Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Doing the Polka

...Dots, That Is--Tuesday, 6/16/15

Today Alice at Happiness at Midlife is inspiring me to combine polka dots and paisley print.

From happinessatmidlife.com

I liked the combination of my purple polka dot T and grey jeans that I wore a couple months ago, so I decided to make this into a work-compatible outfit by substituting grey pants (even if they are a 5 pocket style) and dressing it up with a fabulous (and voluminous) paisley scarf.  I know this outfit doesn't scream spring, but I hoped that positioning the bright pink color toward the front would help lighten it up.

Purple polka dot T (Kohls), $4.25/wear+
Grey 5 pocket pants (Rafaella), $4.44/wear
Pink/grey paisley scarf (Target), $4.00/wear+
Grey leopard shoes by Fergilicious, $1.40/wear

What else doesn't look much like spring?  This view of the river from our balcony on March 8, when there was still ice out there.  But you can see how we're really just steps away from the walking trail (the one closest to the river) and the biking trail.

Not clear from this photo is that we are only a few minutes' walk away from a nice dog park.  On one of the first warmer Sundays of spring, Robert and I took a walk along the river and stopped to check out the dog park (which we drive by to and from work).  So many cute doggies!  We saw one that was a cousin to Audrey--a King Charles spaniel. 

In other news...All those mosquitoes I killed these weekend are laughing at me from Insect Hell as I scratch, scratch, scratch away at the bites.  I was woken up with itching this morning at 5:15--not fun!

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