Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ah, Fresh

A Breath of Mint--Tuesday, 6/9/15

This girl doesn't have a care in the world because she woke up this morning with the words "mint" and "leopard print" in her head, so the day's challenge of what to wear was solved instantly.  She'll never know where the idea came from.  You're welcome, young lady.

From lolobu.com

A mint leopard print knit top in my size for 88 cents at the thrift store?  Mine.  Putting this outfit together was easy-peasy.  The weather is about at the limits of what I find acceptably warm--an expected high of 89 F and full sun.  Luckily, I was comfortable in my office with our fan running.  (I talk about this fan in roughly 80% of my recent posts because it has rocked my world.)

*Mint animal print top (thrifted, Ruby Rd.), $0.88/wear+
Bright teal pencil skirt (JCP), $3.12/wear
White knit jacket (Nordstrom), $8.85/wear+
Rose gold flats (thrifted, Old Navy), $1.25/wear+
Mint floral necklace (Target), $6.63/wear+

The hardest thing about this outfit was ironing the knit jacket, which comes out of the washing machine terrifically wrinkled.  (And it has "I will shrink if put near the dryer" written all over it so I can't hope to tumble dry the wrinkles out of it.)  Luckily, I'm pretty good at ironing and it's perhaps the only domestic task I basically enjoy.  I mean, I don't enjoy doing hours and hours of ironing all at once, especially when it's warm, but I don't mind ironing things before I wear them.  This is a more pleasant and more practical approach, really--when I iron something then put it back into my full closet, it just re-wrinkles itself.  Better to iron as you go.  I keep the ironing board and iron handy, so it's not big deal to bring it out to iron just an item or two.

Our washer and dryer are behind a pair of doors in the living room (on the same wall as the Duck Soup poster and the Peter Cotton Ale poster).  I wasn't used to having the washer and dryer in the living room, but they are so quiet (we have a front-loading washing machine, as you can see) that noise isn't a problem at all.  Half the time I forget that we are even doing laundry...until the (thankfully loud) buzzer goes off. 

In other news...These regional colloquialisms are insane/stupid/fabricated.  I have never even heard of "larruping" (and had to double check the spelling twice while typing it).  Did any of these ring true to your experience?  The pop/soda/Coke/etc. maps seem much more legit.  (By the way, I am finding it difficult to re-adjust to living in a "pop" area.) 

Also, this just in--Sesame Street is as effective as preschool.  The natural experiment described in the article is an economist's fucking dream.  He was a lucky/clever bastard for noticing that...though it's the kind of thing that I'm surprised no one else had already exploited.  It's like the economics joke:  An economist and his friend are walking down the street when the friend says, "Hey, there's a $20 bill on the ground!"  The economist, looking at it, says, "No way."  His friend says, "What do you mean? It's right there!"  The economist replies, "It can't be there because somebody would have picked it up already."


mom said...

Having lived in Oklahoma for almost 35 years, I have never heard of larruping.

Sally said...

See, they made that shit up, I tell you!