Thursday, June 25, 2015

What to Wear When Churning Data in a Hot Room

Spot On--Thursday, 6/25/15

I was expecting another warmer-than-usual day because I was going to be working in a colleague's office that gets insanely warm.  This time last year, working on this project, I wore cotton pants and a lightweight cotton long-sleeved button up shirt and I was roasting.  So even though the forecast was a high of 82 F and rain, I wanted to err on the side of under-dressing.

I love the combination Audrey has here: navy polka dot top, tan/light brown bottoms, and red flats.  When I got my new navy polka dot T, I had every intention of recreating this outfit pretty faithfully (only with a skirt instead of pants).


But then a pair of navy striped ballet flats arrived in the mail, and seriously, how could I resist this opportunity?

*Navy polka dot elbow sleeve knit top (Kohls), $10.31/wear+
Light brown linen skirt (thrifted, Ann Taylor), $1.25/wear+
*Blue and white striped flats (Payless), $16.99/wear+

I mean, the shoes even have brown around the edge to match the skirt!  Some things are just meant to be.  I considered adding a necklace to be my pop of red but decided to let the subtle pattern mixing and in-yo-face matchy-matchy colors carry the day.

You know what else is matchy-matchy goodness?  These bunnies hanging in our dining room.  The two rabbits in the top print (a 1920 woodcut by M. C. Escher) obviously match each other, but aren't they also very much like the skiing rabbit in the bottom print (a 1955 Italian skiing poster to promote travel to the Dolomite Mountain region)?

It's weird--I put these two pieces together on the wall, but I'd never noticed until looking at this photograph just now how much the three buns resemble each other.  Something about the sloped forehead, the long ears, and the bright eye.  Triple(t) threat!

In other news...As it turns out, I worked on the project in my own office and was quite comfortable.  Because I was replicating the analysis I did last year, I had my code and my spreadsheet set up to make everything work smoothly--and it did.  I finished at 4:28 this afternoon, 2 minutes before my normal time to leave.  So it's all good.

What else is good?  The maintenance guys installed a new A/C in our apartment today, one that is rated for a larger apartment and should provide sufficient cooling power.  They came up the elevator with me to do the last steps of getting it set up and stayed long enough for us all to agree that it was working nicely.  The temperature came down 3 degrees in about 20 minutes. 

It's turning out to be a good day.  Robert and I have food to cook on the grill for dinner, it should be cool enough for me to use my exercise bike this evening, and tomorrow is Friday!

Last time we were on the patio grilling, Robert spotted a cedar waxwing in a tree next to our apartment.  I am so not used to thinking of a waxwing as a summer bird.  We're definitely not in the south anymore.

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