Tuesday, June 23, 2015

So Happy Together

These Colors, That Is--Tuesday, 6/23/15

I love Alice's purple and aqua look.  Very bright and summery.

From happinessatmidlife.com

I don't happen to own a perfect purple/aqua print blouse, so I went with a colorblocked variant on this ensemble.  It's a great time to start wearing a few very lightweight short-sleeved silk sweaters I bought from JNY--it's embarrassing to admit, but I'm pretty sure these date back to before I got my job.  So I basically bought these, put them in the closet, and promptly forgot about them until we moved to our current apartment.  (Actually, I think I did the green one already, once, last year--yep, last June.)  They are now in a much more visible location where I will be reminded to wear them.  It's a shame I waited so long to start because they're very comfortable and work really well with my untucked style.

*Purple short-sleeved silk shell (JNY), $15.00/wear+
Aqua pencil skirt (JCP), $10.00/wear
White blazer (thrifted, Liz Claiborne), $1.25/wear+
Nude wedges by Cole Haan, $39.97/wear+
Purple/gold medallion necklace (Macy's), $2.83/wear+

I really love these nude wedges--they are extremely comfortable (they have Nike Air technology for extra cushioning) and the little bit of extra height seems to dress things up a bit.  I haven't worn them very much yet, but they're a classic style that I will wear for years, so I hope that I will eventually get that cost per wear down to something a little less crazy.  It's just that in Coldville, nude wedges are appropriate for a relatively brief period of the year, and these shoes are in competition with all the other cute shoes that I only wear with bare legs.

This seems like a good time to show you my sweater solution in our new apartment.  We went to Container Store and bought the materials for Robert to install a long shelf (nose height on me) across one wall of the bedroom.  I've piled my sweaters along this shelf so it's a lot easier to see (and to put hands on) what I have.  On the floor below the shelf, we have lined up our laundry hamper system.  We have separate bins for dark/dry, white/bleach/dry, light/cold/hang, dark/cold/hang, and dry clean (i.e., use dry clean substitute sheet in the dryer).  (Robert keeps his work clothes, which he takes to the actual dry cleaners, on hangers in the office for easy transport.)  This was also the perfect place to hang the series of small Matisse prints that Jen bought me not literally a million years ago...but easily 25 years ago.

In other news...This week is already really dragging.  I didn't sleep enough Saturday night and I've been suffering ever since.  When I woke up this morning, I was feeling a Thursday level of fatigue.  God.  It's going to be another long one.  So glad that next week is a four day work week because of July 4!

At work today I had that distinctly mixed-feeling experience of being right about something that I would objectively liked to have been wrong about (i.e., that running custom SQL within our data visualization tool would be too slow--all the reading I'd done online had said that the tool runs SQL very inefficiently and yep, that appears to be true).  Maybe now that this Plan B isn't working, the group will agree at our weekly meeting tomorrow to go back to my original Plan A for this.

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