jeans (thrifted, Target), $0.83 [hurrah, got 'em below the $1 mark]
Black flats by LifeStride, $2.13/wear
*Pewter owl pendant (Kohls), $9.45

And I had to add this new owl pendant to the mix.

When Robert and I were at Target a couple weeks ago, we stopped in the accessories department, and Robert was like, What's with all this stuff that looks like it's from 1975?  And I explained to him about the boho trend being a huge thing this summer.  I am most definitely NOT a boho/70's style girl.  I mean, I am happy about flared pants being in (though I interpret this as "people are wearing something other than skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans so my bootcuts won't stand out as much"), but for the rest, bah.  I am not a fan of embroidered peasant blouses, smocked dresses (on grownups), ponchos, floppy hats, anything with fringe, dream catcher necklaces (esp. like the one we saw at Target, which was probably mass-manufactured in China), mustard/orange/avocado green swirled prints, cork heel wedges...none of that.

But a big owl pendant with a hinged body?  I'm all over it!  (And I got multiple compliments on my owl at work today, so I'm not alone in feeling this one.)

Our 3 big Audubon prints have found a new home in our Coldville apartment.  They've historically been in the living room, but this time, they're hanging on the wall next to my bed.

In other news...Man, I am so glad for this work week to be over.  The combination of caffeine fast and neck injury and waking up early every morning with the sunrise has pretty much done me in.  However, I did spend an hour walking (slower than usual) on the treadmill this evening while watching Community.  I had high hopes for this show and I haven't been disappointed.


mom said...

The earth tone colors of the 70's aren't very flattering on blondes. Not a good decade for me.

Sally said...

That's a good point, Mom. It's really strange when you think about it, that the 70s were so defined by those colors. I can't think of any other decades with that (unfortunate) feature. I mean, different colors are "in style" at various times according to the fashion magazines or whatever (like "marsala" is in now), but colors don't seem nearly as associated with other eras as those earth tones were with the 70s...which is a good thing!