Friday, June 19, 2015

What To Wear To Meet with Technology Team

Nothing Fancy--Friday, 6/19/15

Apparently something strange happened as my outfit resonated back through time--a brown linen shirt, appropriate to spring/summer weather, was transformed into a camel sweater and dark brown/black puffy vest.


That's a nice combination, but I'm glad to be in that brief hiatus between winters when wearing a puffy vest isn't appropriate to the weather.

*Brown linen button up shirt (thrifted, JNY), $4.00/wear+
Straight leg jeans (Kohls), $1.72/wear
Leopard flats (Nordstrom), $7.14/wear
Brown with teal specks bead necklace by RB+

Speaking of brief time periods, check out this linen-y goodness in the 38 seconds between the ironing board and the onset of wrinkles.

What do you think of our new kitchen rug?  (New as in, new to this apartment.)  Our old striped one was getting pretty ratty, so I was glad to purchase a fresh one from Home Depot or one of its competitors (we shopped at all of them when outfitting our new places, so I forget where we bought what).  We hadn't gone to the store with a new rug in mind, but I saw a grey floral one that appealed to me and I put it in the cart.  Then we wandered into the area of the store with all of the floor rugs and started looking at other options.  Robert and I agreed on this one.  After we picked it, Robert confessed that he didn't like the first one I'd selected.  I'm glad Robert didn't get stuck with an unpleasing rug...especially since he's the one who stands in front of the sink and deals with the dishes.

In other news...The meeting had a bunch of people, but I think only one, maybe two, of them were from technology.  God, what a long week. 

I'm still reeling a bit from Tam reminding me this morning that today is Juneteenth...150 years since the news of emancipation was announced to Texas slaves.  And the Confederate flag still flies over South Carolina.  And that murdering fuck is being explained away as just another mentally ill guy as if he's the victim here and not a terrorist who was trying to start a race war.  (Although I agree with the basic premise of that article, I will point out that Timothy McVeigh was correctly pegged as a terrorist...but he killed mostly white people, I guess.)  It's depressing shit.


jen said...

Depressing news indeed. I think of the oldest of the victims, and how they've lived through so much in the fight for civil rights, and then this. Disgusting. I especially love how someone with the NRA is blaming the pastor, claiming that if he'd voted for concealed carry 8 lives could have been saved. There are so many things wrong with that mindset it makes my head explode. It's like come on people, can't you come up with anything more stupid and heartless to say about this tragedy? Just try. Ugh. From our office windows today, I saw 5 highway patrol cars had stopped a vehicle on the off-ramp from the bridge, and the two (black) guys were being cuffed one at a time at gunpoint. I have no idea what they had done (the passenger was eventually uncuffed and escorted away from the scene), but my most prevalent thought was damn, I'm glad nobody got shot.

Sally said...

Jen, I hadn't heard that particular bit of idiocy re: the concealed carry, but yeah, that's the solution--70+ year old people need to bring guns to a prayer meeting at church in case a terrorist shows up to kill them. Because more guns--how could that possibly go wrong? WTF.

On the flip side, I've seen some (white) people taking the position that the whole thing happened because of guns. That's a reassuring thing to believe--"I am in favor of stricter gun control so my hands are clean"--but kind of missing the whole pervasive societal racism issue. Some people want to make it about anything but race.

It's pretty sad that we've reached the point where seeing black citizens interacting with cops makes you think "glad nobody got shot" but that's definitely where we are right now.