Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer Stripes

In the Navy Again--Tuesday, 6/2/15

Today's outfit was inspired by two very different (yet clearly synergistic) looks.

First, the sarcastic blonde Sarah (no, not a pseudonym of mine) shows us how to do double stripes.

From sarahsreallife.com

Next, the vintage "smart separates" outfit worn in 2011 (!) by fashion blogger phenom Jessica Quirk.  I love the stripes, navy, and aqua combination...

From whatiwore.tumblr.com

...as you can see here.  Throw in the double stripes thing and I'm in business (well, business casual).

*Navy and white striped T (Joe Fresh/JCP)+, $8.79/wear
Navy/white/aqua striped cardigan (Kohls)+, $3.75/wear
*Aqua pencil skirt (JCP)+, $19.99/wear
Blue pointy-toed flats (Nordstrom), $2.94/wear

I like the gold buttons on this cardigan, adding a subtle nautical feel.  Because ships = awesome, as long as I'm not on them, getting seasick. (I like being on them, feeling like a Viking, but it's always a craps shoot how I'm going to feel.)

Navy, aqua, gold, water--clearly this combination is calling for me to feature the colored-pencil fish picture I've had since I was 16.  (They have a kind of stripey thing going, too.)  At some point, I started hanging them over the door inside my bathroom and I've continued the tradition in the current apartment.


In other news...Tam sent this article with more background on how a grad student exposed the gay-rights persuasion fraud. 

A couple observations:

* What the fuck was this professor Green thinking who agreed to be the first author on a paper for which he did no experimental design, no data collection, no data analysis, and apparently did not even read the paper closely enough to notice that the (fraudster) grad student LaCour had supposedly spent $1 MILLION to conduct the study?  (Where can a grad student get a solo grant for $1 million to investigate something that every single person with basic knowledge of the field will tell you would never work in a hundred years?  Nowhere.)  I guess he was thinking, Awesome, I can get a first author paper in Science without doing any work at all!  What are the consequences to him going to be?  Embarrassment, but probably nothing else.  It's not like the other professors at his university want to reprimand/punish a professor who was sloppy/greedy about putting his name on somebody else's work and getting the credit for it and then it turns out to be a fraud.  I mean, few professors want to be accountable for vetting the work of their co-authors in even the most rudimentary way, I imagine.  Many of them probably see Green as a victim in all this rather than an accessory to it.  But it was Green's name that made this fraud possible.

* What the fuck was the (fraudster) grad student's advisor doing during all of this?  The grad student "conducts" this huge study and then takes it to another professor at another university to get it published in the top journal in all of the sciences and she's like, Whatev? 

* The amount of push back the whistle blower grad student got along the way was surprising to me, even though I know how bad academia is.  Robert made a good point, wondering whether Green (the professor who did nothing but was the first author on the paper) has a reputation as being as dangerous to cross as [insert certain professor I know who we'll not name] and hence everybody was urging extra caution lest Green kill his career as soon as he even questioned the study.

* I think it's hugely funny/sad that one of the biggest names in the persuasion field was scoffing at the results until he found out that Green was the author and then was like, Oh, if Green did it, it must be legit.  It's funny because of course Green didn't apparently do much of anything at all but even more so because in one of the first lectures of Persuasion 101 we learn that relying on the credibility of the source of a message is a heuristic cue using the peripheral path to persuasion--a mental short cut that avoids the effort of thinking about the strength and validity of the message. 

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I love the outfit! Aqua is one of my favorite colors.