Friday, June 26, 2015

Denim Friday

Lighten Up--Friday, 6/26/15

This silly girl insisted on wearing pastel colored denim, even though that isn't quite the look I had in mind.  Oh well.  It's still a cute summer outfit.


Maybe she just hadn't gotten so lucky as to find a new-with-tags blue denim skirt at the local Goodwill like I did and so she had to make do.  This skirt is a crazy cost-per-wear bargain for me, and it's still got a lot of wears left in it.  It feels neither trendy nor dowdy to me, just a nice basic that lets a happy mint and blue stripes with polka dot mix stand to the front.  I had trouble zipping it this morning because the zipper is starting to separate ever so slightly from the skirt.  I hope to get some more use out of it because I really like the fit and shape, but if it bites the dust soon, I'm satisfied I got more than my money's worth out of it.

I hope you enjoy this outfit because I saw exactly ZERO of my co-workers today.  There were only two of us in today and the other one is in an office on the HR side of the floor that I almost never go by.  Two others were at an off-site meeting.  The other 15 or so people were sick or on vacation.  Welcome to summer Fridays.

Blue/mint striped sweater (thrifted, Liz Claiborne), $2.50/wear+
Blue polka dot scarf (Target), $3.00/wear+
Denim skirt (thrifted), $0.33/wear+
Light grey wedges by BCBGeneration, $10.00/wear+

Robert has moved his computer area into a somewhat larger space in our new apartment so I gave him one of my two computer desks (and replaced it with a utility table).  At the end of the long bar that divides our living room and kitchen, we set up Robert's old little computer desk (which was originally my friend's G.K.'s old computer desk) as a station for my take-to-work stuff.  My purse, my black leather tote, and my excellent Audubon Society bag that I put my lunch box, my big-ass thermos that holds an entire pitcher of iced tea (not in this photo), my insulated mug-with-lid that I fill with extra ice and drink from all day, and (in rain or snow) the shoes I'm going to wear to work.

The bag has these beautiful snowy owls on one side and a white pelican on the other.  It's still holding up well for a freebie "thank you for your donation" gift.  And when it wears out, I have another identical one.  (And I return Netflix videos and mail other stuff using the official mail box right outside my work building, which is convenient.)

In other news...Robert and I spent all evening talking about a series of SF/fantasy books he's not actually going to write but that he's thought out a lot about over the years.  (Predictably, I said, "Will there be magical bunnies?  There have to be magical bunnies!")  Now my brain is full and I'm really sleepy.  I'm glad for the weekend.

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