Saturday, June 6, 2015

Polka Dot Bunny at the DMV

Bringing My Own Happy--Saturday, 6/6/2015

Denim, patterned jacket/blazer, and floral flats... 


When put through the "waaaaah, I don't want to have to get my drivers license renewed this weekend" grump brain, this becomes denim, patterned jacket/blazer, floral flats and J'disapprove bunny!

French bunny top (Macy's), $2.20/wear
Blue polka dot blazer (Target), $6.00/wear
Bootcut jeans (thrifted, JCP), $0.26/wear
Cream floral ballet flats (Payless), $6.50/wear
Pink floral necklace (Target), $2.65/wear+

This flying bunny (a print of a tapestry) hangs over Robert's bed.  I love that positioning--something about a serenely flying rabbit just seems like a happy dream good luck charm.  Of course, Robert almost never remembers his dreams, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have happy flying bunny dreams under the aegis of this lovely rabbit.  And maybe some of that good dream mojo spreads over to me as well.

Fortunately, our series of errands this morning was relatively grump-free.  Even getting our drivers licenses renewed went smoothly.  Probably the most grumptastic element of the whole morning was that it started getting pretty warm by 11 a.m., and after climbing the longest two flights of stairs ever at the Coldville Central Library, I was feeling overheated. 

One of our tasks was to buy a set of thumbtacks so Robert can reinstall our navy bedsheet/blackout curtain in our bedroom.  I was awake at 5:30 again this morning and not happy about it.  (I was able to fall asleep again or this morning would not have gone well for anyone.)

On the phone with my mom this afternoon, she reminded me that when I was in high school, I came home late from work one night without my keys, and when my knocking/ringing the doorbell did not garner the immediate responsiveness I wanted, I kicked a whole in the front door.  I have no memory of this, but I do clearly remember that when my parents installed a new, steel front door, she did tell me that I shouldn't try to kick it in, so....yeah.  It's like, That's unbelievable, but then, Well, it's me, so it's totally believable.

Today is the last day of my caffeine/chocolate fast!  I've made it almost seven full days.  My caffeine withdrawal symptoms were pretty minor (I'm not sure my headache level was statistically significantly different from normal) so I think that the caffeine I'm getting by eating chocolate is not all that bad.  I don't know what the exact implications of this are for future chocolate consumption, but I am not planning on making it a daily occurrence now that I've figured out some alternative foods to eat.

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